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Is Your Marriage Falling Apart? 8 Subtle Signs to Watch Out For

Signs that Your Marriage is Falling Apart

Are you feeling uneasy or distant from your spouse lately? Have you noticed a shift in your communication or a decline in intimacy?

If so, then it’s time to take a step back and assess the health of your relationship. Here are some warning signs that your marriage may be in trouble:

Shifted Focus from “Us” to “I”

In the early stages of a relationship, couples typically have a collective mindset, where they make decisions based on what’s best for them as a unit.

Over time, personal routines and individual priorities can get in the way, leading to a shift in focus from “us” to “I.” If you find yourself prioritizing your own needs or desires over your spouse’s, it’s a red flag that you’re drifting apart.

Spouse is No Longer Go-To Person

When things are going well in a marriage, spouses confide in each other and turn to each other for support. However, if you find yourself seeking advice or emotional support from someone else, it could be a sign that you’re not as close as you used to be.

Lack of communication, openness, and honesty can drive a wedge between you and your partner.

Comparing Spouse to Others

It’s natural to have hypothetical thoughts about what your life would be like if you had made different decisions. However, when you start comparing your spouse to others, it’s a clear indication that you’re dissatisfied with your marriage.

Underlying issues such as lack of appreciation or respect can drive such comparisons.

Living Separate Lives

Having separate hobbies and interests is healthy for any relationship. However, when you start living separate lives and don’t make time for each other, it’s a warning sign that you’re distant.

Even if you enjoy spending time alone or with friends, it’s essential to make time for your spouse to bond and enjoy each other’s company. Wondering “What If”

Sometimes, when things aren’t going well in a marriage, spouses may entertain the idea of life without their partner.

If you find yourself contemplating different decisions, such as divorce or separation, it’s a warning sign that something deeper is driving your dissatisfaction. Don’t ignore these thoughts and seek help from a counselor or therapist.

Keeping Score

In a healthy marriage, couples view their relationship as teamwork, where both partners contribute and don’t keep score. However, when you start tallying who does more around the house or who is the better spouse, it’s a sign of a deeper problem.

Rivalry or lack of appreciation can drive this behavior. Roommates with Spouse, Not Lovers

It’s normal for the intensity of a relationship to wax and wane over time.

However, if you find yourself relating to your spouse as roommates rather than lovers, that’s a sign that your relationship is in trouble. A healthy marriage should be built on a deeper bond than a mere friendship.

Not Fighting or Loving

A lack of fighting is not necessarily a good thing in a marriage since it may indicate that both parties are bottling up their emotions and not communicating effectively. Similarly, if you don’t feel the same loving feelings towards your spouse as you once did, it’s a warning sign that your relationship may be in trouble.

The Importance of Recognizing When Your Marriage is in Trouble

Addressing Issues Early

The earlier you recognize that your marriage is in trouble, the easier it is to turn things around. Seeking help from a counselor or therapist can help you both get back on track.

Pretending that everything is fine only postpones the inevitable problems that might arise.

Hope for the Marriage

No matter how challenging your situation is, there’s always hope for your marriage. Remembering why you got married in the first place and your shared dreams for the future can ignite a spark to make your spouse fall back in love with you.

It takes effort from both partners to rebuild what’s broken, but it’s worth it in the end.


If you’re experiencing any of the signs of a faltering marriage, it’s crucial to take action before it’s too late. Recognizing the red flags is the first step in restoring your relationship and getting back to the love and happiness you both deserve.

Don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it, whether through counseling, therapy, or other means. Remember, there’s always hope for your marriage, but it takes effort and commitment from both partners.of the Writer and his Bestselling Program

Brad Browning is a well-known relationship coach from Canada who has helped thousands of people save their marriages and achieve the happy, fulfilling relationships they’ve always wanted.

His bestselling program, “Mend the Marriage,” has been a lifeline for couples struggling to survive amidst relationship troubles. Whether it’s communication issues, infidelity, or other marital problems, “Mend the Marriage” has helped couples get back on track and save their marriages from divorce.

Importance of Not Ignoring Subtle Signs of Marital Problems

When most people think of problems in their marriage, they often focus on the obvious ones, like screaming matches or divorce threats. However, often, subtle signs are equally significant and indicate underlying issues that, if left unaddressed, can cause significant damage to the relationship.

It’s crucial to recognize these subtle signs and take action early to prevent more significant problems down the line.

Not Only Obvious Problems

Sometimes, ongoing bickering can drain the life out of a marriage. Ignorance of the fact the problem would only lead to more issues.

There are subtle signs, not just screaming matches or threats, that could cause lasting damage in the marriage. These subtle signs include drifting apart, loss of intimacy, decrease in physical affectionate signals, constant criticism, and lack of effort in communicating emotions.

