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Is She Really in Love with You? 7 Signs to Look Out For

Signs That a Woman is Pretending to Love You

Have you ever been in a relationship where you’re unsure if your partner genuinely loves you? It can be frustrating and emotionally draining to not know where you stand.

There are signs that a woman is pretending to love you. It could be because of her immaturity, emotional unavailability, or because she doesn’t want to risk being vulnerable.

Here are some signs to look out for:

Sign 1: She Doesn’t Care to Get to Know You

When someone loves you, they are interested in getting to know everything about you. It’s important to them because they want to have a deeper connection with you.

If she is not interested in you and doesn’t ask you any questions, it’s a sign that she may not genuinely love you. Sign 2: You Can’t Be Yourself Around Her

Do you feel like you can be yourself around her?

Or do you feel like you have to put on an act? A genuine relationship should allow you to be your true self without feeling like you’re pretending.

Sign 3: She Wants to Change Everything About You but Doesn’t Change Herself

If your partner wants to change everything about you, it’s a sign that she doesn’t accept you for who you are. A genuine partner loves you for who you are and is willing to work on improving the relationship together.

Sign 4: She Is Only Nice When She Needs Something

Manipulation and ulterior motives are never signs of genuine love. If she only acts nice when she needs something from you, it’s a red flag that she may not genuinely love you.

Sign 5: She Gets Impatient and Demanding

In a genuine relationship, there should be a healthy balance of compromise and acceptance. If she’s constantly demanding a perfection that isn’t attainable and doesn’t accept you for who you are, it’s a sign she doesn’t genuinely love you.

Sign 6: She Deflects All Uncomfortable Conversations

Honesty and communication are crucial for any relationship. If she refuses to have any uncomfortable conversations and avoids being honest, it’s a sign she may not genuinely love you.

Sign 7: She Is Very Protective of Her Phone

Secrecy and flirting with others aren’t behaviors of someone who genuinely loves you. If she’s protective over her phone and doesn’t want you to see it, it could be because she’s being dishonest.

Why Honesty and Genuine Love are Important

Honesty and genuine love are important because they are the foundation of any relationship. Without them, a relationship can’t thrive.

Characteristics of a Genuine Relationship

In a genuine relationship, there is mutual give-and-take. There’s an equal effort to make each other happy and work towards common goals.

Accepting each other’s imperfections is also important because nobody is perfect.

Consequences of Being Deceived

Being deceived can have many consequences. It wastes your time and leaves you emotionally hurt.

Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t genuinely love you can take a toll on your mental health and leave you feeling unfulfilled.

Seeking Guidance when Unsure

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone genuinely loves you. If you’re unsure, seeking guidance can be helpful.

A coaching call or testing her feelings can give you the clarity you need to make an informed decision.


In any relationship, it’s important to look out for signs of genuine love. Without honesty and genuine love, a relationship can’t thrive.

If you’re unsure if your partner genuinely loves you, seek guidance to make an informed decision. Remember, a genuine relationship is built on mutual give-and-take and acceptance of each other’s imperfections.

In conclusion, recognizing the signs of genuine love and honesty in a relationship is crucial for its success. A lack of interest in getting to know each other, manipulative behavior, and unwillingness to accept each other’s imperfections are all signs that a partner may not genuinely love you.

Conversely, a genuine relationship is characterized by mutual give-and-take, honesty, and acceptance. Being deceived can lead to wasted time and emotional hurt, underscoring the importance of being aware of these signs.

Seeking guidance to test a partner’s feelings is always a good option when unsure. Ultimately, prioritizing genuine love and honesty lays the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

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