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Is Your Marriage Neglected? 15 Ways to Prioritize Your Spouse and Rekindle the Flame

Making Your Spouse a Priority: 15 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

In this fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to take our loved ones for granted. We’re often so busy juggling work, family, and other commitments that we forget to prioritize the most important relationship in our lives – our marriage.

But neglecting our spouse can have serious consequences for our relationship and overall well-being. In this article, we’ll explore why it’s so crucial to make your spouse a priority, what that entails, and practical ways to do so in various stages of life.

Importance of Making Your Spouse a Priority

Different Stages of Life and Priorities

As we navigate life’s various stages, our priorities shift. In our early twenties, we may focus on building our careers and social life.

Then, in our thirties, we may start a family and channel our energies towards parenthood. By our forties and beyond, we may face the challenges of ageing parents and trying to balance work and retirement.

In each stage, our attention and energy are being pulled in different, sometimes conflicting, directions. It’s easy for our marriage to take a back seat.

But neglecting our spouse can lead to feelings of loneliness, resentment, and misunderstanding.

Definition of Making Spouse a Priority

So what does it mean to make your spouse a priority? Simply put, it’s making a conscious effort to put your relationship first, above other commitments, and to continually nurture and strengthen it.

It means regular communication, quality time together, mutual respect, and shared goals.

Putting Spouse First Over Parents

One of the most common challenges couples face when trying to make their marriage a priority is navigating family relationships. Sometimes, parents or in-laws can place demands on their adult children’s time and attention, causing tension and strain in the marriage.

But it’s essential to remember that your spouse is your primary family now. Prioritizing them doesn’t mean disregarding your parents, but it does mean setting boundaries and respectfully communicating your priorities.

15 Ways to Make Your Spouse a Priority

1. Prioritize Regular Quality Time Together – Make time for date nights, weekend getaways, or even a simple coffee date to connect and recharge.

2. Practice Gratitude – Express appreciation for the little and big things your spouse does for you.

Acknowledge their efforts and contribution to the relationship. 3.

Cultivate a Partnership Mentality – Work together as a team towards common goals. Share responsibilities and support each other’s endeavors.

4. Notice Your Spouse and Show Interest – Pay attention to their concerns, joys, fears, and hopes.

Listen deeply and ask open-ended questions. 5.

Be Loyal and Stand by Your Spouse – Support your partner and their decisions, even when you disagree. Show them that they can count on you.

6. Communicate Openly and Respectfully – Articulate your needs, thoughts, and feelings clearly and respectfully.

Listen actively and avoid criticizing or blaming. 7.

Celebrate Milestones and Achievements – Cheer each other on and celebrate milestones, whether it’s a work achievement, hobby, or personal goal. 8.

Maintain a Healthy Balance of Independence and Togetherness – Honor each other’s need for alone time, hobbies, and friendships while striking a balance with quality time together. 9.

Be Curious About Your Spouse’s Life – Show interest and ask questions about their work, hobbies, and passions. Cultivate a sense of wonder and fascination.

10. Practice Forgiveness and Letting Go of Grudges – Learn to forgive and move past mistakes or misunderstandings.

Holding on to grudges can poison a relationship in the long run. 11.

Invest in Physical Intimacy – Cultivate a healthy and fulfilling sex life, experiment with new things, and communicate about what works for both of you. 12.

Set Shared Goals and Dream Together – Create a shared vision for your future, whether it’s saving for a trip, renovating the house, or exploring a new hobby together. 13.

Make Time for “Just Because” Gestures – Surprise each other with small acts of kindness, whether it’s a love note, a thoughtful gift, or a back rub. 14.

Respect Your Spouse’s Opinions and Interests – Allow your partner to have their own opinions and interests without judgement or criticism. 15.

Be Willing to Sacrifice and Compromise – Recognize that sometimes, one partner may need to sacrifice for the good of the relationship. Be willing to compromise and find middle ground.

Expressing Gratitude to Your Spouse

Starting Small with Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is a powerful way to strengthen your relationship and deepen your connection. Noticing and acknowledging the things your spouse does for you, no matter how small, can boost your relationship satisfaction, intimacy, and overall happiness.

You can start small by thanking your spouse for simple acts of kindness, such as bringing you coffee in bed or doing the dishes. As you practice gratitude regularly, you’ll likely notice more and more things to appreciate about your partner.

Importance of Partnership

Another essential ingredient in a happy marriage is a partnership mentality. When you approach your marriage as a cooperative effort, you’re more likely to be successful and content.

That means sharing responsibilities, supporting each other’s endeavors, and working towards common goals.

Noticing Your Partner

Truly noticing your partner means paying attention to their concerns, joys, fears, and hopes. It means listening deeply and asking open-ended questions to better understand their perspective and experience.

This kind of attention can foster a sense of connection and intimacy that’s essential for a healthy marriage. Taking Your Partner’s Side in Conflict

Loyalty is a crucial element in any successful relationship.

