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Newlywed Bliss: 7 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive

Newlywed Life

Congratulations! Youve just tied the knot and embarked on a brand new journey. From here on out, youll be making all the big decisions together.

So, where to start? Here are some ways to help you navigate your new life as a couple:


Planning together

Whether it’s a weekend getaway to Bali or a new flat for the two of you, planning together is a great way to bond and get excited about your future. Start by making a list of places youd like to visit and start saving.

Even simple things like deciding on what to have for dinner can bring you closer as a couple. 2.

Updating on social media

Now that youre official, dont forget to let the world know! Share your love with the world in the form of selfies and posts. Its also a great way to look back on your time together and see how far youve come as a couple.

3. Adjusting to life as a couple

Living with your significant other is a lot different than dating.

There will be fights, misunderstandings, and even moments when you feel like quitting. But remember, every couple goes through this phase.

Make up by surprising your spouse with their favourite food or even their bus ticket. Remember to never go to bed angry.

4. Prioritizing time together

Work, kids, family – there is always something that takes up your time as a newly married couple.

It’s important to make time for each other, even if its just dinner. Work around each others schedules and get creative.

Watching a Netflix show together before bed or going for a morning walk can be the perfect solution. 5.

Bonding with in-laws

Your in-laws can be your biggest supporters or the source of your biggest fights. Dont take sides, instead, find common ground and start with some banter and light-hearted conversation.

If you have Indian in-laws, embrace the culture and learn a few words or recipes. 6.

Sharing bathroom space

Sharing bathroom space can be difficult, especially if you both have different morning routines. Find a happy medium by showering together or de-cluttering, and organizing bathroom essentials.

7. Exploring new levels of intimacy

Marriage brings new levels of intimacy that dating could not prepare you for.

Dont be afraid to explore intimacy with your spouse by opening up about your sex life and determining what works best for both of you.

Misconceptions about Love After Marriage

Fear of marriage

Many fear marriage, partly because of misconceptions. One common fear is sweating the prospect of a life-long commitment.

But remember, marriage is a two-way commitment to make each other happy and work to continue being happy.

Love after marriage is a disaster

Another misconception is that love after marriage is a disaster, and romance disappears. This is furthest from the truth.

Romance and love continue to grow even after the wedding. It’s important to keep the love alive by spending time together, holding hands, and even light touches, while saying “I love you.”

In conclusion, marriage is a beautiful journey that requires effort and attention to detail.

From planning a holiday together to sharing bathroom space, keep communication and love at the forefront of your marriage. Lastly, never be afraid of marriage and always remember to enjoy each others company.

Its worth it.

Cuteness in Newlywed Romance

When youre newly married, everything feels exciting and cute, from the way your partner laughs to the way they order for the both of you at a restaurant. Here are some ways to keep the cuteness factor alive in your newlywed romance:


Enjoyable moments and cute things

Cuteness in romance is all about the small enjoyable moments and cute things shared between the two of you. It could be a spontaneous kiss or expressing your love for each other in quotes from a favorite Bollywood movie.

Whatever it may be, these moments create a bond and keep the relationship fresh. 2.

Strange phase of becoming married

Becoming married is a strange and sometimes awkward phase, especially in arranged marriages. Take comfort in each other’s company and embrace the awkwardness.

It wont last forever and soon youll find equilibrium as a couple. 3.

Endless togetherness

Being together constantly is the hallmark of a newly married couple. You can make exciting plans to have future dates, going to places youve always wanted to visit, or making food together at home.

The excitement of planning together is a great way to keep the love and cuteness factor alive. 4.

Sustaining newlywed romance

To keep the romance going, it is essential to update each other on the small things about your work or daily routines. Take turns ordering for each other and waiting for each other to make sure the other is comfortable.

When it comes to in-laws, take sides when it counts but always support each other.


Fun and intimacy in daily routines

Daily routines can be mundane, but as newlyweds, intimacy can be found in even the smallest of tasks. Sharing bathroom space can be made fun by brushing your teeth or spraying perfume together, instead of doing it alone.

Having sex after taking a shower or doing other bathroom-related things can also be a fun way to add intimacy in your daily routines. To keep the cuteness alive, dont be afraid to show affection and express your love.

It can be in simple things, such as a surprise note on their lunch or buying a small gift just because. The key is to keep the effort in and never give up because the reward can be the joy of a cute and happy relationship.

In conclusion, the key to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship as a newly married couple is through constant communication, effort, and embracing the cuteness and romance that comes with this special time in your lives. From sharing bathroom space to planning future adventures together, every experience with your partner is an opportunity to deepen your connection and embrace the excitement of a life built on love.

Remember to always prioritize your relationship, and never forget the immense joy and happiness that can come with sustaining your intimacy and connection as a couple.

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