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Navigating the Tricky Terrain of Texting Your Ex: The Dos and Don’ts

Texting Your Ex: Dos and Don’ts

Hey there! So you’re thinking about texting your ex it’s a tricky world to navigate, isn’t it? We get it.

The line between appropriate and inappropriate behavior can be a blurry one. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts of texting your ex. Let’s jump right in!


First things first, let’s talk about the things you should avoid doing when texting your ex.

1. Don’t text if you miss them but they’re not reciprocating.

It’s tough to come to terms with unrequited love, we know. But if your ex isn’t showing any interest in talking to you, save yourself the heartache and don’t text them.

Social media stalking won’t do you any good either. 2.

Don’t text if you are going through a difficult period. When you’re feeling vulnerable, it’s easy to reach out to someone familiar for comfort.

But your ex might not be the best person for this. You’re better off turning to friends and family for support.

3. Don’t text if you’re lonely.

We all feel lonely from time to time. However, it’s not fair to use your ex as a crutch.

Try to focus on building new relationships with people who are interested in you romantically. 4.

Don’t text if your family wants you to get back together. Ultimately, your relationship with your ex is between the two of you.

Don’t let anyone else pressure you into getting back together. Take the time you need to make the best decision for yourself.

5. Don’t text if the breakup was bad.

If the breakup was messy, it’s best to focus on closure and moving on. Texting them will only lead to further hurt and frustration.

6. Don’t text if the goal is to make your ex jealous.

Manipulating your ex is never a healthy way to mend things. Let go of the idea of using them to make someone else jealous.

7. Don’t text if they’re going through a bad breakup.

If your ex is going through their own pain right now, you should try to give them space and respect their situation. 8.

Don’t text if you found something inconsequential of theirs. Finding an old t-shirt in your closet might remind you of your ex, but it’s important to let go of the small things.


Now let’s explore the situations where it might be appropriate to text your ex. 9.

Do text if you successfully entered the friend zone. If you and your ex were able to establish a purely platonic friendship, then it’s okay to text them every now and then.

10. Do text if you genuinely want to be friends.

If you left things amicably and genuinely want to maintain a friendship, then go ahead and text them. 11.

Do text if there was a death. If someone in their family passed away, it’s appropriate to offer condolences and express your sympathy.

12. Do text if you genuinely need something important from their place.

If you left something important at their place, then reaching out is acceptable remember to be respectful and not pushy. 13.

Do text if you co-parent. If you share children with your ex, communication is key.

Send a quick text to ensure you’re both on the same page when it comes to the kids. 14.

Do text if you have a work lead for them. If you come across an opportunity that would be a good fit for your ex, it’s okay to let them know.

15. Do text if you want to apologize.

If you messed up during the relationship and never got a chance to apologize, sending a heartfelt message can help facilitate healing and closure.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – a list of the dos and don’ts when it comes to texting your ex. It’s a tricky area to navigate, and there’s no right or wrong answer.

Ultimately, it comes down to respecting boundaries and being honest with yourself about your intentions. If you do decide to send that text, make sure it’s coming from a place of respect and understanding.

If you’re able to be mature and communicate effectively, you might just find that texting your ex can lead to a newfound sense of closure and perhaps even friendship. Good luck, and happy texting!

How to Stop Yourself from Texting Your Ex

Breakups can be hard, and sometimes it feels like we need to reach out to our ex to feel better. But in reality, texting your ex can often do more harm than good.

If you’re finding it hard to resist the urge to hit “send,” here are a few strategies you can try. 1.

Use technology to block them or certain websites. One of the easiest ways to stop yourself from texting your ex is to use technology to your advantage.

There are plenty of apps out there that can block certain phone numbers or websites. DrunkMode, for example, is an app that can prevent you from contacting certain people during certain times, such as when you’re drinking and feeling vulnerable.

The No Contact Rule is another helpful guideline that you could implement to stop yourself from trying to get in touch with your ex, and to give yourself space and time to heal. 2.

Work on building your self-esteem. Often, the reason we reach out to our exes is because we’re feeling low and need reassurance.

But relying on someone else to build us up is not a healthy way to cope. Instead, try to focus on building your own self-esteem.

Take up a new hobby or exercise routine that makes you feel good about yourself. Spend time with friends who support and uplift you.

And remember to give yourself credit for all the things you’ve accomplished on your own. 3.

Text a friend instead of your ex. Sometimes all we need is someone to talk to.

Instead of reaching out to your ex, try texting a friend instead. A supportive friend can listen to you vent and offer words of encouragement.

Plus, having someone else to talk to can distract you from the urge to reach out to your ex. 4.

Journal instead of texting. Another way to channel your emotions is to write them down.

Consider starting a journal where you can explore your feelings in a safe and private space. This allows you to process your emotions without the risk of sending an ill-advised text to your ex.

Plus, journaling can be a helpful way to gain insight into your own thoughts and behavior patterns, which can help you move forward.

Final Thoughts

Before sending that text to your ex, it’s important to consider your motives. Are you genuinely interested in rekindling a relationship, or are you feeling lonely, sad, or bored?

If it’s the latter, reaching out to your ex probably won’t solve anything in the long run. Instead, try out some of the strategies outlined above to help you cope in healthy ways.

It’s also important to accept that the hopes of a fairytale ending may not be realistic. Relationships end for a reason, and getting back together may not always be the best idea.

Sometimes the healthy thing to do is to let go and allow yourself to heal. Remember, you deserve to be with someone who’s fully committed to you and appreciates you for who you are.

In conclusion, texting your ex can be a slippery slope. But with the right strategies and support, you can break the cycle and move forward in a healthy way.

In conclusion, whether you’re debating whether or not to text your ex or trying to stop yourself from doing so, it’s important to approach the situation with caution and consideration. By assessing your motives, implementing healthy coping mechanisms, and accepting that certain relationships may not be meant to be, you can navigate this tricky terrain with grace and confidence.

Remember, your emotional well-being is worth protecting, and with the right strategies and mindset, you can move forward and find happiness in all aspects of your life. So take a deep breath, trust yourself, and know that you can handle whatever comes your way.

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