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Is Your Husband’s Ex-Wife Trying to Win Him Back? Signs and What to Do

Are you worried that your husband’s ex-wife is trying to win him back? Maybe she’s been calling him or messaging him on social media at odd hours.

Perhaps she’s been trying to make him jealous by flirting with other men or bad-mouthing you to their mutual friends. Whatever the signs, it’s understandable that you’re feeling anxious and unsure about how to handle the situation.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone! In this article, we will discuss the signs of an ex-wife who wants her ex-husband back, and what you can do if you find yourself in this situation.

Signs His Ex-Wife Wants Him Back

Getting in touch

One of the clearest signs that your husband’s ex-wife wants him back is if she starts getting in touch with him again. This could mean calling him or texting him more frequently, or messaging him on social media.

Communication patterns

Pay attention to her communication pattern. If she’s calling or texting late at night or when she’s been drinking, she may be feeling vulnerable and looking for emotional comfort.

This may be a sign that she misses him and wants to reconnect with him on an emotional level.

Alluding to past experiences

Another sign is if she starts alluding to past experiences that they shared together. She may try to bring up fond memories of their relationship in an attempt to stir up old emotions.

Additionally, if she appears jealous when your husband is spending time with you or mentions other women, this is another indication that she’s not over him.

Making him jealous

A common tactic that ex-partners use when trying to win someone back is to make them jealous. She may start flirting with other men or posting pictures of her with a new partner on social media, trying to make your husband feel as if he’s missing out.

Speaking ill of you

It’s not uncommon for ex-partners to bad-mouth their ex’s new significant other. If your husband’s ex-wife is speaking ill of you, it may be a sign that she’s still harboring feelings for him.

Rekindling connections with people in his life

Another tactic that an ex might use when trying to get back with their former partner is to rekindle connections with people in his life. This could mean reaching out to mutual friends or family members.

Just because your husband’s ex-wife is reaching out to his family members, it does not mean that it’s a personal attack against you. Do take a breath and try to be openminded.

Expressing intention of getting back together

The clearest sign that your husband’s ex-wife wants him back is if she directly expresses her intention of getting back together. This could be through a straightforward statement to him or even to you.

This honesty is commendable, but if you and your husband are content with your lives together, there is no reason to feel threatened or defensive.

What To Do If His Ex-Wife Wants Your Husband Back

Ruling out retroactive and reactive jealousy

It’s natural to feel insecure when an ex-partner is trying to win back your significant other. First, try to rule out any retroactive or reactive jealousy by asking yourself where these feelings come from?

Is it a matter of trust? Are there existing issues in your relationship?

You may want to explore these feelings through journaling, counseling, or talking to trusted friends.

Communicating with your partner

It’s vital that you communicate with your partner and express your concerns if you notice signs that his ex-wife is trying to win him back. Instead of attacking him, express your worries and point out the signs you’ve noticed.

It’s essential to approach any discussion about an ex-partner with sensitivity, compassion, and a solution-oriented approach.

Laying down boundaries

It’s crucial to lay down boundaries on healthy co-parenting rules, transparency, and agreements to respect each other’s space and individual boundaries.

Not letting yourself be consumed

It’s vital to acknowledge your feelings but not let them consume you. At the same time, focus on healthy distractions, self-care, and spending time with loved ones to improve your mental state.

Avoid pettiness that thrives on distrust and negativity.

Being kind to yourself, your partner, and your relationship

Remember that your relationship is there for a reason and not to let anyone shake its strong foundation.

Be kind to yourself, your partner, and your relationship because it’s worth keeping. Seek professional help if needed.


It’s never easy when someone comes in and tries to disrupt your relationship, but solid communication, understanding boundaries, and mutual respect help to maintain a healthy relationship. The signs that his ex-wife wants him back do not automatically mean the end of your relationship.

But it does mean that trusting and empathizing with each other is even more critical. So before getting swayed by an ex’s reappearance, step back and take stock of the relationship, be open and approachable to your partner.

In the end, love wins because it’s a choice, not a challenge. In conclusion, when faced with the signs that your husband’s ex-wife wants him back, it’s essential to communicate with your partner openly, rule out any personal jealousy, lay down healthy boundaries, avoid pettiness, and be kind to yourself as well as your partner and your relationship.

Although it can be difficult and overwhelming, approaching the situation with compassion, empathy, and understanding can lead to a stronger and healthier relationship. Remember, love is a choice, and with patience and hard work, it is possible to overcome any challenge.

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