When your partner faces conflict or challenges, they need your support and understanding. Even if you don’t always agree with your partner, taking their side and showing them that you have their back can strengthen your bond and build trust.

Imagining Your Future Together

Finally, imagining your future together is a powerful way to stay connected and inspired in your marriage. Creating shared goals and dreams can give your relationship a sense of purpose and direction, and keep you excited about what’s to come.

Whether it’s traveling the world, starting a business, or simply growing old together, imagining your future together can be a potent way to strengthen your marriage. Make Your Spouse a Priority:


By prioritizing your marriage and committing to nurturing and strengthening it, you can reap the benefits of a long and happy relationship.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been married for decades, adopting a partnership mentality, practicing gratitude and loyalty, and imagining your future together can help keep your love alive and thriving. Finding a Balance in Your Relationship: Building a Strong Partnership

Maintaining a happy, healthy relationship requires balance.

Balancing the demands of work, family, and other commitments with the needs of your partner can be challenging. But with mutual effort and communication, it’s possible to build a strong and lasting partnership.

In this article, we’ll explore ways to find balance in your relationship, from creating a healthy work/life balance to respecting your partner’s decisions. Work/Life Balance

One of the most significant challenges that couples face today is maintaining a work/life balance.

We live in a world where work often spills over into our personal lives through emails, phone calls, and other distractions. However, it’s important to create boundaries between work and personal life to avoid neglecting your partner’s needs.

Make sure that you create dedicated time for your partner, whether it’s a regular date night or a romantic weekend getaway. Setting aside this time can help both of you focus on each other and strengthen your connection.

Be present and mindful during quality time, avoiding any work-related distractions.

Asking for Your Spouses Opinion

Respecting your partner’s input in decision-making is vital in maintaining balance in your relationship. Asking for your spouse’s opinion on big matters shows courtesy and cultivates mutual understanding.

In addition, it can ensure that both you and your partner feel heard and valued.

Understanding Why Your Spouse Should Come First

Prioritizing your partner is crucial to building and maintaining a healthy relationship. Neglecting your partner’s needs can lead to resentment and feelings of disconnection.

Remembering what drew you to your partner in the first place and understanding their importance in your life can help keep the relationship a priority.

Making Time for Real Conversations

Communication is the backbone of any successful relationship, and it should go beyond surface-level conversations. Make room for deep conversations and check-ins with your partner.

Setting time aside for regular date nights or unplugging from technology can create space for real communication and intimacy. Additionally, sexual intimacy can be a powerful way to strengthen your connection.

Slowing down, being present, and communicating about your needs can make a difference in maintaining balance in your relationship. Respecting Your Partner’s Decisions

Respect for your partner’s decisions is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Even if you don’t always agree with your partner, it’s important to respect their choices. With boundaries and understanding, conflicts can be resolved while honoring each other’s perspectives.

Strengthening Your Partnership

Making Goals Together

Working towards shared goals can help build a sense of purpose and connection in a relationship. Whether it’s starting a new hobby, planning a trip, or working on a long-term project, setting goals and working together to achieve them can cultivate passion and excitement between partners.

Staying Curious About Your Partner

It’s easy to lose sight of your partner’s interests and priorities as the relationship progresses. Cultivating curiosity about your partner’s life can help maintain a strong connection.

Show interest in the things your partner enjoys, ask questions, listen actively, and share your own interests with each other. Asking for Your Partner’s Opinion on Big Matters

When big changes occur, like moving cities or making a career change, it’s essential to communicate with your partner and include them in the decision-making process.

Sharing your goals and dreams with each other can help build a shared vision for the future and cultivate mutual support.

Being Willing to Sacrifice

Sometimes, giving up something you want for the sake of your partner is necessary in a successful relationship. It can be as simple as canceling plans to spend an evening with your partner or giving up your free time to support them in a difficult time.

The willingness to sacrifice for someone you love can build deep appreciation and trust.


Finding balance in a relationship requires effort and commitment from both partners. By creating ideas for setting work/life boundaries, asking each other’s opinion and respecting each other’s decision, it is easy to maintain a healthy relationship.

When you work together in building a quality partnership, the results can be incredibly rewarding. Remember to make time for real conversations, stay curious about your partner, ask for and respect their opinion, and be willing to sacrifice for them when needed.

In conclusion, finding balance in a relationship is crucial for building a strong partnership. By focusing on creating a healthy work/life balance, asking for your partner’s opinion, understanding the importance of prioritizing your spouse, making time for deep conversations, respecting your partner’s decisions, and working towards shared goals can build deep connections and lasting trust.

Making your relationship a priority is worth the effort in terms of achieving happiness and fulfillment in a long-lasting partnership. By nurturing your relationship, both partners can experience the benefits of a strong and happy union.

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