Is Your Partner Selfish? 13 Warning Signs to Watch For

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Are you feeling unappreciated and uncared for in your relationship? Do you find yourself constantly arguing and feeling resentful towards your partner?

It might be because they are exhibiting signs of selfishness in your relationship. In this article, we will discuss what selfishness in relationships looks like and the consequences that follow.

Definition of Selfishness in Relationships

Selfishness in relationships can be defined as a lack of consideration for your partner’s feelings and needs. It is a preoccupation with one’s own desires and interests without taking into account the other person’s perspective or feelings.

13 Signs of Being Selfish in a Relationship

  1. Argumentative

    Always looking for a fight, even over small issues.

  2. Self-righteous

    Believing they are always right and disregarding other people’s opinions.

  3. Dismissive

    Ignoring or belittling your feelings and opinions.

  4. Winning

    Always needing to be right and win arguments.

  5. Apologizing

    Apologizing but not changing their behavior.

  6. Controlling

    Needing to be in control of everything, including you.

  7. Egocentric

    Only concerned with their own needs and wants.

  8. Guilt-tripping

    Using guilt to manipulate you into doing things their way.

  9. Manipulating

    Using manipulation tactics to get what they want.

  10. Competitive

    Always needing to be better and have more than others.

  11. Mistrusting

    Not trusting you and accusing you of things you haven’t done.

  12. Superior

    Believing they are better than you and treating you poorly.

  13. Neglectful

    Ignoring your needs and desires.

Consequences of Selfishness in Relationships

Feeling unloved/uncared for

When your partner only thinks of themselves, they leave you feeling unimportant and uncared for. Their preoccupation with their own wants and needs means that they often forget about yours, which can leave you feeling unloved and unappreciated.


When someone is selfish in a relationship, it often leads to resentment from the other partner. Resentment can build up over time and cause a rift in the relationship. You might find yourself feeling bitter and angry towards your partner, which can be toxic and damaging to the relationship.

In conclusion, selfishness in relationships is harmful and detrimental to both partners involved. If you notice any of the signs of selfishness in your relationship, it’s essential to address them with your partner. Communication is key to any healthy relationship. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help, whether it’s from a trusted friend or a relationship counselor. Remember, both partners in a relationship deserve to be loved and cared for equally.

In conclusion, recognizing the signs of selfishness in a relationship can help you address and mitigate any negative consequences that may arise. Whether it’s feeling unloved or uncared for, or harboring resentment, these issues can cause significant harm to your relationship.

However, by being aware of the signs and communicating openly with your partner, you can work to build a healthier and more fulfilling relationship. Remember, relationships are never easy, but with patience, understanding, and empathy, we can navigate the difficulties and build strong and lasting bonds.

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