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Moving On: 3 Essential Steps to Cut Contact with Your Ex

How to Get Over Your Ex and Move On

Getting over your ex can be hard, especially when you’re stuck replaying the breakup in your mind, haunted by memories of them, and wishing they were still a part of your life. However, wallowing in heartache and self-pity isn’t going to help you heal.

In fact, it may only make things worse. This article will guide you through the steps you can take to heal from a breakup and move on.

Whether you’re dealing with a fresh wound or an old scar, this guide will show you the way forward.

Importance of Cutting Contact with Your Ex

The first step towards healing from a breakup is to go no contact with your ex. This means cutting off all forms of communication, including phone calls, messaging, social media, and even running into them in person.

Why is going no contact so important? Because it allows you to get some distance from the emotional wound, and begin the process of healing.

This is because the presence of your ex triggers memories of the relationship, and that can keep you stuck in a loop of pain. The more you reach out to them, the harder it becomes to move on.

So, save yourself the heartache and stop the temptation of calling them or Facebook stalking them.

Misconception that Time Heals All Wounds

The old saying that time heals all wounds is a myth. Instead, healing from a breakup requires initiative and effort.

The specific plan plays a vital role in recovering from the emotional wound. Different methods work for different people, so find out which strategy works best for you and stick with it.

For instance, some people find writing to be therapeutic, while others may enjoy indulging in self-care or taking on new hobbies. Just remember to be patient with yourself, and let yourself grieve the loss of the relationship.

Types of No Contact Rule

There are different types of no contact rules you can use to help you move on. Passive No Contact: This involves not taking any action that involves your ex.

It means cutting off all sources of communication and avoiding anything that might remind you of them. Active No Contact: Instead of just doing nothing, try to focus on your personal growth and well-being.

This can involve working on yourself, taking on new hobbies, reaching out to friends, and just generally enjoying your life without your ex. No Contact to Make Your Ex Jealous: While this approach may provide a short-term boost to your ego, it’s not a healthy way to cope with a breakup.

It can also backfire and make you feel worse in the long run. No Contact to Help You Build Quality Skills: This type of no contact is all about developing the skills that will help you grow as a person.

By focusing on personal growth, you’ll be able to move on from the breakup stronger and more confident than before.


Getting over your ex and moving on is tough, but it’s not impossible. Remember to cut contact with your ex, give yourself time to heal, and focus on your personal growth and well-being.

The journey may not be easy, but it’s a vital step towards building a better, more fulfilling future for yourself.

Actions to Take for Cutting Contact

When you decide to cut contact with your ex, it can be tempting to hold onto reminders of them, such as mementos or belongings. However, to truly move on, you need to remove all visual traces of your ex from your life.

Here are some actions you can take to help you do just that:

Remove all Visual Traces of Your Ex: This means getting rid of any items that remind you of your ex. Store away the things you cannot let go of to make it easier for you.

These things can include clothing, pictures, gifts, etc. These items may be difficult to get rid of, but it’s necessary for your healing process.

Return Your Ex’s Belongings: If your ex has left any belongings at your place, then it is essential to clear them out. You can keep them for a few days or weeks to give your ex a chance to retrieve them if needed, but it is important to set a deadline.

Once the deadline has passed, it’s time to return their things. Doing this brings closure to the relationship and helps you move forward.

It shows respect for your ex’s belongings and their property while giving you the opportunity to let go and move on. Do Not Stalk Your Ex on Social Media: It’s essential to take control of your online behavior and avoid stalking your ex on social media.

Stalking your ex’s photos, posts, and stories can reopen the wound and prevent the healing process from taking place. Moreover, stalking your ex on social media can bring up unnecessary feelings and cause you to act impulsively, which may damage your mental health.

Instead, focus on achieving self-control and finding a hobby or pastime to take your mind off your ex.

Benefits of Cutting Contact

Cutting contact with your ex may be challenging, but the benefits for emotional recovery are vast. By doing so, you’ll have a chance to focus on yourself, your healing process, and moving forward.

Faster Healing from the Breakup: The first benefit of cutting contact is that it gives you an opportunity to grieve and heal from the breakup more quickly. This is because the constant reminders of your ex can only make the emotional wound worse.

When you don’t have to see their face or hear their voice every day, you can begin to focus on your own healing. This can help you move on from the past and make space in your life for new experiences and relationships.

Opportunity to Focus on Self-healing: The second benefit of cutting contact is that it gives you the opportunity to focus on self-care and self-discovery. By investing energy in your own well-being instead of your ex, you can start exploring new hobbies, interests, and strengths.

This period of self-discovery is an opportunity to work on your weaknesses and learn more about yourself. It’s also a chance for you to find peace and happiness within yourself.

Chance to Reconnect with Ex in the Future: The final benefit of cutting contact with your ex is that it can open up the possibility of a reunion or closure in the future. When you’ve moved on and are both in a better place, you may have the chance to reconnect and reminisce about the good times.


In conclusion, cutting contact with your ex is a necessary step towards emotional recovery and personal growth. It can be challenging at first, but the benefits outweigh the discomfort.

So, take control of your healing process by taking the necessary actions to cut contact with your ex. Remember that healing takes time but will open up the possibility for new beginnings in your life.

In conclusion, healing from a breakup is a process that requires action, patience, and effort. Cutting contact with your ex is an essential step towards completing the healing process.

You can do this by removing all visual traces of your ex, returning their belongings, and not stalking them on social media. Cutting contact can lead to faster healing, an opportunity for self-discovery, and the possibility of closure or a reunion in the future.

Remember that it takes time to heal from a breakup, but by taking the necessary steps towards cutting contact, you can lay the foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

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