Is Your Marriage in the Roommate Phase? 10 Signs to Watch Out For

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Are You and Your Partner in the Roommate Phase of Your Marriage?

Are you and your partner in the roommate phase of your marriage? It’s a common occurrence in long-term relationships, where the passion and excitement of the honeymoon stage fades away, leaving behind a more mundane and routine dynamic.

But being aware of the signs can help you address the issue before it becomes a more significant problem. What is the Roommate Phase?

The honeymoon stage is the early period of a relationship when everything is new, exciting, and intense. It’s the phase when you can’t keep your hands off each other and spend every waking moment together.

However, over time, the passion tends to subside, and couples enter the roommate phase. The roommate phase is the stage when couples no longer feel that same level of attraction and connection, leading to a more platonic relationship.

It’s a time when couples live alongside each other more as roommates than spouses.

Causes of the Roommate Phase

There are a few critical causes of the roommate phase. One of the most common reasons is neglect.

In the early stage of a relationship, couples put in a lot of effort to please their partner, whether it’s through romantic gestures or physical intimacy. However, as the relationship progresses, couples tend to take each other for granted, leading to a decline in effort and attention.

Another cause of the roommate phase is a loss of attraction. Physical attraction is one of the fundamental things that bring people together in a romantic relationship.

However, over time, that attraction can fade away, leading to a more platonic relationship.

Consequences of the Roommate Phase

While it may seem harmless, the roommate phase can have severe consequences if not addressed. Neglect and a loss of attraction can lead to the breakdown of the relationship, causing infidelity and even divorce.

Roommate Marriage Signs

Feeling Burdened in the Marriage

One of the most obvious signs that a couple is in the roommate phase of their marriage is if they feel burdened by the relationship. There’s no longer that passion and excitement that brought them together, leading to feelings of detachment and a lack of connection.

Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy is another vital aspect of any relationship, but when a couple enters the roommate phase, intimacy tends to decrease. This doesn’t necessarily mean just sex, but also physical touch, cuddling and holding hands.

It can lead to a feeling of emotional distance.

Absence of Affection

In a similar vein, the absence of affection is another sign of the roommate phase. Couples may still love each other but no longer show that love through affectionate gestures such as kissing, holding hands or even hugging.

Frequent Anger and Conflict

Resentment is a common feeling in relationships that have entered the roommate phase. When each partner is no longer putting in an effort, it can lead to feelings of bitterness and resentment.

The result is frequent fights and arguments that further strain the relationship.

Lack of Shared Activities

During the honeymoon phase, couples tend to share many common interests and hobbies, but as time progresses, individual interests start to take precedence leading to separate free time and absence in shared activities.

Feeling Miserable

A couple in the roommate phase tends to feel unhappy and a loss of excitement. The spark that kept the romance alive begins to die, leading to a dull and boring relationship.

Over-reliance on Messaging Apps

With face-to-face communication declining, couples may start texting or messaging each other instead of engaging face to face. The absence of conversation and lack of physical touch can lead to a further decline in the relationship.


When couples in the roommate phase start feeling neglected, they can look outside the marriage for emotional or physical comfort which can lead to unfaithfulness.

Avoidance of Conflict

When conflicts arise, couples in the roommate phase tend to avoid addressing issues and conflicts leading to greater distances between partners.

Differences in Priorities

When partners have divergent goals and visions for the future, it can lead to a breakdown in the relationship. Couples can easily find themselves in a roommate phase of their marriage if their priorities are no longer aligned.

In Conclusion

The roommate phase of a marriage can be a challenging time, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship. By addressing the causes and consequences of this phase, couples can work on rekindling their passion and recreating a sense of excitement and intimacy in their relationship.

It all begins with awareness and effort. So, if you’re reading this, and you see any of the signs, it’s time to act today.

Roommate Marriage: A Deeper Look

A roommate marriage is a phase of a marriage relationship where a couple experiences disconnection and lack of intimacy. It is a stage where couples start feeling like roommates instead of lovers.

The passion and excitement that were present in the early stages of the relationship fade away, replaced with complacency and monotony. Such a relationship can be caused by various underlying factors that couples need to address to prevent further damage to the relationship.

Absence of Vision

The absence of vision is one of the vital characteristics of a roommate marriage. A couple in this phase may not have any plans for the future of their marriage.

They may feel unconcerned about the direction of their relationship, leading to a feeling of stagnation. The absence of vision can cause a loss of enthusiasm, which can lead to feelings of boredom in the relationship.

