Is the No-Contact Rule Working? Signs Your Ex is Yearning for You!


How to Know When the No-Contact Rule is Working to Get Your Ex Back

Hey there, we know it’s tough to go through a breakup. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll be discussing the importance of maintaining the no-contact rule and signs that it’s really working.

So sit back, relax, and let’s get started!

Signs That No-Contact Is Working

The no-contact rule is difficult to follow, but it’s essential if you want to get your ex back. So how can you tell if it’s really working?

Signs of Progress

  1. Feeling better: If you’re feeling calmer and more self-aware, then that’s a sign no-contact is working.

    When you cut off contact with your ex, you can focus on yourself and what you need to heal. You might still feel sad or upset, but you won’t feel as anxious or as depressed.

    You might even find that you have a newfound respect for yourself.

  2. Ex contacts you: If your ex has broken no-contact and reached out to you, that means they’re thinking about you. You might feel surprised or overwhelmed, but this is a positive sign that the no-contact rule is working.

    However, be careful not to jump back into a relationship too quickly, as old negative memories may resurface.

  3. Ex asking about you: If your ex is asking mutual friends about you or checking up on your social media, that’s another good sign that the no-contact rule is working. They’re curious and miss you.

    Keep the mystery alive and don’t respond. Let them miss you a little longer.

Why Maintaining No-Contact Is Important

Okay, so now that we know the signs that the no-contact rule is working, let’s discuss why it’s essential to maintain this rule.

Benefits of No-Contact

  1. Don’t give your ex an opportunity to play with your emotions: When you’re going through a breakup, emotions are heightened. The last thing you want is to let your ex play with your emotions or put you in the “friend” zone.

    When you maintain no-contact, you’re giving yourself the power to heal and the control to decide if and when to rebuild the relationship.

  2. Finish no-contact before attempting to rebuild the bond: It’s essential to give yourself time to heal before you try to rebuild the bond with your ex. There’s no set timeline; each person heals at a different pace.

    However, it’s crucial not to rush back into a relationship without putting in the work on yourself.

  3. Ex not contacting during no-contact phase doesn’t mean it’s not working: It’s easy to think that no-contact isn’t working if your ex hasn’t reached out. But, that’s not the case.

    Your ex might be giving you a ‘poker face,’ hoping that you’ll break first. They may also be more stubborn than you think.

    Stick to no-contact and remember that your health and self-care come first.


So the no-contact rule is essential if you want to get your ex back. Signs that the rule is working include feeling calmer and more self-aware, an ex contacting you, and your ex asking about you.

Remember to maintain no-contact and not let your emotions make rash decisions. Give yourself time to heal before trying to rebuild the bond with your ex.

And remember, just because they’re not in contact during the no-contact phase doesn’t mean it’s not working. You’ve got this! We hope this article helped you in some small way.

Good luck on your journey to healing!

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