Revive Your Relationship: Make Sex a Priority Today


Are you struggling to prioritize sex in your relationship? Does it seem like there’s just never enough time in the day to fit it in?

You’re not alone. Time management is a common challenge that many couples face when it comes to prioritizing their intimacy.

But don’t worry, there are ways to make sex a priority in your relationship even when time is scarce.

The Truth About Lack of Time

Let’s be real, life is busy. Between work, family, friends, and other commitments, it can feel like there’s never enough time in the day.

But here’s the thing, we make time for what we consider important. If we prioritize other things over sex, then it will always take a back seat.

Consistently Changing How We Spend Our Time Based on Priorities

The good news is, we can consistently change how we spend our time based on our priorities. This means being intentional about how we allocate our time and energy.

It also means being honest with ourselves and our partners about what’s truly important to us.

The Importance of Putting Sex on Top of Priority List

So why should we prioritize sex? For starters, intimacy is an essential component of a healthy relationship.

It helps to build and maintain the emotional connection between partners, promotes physical health, and brings joy and pleasure into our lives.

Tips to Get Started

  1. Think about sex: Allow yourself to daydream about sex and its potential in your life. This will help to keep you in a sensual mindset and prepare you for erotic moments.
  2. Refrain from masturbating to keep yourself sexually charged: Instead, only engage with your partner. By doing this, you create even greater sexual energy within the relationship.
  3. Talk about sex: Discuss your fantasies and desires with your partner. Listen to their needs and desires. This will help you both to better understand each other and lead to greater sexual satisfaction.
  4. Sex rituals: Create rituals that help you feel more connected and in tune. This might include lighting candles, taking a bath together, or reading erotic literature. This will help establish consistency and eliminate variables.
  5. Reinforce your loving feelings for each other: Use rituals or words of affirmation to remind your partner of your love and commitment which can help prepare you both for in-tuned intimacy.
  6. Create Opportunities: Be intentional about carving out time for sex. Whether it’s a weekly date night or a weekend getaway, create opportunities to be intimate with your partner.
  7. Sex therapy: If you’re facing emotional blocks, looking towards professional assistance can eliminate symptoms that get in the way of intimacy within the relationship.

The Consequence of Not Prioritizing Time for Sex

The consequence of not prioritizing time for sex is a lack of sexual intimacy combined with the emotional distance that can arise between partners. By keeping sex as a priority, you can maintain the emotional connection between you both and ultimately keep the spark alive.

In conclusion, making sex a priority takes intentional effort and time management skills, but it is worth it. Not only does prioritizing sex strengthen the emotional connection between partners, but it also promotes physical health and overall happiness.

So, think about what matters most to you, and make the necessary changes to make sex a top priority in your life.

Part 3: Thinking About Sex

When it comes to prioritizing sex, it’s essential to acknowledge the power and importance of thinking about sex as a sensual and intimate act.

Many people believe that sex is something that just happens spontaneously, but in reality, it’s often something that we can cultivate and prepare for through our thoughts and intentions.

The Importance of Thinking About Sex

Thinking about sex can help to create a more sensual and intimate atmosphere within the relationship. When we allow ourselves to fantasize about sex, it can increase our libido and overall sexual satisfaction.

Scheduling Time to Fantasize

Many couples find it helpful to set aside time specifically for thinking about sex and creating a sensual atmosphere. This might involve visualizing past sexual experiences or creating erotic scenarios in the mind.

By scheduling time to fantasize, you’re allowing yourself to tap into your sensual energy and create a foundation for more intimate experiences.

Increasing Awareness of Libido and Sensuality

One way to enhance your sexual awareness is by developing your sensual side. Sensuality is the ability to experience pleasure through all of the senses, which can enhance your libido and overall sexual satisfaction.

Some simple ways to develop your sensuality include practicing mindfulness, taking pleasure in everyday activities, and exploring your body through touch and sensation. By increasing your awareness of your own sensuality and libido, you can more easily communicate your needs and desires to your partner, which can create a more satisfying and intimate sexual experience.

Part 4: Talking About Sex

Effective communication is crucial when it comes to creating intimacy in relationships, especially when it comes to sexual intimacy. The ability to openly discuss sexual needs and desires is essential for cultivating a satisfying and fulfilling sexual relationship.