Couples need to create a shared vision of their future, set mutual goals, and work towards them together.

Feeling Unsafe in the Marriage

Lack of trust and secrecy is a severe issue in a roommate marriage. A couple in a roommate marriage may feel unsafe in their relationship due to a lack of trust.

Such a loss of trust can arise due to betrayal, past incidents, or lack of communication, among other issues. When a relationship is characterized by secrecy and lack of trust, it can lead to the collapse of the marriage.

Partners in the relationship need to work on rebuilding trust by being transparent and genuine with each other.

No More Sex

A lack of intimacy is another sign of a roommate marriage. Specifically, a decline in physical intimacy can be felt.

A couple in a roommate marriage may not feel the same level of sexual attraction towards each other as they used to. Economic or emotional burden, lack of free time and exhaustion may all play a role in this struggle.

Without effort to revive intimacy, couples may continue to feel disconnected on a physical level. It is essential for partners to explore and try new ways of spicing up their sex life to revitalize their relationship and reignite the spark of attraction.

Disconnection on a Spiritual Level

Apart from physical and emotional disconnection, couples in this stage may also feel disconnected on a spiritual level. This occurs when couples have different beliefs, values, and priorities.

Couples belong together if they share deep connections spiritually as well as meaningful experiences. When couples’ spiritual values are not aligned, it can lead to tension and further disconnection.

In such cases, couples should make an effort to discuss their beliefs and values and find common ground to build a connection.


Complacency is a sign of a roommate marriage characterized by a lack of effort and enthusiasm in a relationship. Couples may begin to take their relationship for granted and stop putting in the same level of work in keeping the spark alive.

The result is a feeling of boredom, dissatisfaction and a lack of connection with each other. To avoid complacency, couples should engage in activities that keep their relationship fresh and exciting.


Lack of connection and feeling lonely are common in a roommate marriage. In this phase, couples may not feel connected to each other due to physical, emotional, or even spiritual reasons.

In roommate marriages, it is crucial for couples to take the time to connect with each other. Quality time spent together and having regular conversations can help couples as they navigate back to an intimate relationship.

Marriage as a Business

Roommate marriages may have a business-like feeling where the focus is on the functional aspects of the relationship rather than the emotional ones. In such marriages, couples may view their partnership as a business or a contractual obligation to support each other and their families.

While financial stability is important, the emotional connection cannot be neglected. It is essential to have the emotional aspect of the relationship intact so that couples can feel emotionally supported and connected.

Both Too Busy

In a fast-paced world, both partners may become too busy to spend time with each other. The pressure of work, social life, family responsibilities, and other commitments may leave couples with little time for each other.

Over time, this can lead to a feeling of disconnection. Couples need to prioritize their relationship and spend time with each other on quality activities.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but quality time spent together helps to maintain a strong bond.

Feeling Burned out

In a roommate marriage, couples may often feel burnt out. They may feel exhausted and emotionally drained from the mundane routine and lack of excitement in their relationship.

Feeling burnt out can lead to more significant issues in the relationship, including increased stress levels and depression. By regularly prioritizing new experiences that create enjoyment, and by setting new goals, roommates can feel reinvigorated.

Ignoring Red Flags

Ignoring red flags is a common characteristic of a roommate marriage. These red flags could be issues with communication, trust, or a lack of intimacy.

Partners may overlook these problems or ignore them altogether, which can cause a further breakdown in the relationship. It is essential to address these issues promptly to avoid them becoming more significant problems in the relationship.


In conclusion, a roommate marriage is a phase that many couples experience. Communication, transparency, effort, and understanding are crucial to addressing the issues that cause this phase in a relationship.

A focus on the core issues is needed before it causes significant damage to the relationship. By understanding these characteristics and dealing with them in a proactive manner, couples can overcome the roommate phase and rediscover the joy and intimacy of their relationship.

In conclusion, understanding the signs and characteristics of a roommate marriage is crucial to prevent further damage to a relationship. Neglect, lack of intimacy, spiritual disconnection, and a business-like view of marriage are some of the most common causes of a roommate marriage.

Neglecting these issues can lead to emotional disconnection, infidelity, and even divorce. It is essential to make an effort to keep the spark alive in a relationship through communication, romance, and quality time spent together.

The early identification of the signs of a roommate marriage will help a couple to take action and work on rebuilding their relationship and rediscovering the joy and intimacy of their relationship.

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