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Letting Go and Moving On: 7 Reasons to Find Your True Happy

Moving on from an Ex: How to Let Go and Find Your True Happy

Have you ever been stuck in a relationship that brought you nothing but pain, betrayal, and disappointment? It’s an all too common scenario.

You may find yourself holding onto an Ex, hoping that things will get better or that they will change for the better. But as time goes on, it becomes apparent that it’s time to move on.

Here are several reasons why it’s important to let go of an Ex and move towards a happier future.

Lack of Mutual Respect

A mutual respect between two people is essential for any relationship to flourish. Unfortunately, if you’re staying with an Ex who shows no respect, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Disrespect comes in various forms, such as lying, cheating, belittling your thoughts and ideas and an overall disregard for your feelings. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to let go and create space for a relationship that embodies mutual respect.

Betrayal, Lying, and Cheating

Betrayal, lying, and cheating can be a significant sign of the end of a relationship. When trust is violated, it’s hard to rebuild the relationship.

If you are getting mixed signals from your partner or even suspect them of doing wrong, it’s important to have an open conversation about what you’re feeling. If the conversation doesn’t clear things up, you might need to make a painful decision to move on and start anew.


The sudden disappearance of your significant other without any explanation can be devastating. In some cases, it may signal the end of the relationship.

If your partner can’t communicate, you can’t work on future goals or even shared experiences. What’s more, it’s essential for relationships to be fueled by open communication and trust, something that disappearing without explanation can damage completely.

Incompatible Life Goals or Serious Differences

Having vastly different goals for your life or serious differences can cause friction in your relationship. Everyone has their values, beliefs, and goals that shape their futures.

If your partner doesn’t share these values, it can be challenging to work together constructively. It’s essential to communicate your goals and expectations as an early factor in the relationship and work towards mutually acceptable ways to work and succeed together.

If you don’t share the same things, it’s best to find someone who aligns better with your values and goals.


It’s essential to recognize that abuse can occur in any relationship, and it is never okay.

Abuse can take on many forms from physical, emotional, and verbal.

No matter how it’s presented, abuse is harmful to your health, mental, and physical wellbeing. If you find yourself in an abusive relationship, it’s crucial to seek help immediately and create a safe space.

Importance of setting standards

Setting standards is a fundamental aspect of every relationship. Standards are the boundaries you set regarding what you deem acceptable or not in any relationship.

When you lower your standards to accommodate your partner, you are compromising yourself and the relationship. You must set standards that you’re comfortable with and that you can stick to in any relationship.

Need for perspective and exploring other options

Sometimes, things might not work out as planned, and you need to take a step back to evaluate your relationship. Stepping back allows you to assess your overall satisfaction level and whether the relationship is worth pursuing.

You might discover that you’re ready to explore other options that might be better suited for you. Overcoming Love Limitations: How to Love Better and Recreate Your Life

Just because one relationship ends doesn’t mean that love has to end.

It’s possible to love again and apply the lessons of your previous relationships to make better choices and recreate the love and life you desire.

Separating feelings from reality

Separating your emotions from the reality of the situation is vital. When we’re in love, it’s easy to get lost in our emotions and ignore the signs that a relationship may not work.

Being true to yourself and aligning your decision-making with reality ensures that your love life is more balanced, realistic and equipped with the issues that need working on constructively.

Love does not outweigh negative aspects of relationship

Love and commitment are crucial ingredients in any relationship. However, they are not enough to overlook negative aspects of a toxic relationship.

It would be best to take an objective look at what the relationship looks like, assess the issues and whether they are worth working on. If they’re not, don’t feel guilty about walking away.

Importance of gaining confidence and moving on

Gaining self-confidence is essential to start over after a breakup. Take some time to be single, work on yourself, get involved in new interests and activities, and reconnect with old friends.

Having self-love and confidence allows you to move forward and make better choices for yourself.

Falling in love with someone else

Falling in love with someone else is perfectly normal, and it happens to the best of us. However, it’s crucial not to rush into another relationship without taking the time to explore your feelings and assess the new relationship’s health.

Raising standards and valuing oneself

Valuing yourself translates to high standards. Raising your standards and improving your value shows others how you expect to be treated and what you are worthy of.

When you value yourself and set high standards, you attract like-minded people into your life. In conclusion, overcoming love limitations and moving on from an Ex isn’t easy.

It requires a level of self-awareness, honesty, and healing. However, when you let go of what you cannot change and work on creating the life you desire, you open doors to new possibilities, happiness, and ultimately a better quality of life.

Let go of the past and move towards your future with grace, confidence, and love. In conclusion, moving on from an Ex is essential when you experience betrayal, lying, cheating, disappearance, incompatible life goals, serious differences, abuse, or lack of mutual respect.

Letting go will enable you to set standards and explore other options that align with your values and goals. While overcoming love limitations, learn to separate your feelings from reality and not allow love to outweigh the negative aspects of a relationship.

Gaining confidence, falling in love with someone else, and raising your standards help you value yourself and attract successful relationships. Instead of focusing on a past that you cannot change, work on creating the life you desire and open the doors to new opportunities, happiness, and a better quality of life.

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