The Significance of Subtle Signs

When you notice these subtle signs, it’s usually not immediately clear what is causing the issue. And in most cases, these subtle signs are a warning of more profound underlying problems in your relationship.

For example, a decrease in physical affection may be due to a lack of connection or communication issues. Similarly, drifting apart may indicate a need for more quality time together or a deeper emotional connection.

Ignoring these signs could prove costly, and couples should take stock of their marriage and see where they might need to act. Once you’ve identified these subtle signs, the best thing to do is not to wait and see what happens.

Instead, you and your partner should take action and try to address the underlying issues as soon as possible. Otherwise, over time, these subtle signs could turn more drastic, such as separation or divorce.

The following are some steps couples can take to prevent further damage when they recognize these subtle signs:

Identify the Underlying Issues

Couples should identify the root causes of their relationship problems. Seek to understand why your partner could be responding to certain issues the way they are.

Take time to communicate about your relationship expectations and try to understand each other’s perspectives.

Improve Communication

Communication is vital in any relationship, and it’s even more important when subtle signs start appearing. Couples must work together to communicate their feelings clearly, openly, and without judgment.

Each partner should set aside dedicated time to talk to the other and listen actively and attentively.

Take Time for Each Other

Creating quality time for each other can help couples prevent relationship issues from surfacing. It can be anything that promotes quality time, from taking a walk together, having meals together, or finding common interests or hobbies.

Seek Professional Help

No problem is too big or small to get help. If you’re experiencing marital problems, consider seeking professional guidance.

Professional counselors and therapists can identify underlying issues you may not have considered and provide practical advice on how to resolve issues. Experts like Brad Browning offer personalized solutions for relationship problems using his best-selling program, “Mend the Marriage.”

Final Thoughts

Subtle signs, if left unaddressed, can escalate into more significant issues, leading to the breakdown of a relationship. Couples must recognize these warning signs and take action, no matter how small or subtle they are.

By addressing these problems head-on and taking steps to prevent them from escalating further, you and your partner can avoid more significant problems and build a happy and fulfilling relationship that lasts.


In conclusion, recognizing the subtle signs of marital problems is essential for couples who wish to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. Couples should not ignore these signs and must take action to prevent them from escalating into more serious problems like separation or divorce.

There are several practical steps couples can take, including improving communication, taking quality time for each other, and seeking professional help.

Act Now to Address Marital Problems

One common mistake that couples make when dealing with marital problems is believing that the issues will resolve themselves with time. While sometimes conflicts do fade with time, it’s important couples take action to prevent minor problems from escalating into more profound, harmful issues.

Addressing subtle signs of conflict promptly is essential since it will likely reveal underlying problems in the relationship. An essential factor in addressing marital problems is taking responsibility for your part in the problems.

It’s essential to identify what you can do to address the underlying issues instead of blaming your partner. Additionally, taking steps such as seeking professional help or watching video presentations can help you learn how to respond positively to your partner’s requests and emotional needs.

Watching Video Presentation for More Help

If you’re looking for more hands-on advice, Brad Browning’s “Mend the Marriage program” could be an excellent solution for most couples. The program has helped thousands of people save their marriages and avoid separation or divorce.

The program provides personalized solutions for relationship problems, and the video presentation explains how to make your spouse fall back in love with you. Brad has developed specific techniques and strategies that help couples get back on track, and his program has helped many couples restore their relationship to one with love, trust, and respect.

The video presentation available provides comprehensive guidance and solutions for a wide range of topics, including communication, intimacy, infidelity, and other significant issues. It’s designed for any couple, whether they are at the brink of divorce or trying to avoid reaching that point.

It also comes with a money-back guarantee, which means you have little to lose by giving it a try.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, if you’re experiencing any subtle signs of marital problems, it’s important to take action immediately. It’s crucial to communicate effectively with your partner, understand your partner’s perspective and of course, seek professional help if necessary.

Don’t let minor problems fester and escalate. Remember, small problems ignored can turn into significant issues.

Brad Browning’s “Mend the Marriage” program is just one of the tools available to help you tackle marital issues. With the right mindset, commitment, and effort, you can turn things around and rebuild a happy and healthy relationship.

In conclusion, recognizing the subtle signs of marital problems, taking action, and seeking professional help when necessary is essential for couples who wish to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. Communicating effectively, taking quality time for each other, and seeking third-party help, such as Brad Browning’s “Mend the Marriage” program, can be key to addressing underlying issues and preventing minor problems from escalating into significant ones.

Identifying these subtle signs and taking prompt action can help restore the mutual love, trust, and respect that’s essential for a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

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