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Is Traditional Dating Extinct? Signs He Only Wants a Hookup

The Changing Dating Culture

Traditional dating is slowly disappearing. With the rise of technology, people have turned to dating apps and social media to find their matches instead of meeting organically.

The intricate conversations and typical courting process seems to be extinct. People are now shifting to a faster-paced hookup culture and disposable relationships that are easy to switch out to something newer and better.

Let’s delve deeper into these changes:

Traditional Dating – An Endangered Species

The idea of going out on a date with someone you barely know, conversing, and learning about each other seems like a thing of the past. In the past years, traditional dating has been fading fast.

The pure joy of putting real effort to get to know someone seems to be too much of a workload for the millennials. People have switched from going out on dates with someone new to relying on dating apps where they swipe left or right based on one’s profile picture.

Hookup Culture and Disposable Relationships

In this modern world, dating has become as disposable as consumer goods. The idea of a long-term relationship seems daunting, and people would instead choose the fast and fun route – a hookup.

Hookup culture has become prevalent worldwide, especially among young people. With the advent of dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, finding a person to hook up with has never been more comfortable.

Hookups have become the norm because they do not require any strings to attach. One specific night of fun with no commitments.

There is no need to worry about what to wear or how to act on the next date. It is just a matter of being physically attracted to someone and having a night of fun.

Signs He Sees You as Just a Hookup

Whether we are aware or not, there are boiled-down, precisely determined signs that indicate that the guy you’re seeing may not be on the same page as you. Here are some signs that he sees you as just a hookup:

Sexual Conversations Always End in Sex

When you’re talking with him, the conversation veers towards sex, and it always ends up in sex no matter what the topic is. He only wants to talk about sex.

Every time you get together, he is always all over you, pressuring you to have sex. It feels like that is the only reason he is around.

He Never Talks About His Personal Life

We all deserve to know something about our partner’s life, whether it’s seeing photos of their family, learning about their passions, or hearing stories of their past. But if he never talks about his personal life, then something is off.

It is natural to talk about other people in your life, and if he never mentions anyone other than himself, it’s likely that he is not interested in establishing anything meaningful with you. You’ve Never Gone on a Real Date

You guys have been hanging out a lot, but you’ve never gone out on a real date.

He has never taken you out to dinner, or to see a movie or even gone out for drinks. It feels like he just wants to hang out at his place and not do anything else.

He Avoids You in Public

If you’ve noticed that every time you’re in public together, he seems to want to avoid you or keep his distance, this may be a sign that he doesn’t see you as anything more than a hookup. It reduces the risk of anyone finding out anything about him or the relationship.

You Never Know Where He Is

He doesn’t communicate with you as often or keep you in the loop of his daily life. You don’t know if he is at work, out with friends, or even if he is in town.

You are always kept in the dark, and it feels like he is hiding something.


In conclusion, the changing dating culture has made it easy for people to switch from one person to another. Hookup culture seems to be the go-to trend, and traditional dating seems to be on the brink of extinction.

It is important to keep an eye out for the red flags such as sexual conversations always leading to sex, never talking about personal life, not going on real dates, avoiding you in public, and not communicating. These signs will help you know if he sees you as just a hookup, and you can save yourself the trouble of investing in a relationship that has nowhere to go.

In summary, the article has highlighted the changing dating culture from traditional to hookup culture, the signs that he sees you as just a hookup, and their significance in modern-day relationships. As technology continues to advance, individuals are looking for quicker and more convenient ways to date, leading to a disposable relationship culture.

Recognizing the signs that he is not interested in anything meaningful with you as a partner is crucial in avoiding heartbreak and wasted time. In this fast-paced world, it’s essential to take stock of what is important, and finding someone who values you is worth the time and effort.

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