Communication as a Crucial Part of Sex

Sexual communication can be difficult, but it’s an essential part of maintaining a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship. Talking openly and honestly about your desires, fantasies, and boundaries can help you and your partner better understand each other’s needs and build greater intimacy.

Making Communication Productive

Effective communication isn’t just about talking, it’s also about actively listening and being receptive to your partner’s needs and desires. This means creating a safe and supportive space where both partners feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of judgment.

It’s also important to frame communication in a positive light and focus on what you and your partner can do to create greater sexual satisfaction.

Scheduling Time to Talk About Sex

Many couples find it helpful to schedule time specifically for talking about sex and sexual needs within the relationship. This can involve setting aside a quiet moment to discuss fantasies, desires, or boundaries or even attending a sex therapy session together.

By making communication about sex a priority, you’re creating a space for both partners to open up more freely, which can enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy. In conclusion, by making sex a priority, we’re investing in the health and happiness of our relationships.

By thinking about sex and cultivating our sensuality, and creating space for open communication, we’re creating a foundation for greater intimacy and satisfaction in our relationships. So, start prioritizing sex today and watch as your relationship flourishes into a deeper and more fulfilling connection.

Part 5: Sex Rituals

In our fast-paced lives, creating intentional rituals in our relationships can be a powerful way to increase connection and closeness, especially when it comes to sexual intimacy. Here are different types of rituals that you can introduce to your relationship at different frequencies:

The Importance of Rituals in a Relationship

Rituals are an essential part of any relationship since they provide a sense of predictability and stability while maintaining a sense of novelty and excitement. Rituals are things both partners look forward to, which strengthens emotional bonds.

Suggesting rituals can serve as a reminder of the anticipation of intimacy and can also help to anticipate experiencing it again.

Daily Rituals

Daily rituals can help to set the foundation for a stronger and more intimate relationship. This can include daily affirmations of love and appreciation, taking time to have coffee together in the morning, or even dedicating time to discuss the day’s events undivided attention.

Weekly Rituals

A weekly ritual provides a unique opportunity for couples to indulge in self-care, have fun, and connect. Whether it’s a date night, a class or activity, having something to look forward to can help break the monotony of daily life and strengthens the bond between the couple.

Monthly Rituals

Monthly rituals serve as an excellent opportunity to strengthen your relationship by making new memories. This can mean taking a day free from the kids to reconnect and spend time as a couple, indulging in home-cooked meals, or enjoying a new experience.

A monthly ritual serves as an ideal time to boost intimacy by prioritizing time in the relationship.

Quarterly/Yearly Rituals

Quarterly or yearly rituals serve as a great way to prioritize intimate moments outside of the daily hustle and bustle of life.

This can involve taking a weekend getaway to a romantic location to spend quality time together or engaging in fun activities that strengthen the emotional bond between you and your partner. Quarterly or annual rituals help to reinforce loving feelings and show your partner how important they are in your life.

Part 6: Creating Opportunities

Creating opportunities for sex is essential for any relationship to remain healthy and happy. By clearing your schedule and setting aside time that is undisturbed and free from distractions, you can prioritize intimacy and create an environment conducive to pleasure.

The Need to Create Opportunities for Sex

Creating opportunities for sex is essential since it ensures a healthy and fulfilling sex life. It allows both partners to take part in a world of sensuality and desire, one that brings closeness, connection, and pleasure.

Clearing Schedule for Intimacy and Enjoyment

Effective time management is an essential part of creating opportunities for sex. Sit together and carve out blocks of time explicitly dedicated to sexual intimacy.

By clearing your schedule and being deliberate about your time management, you can create a relationship that remains healthy, intimate, and blissful. In conclusion, the introduction of sex rituals and creating opportunities takes time and effort but eventually reinforces a healthy and happy relationship.

By focusing on the little things, making time for each other, and prioritizing intimacy, you can create a strong and emotionally fulfilling relationship. So, start incorporating rituals and opportunities today and watch as you enhance your relationship and experience true intimacy.

Part 7: Sex Therapy

Despite our best efforts, sometimes prioritizing sex can prove to be a difficult task. It’s important to know that there are resources and support available to help you and your partner navigate any challenges that may arise, including seeking professional assistance from a sex therapist.

Seeking Professional Assistance when Prioritizing Sex Fails

When prioritizing sex fails, it can be discouraging and lead to feelings of frustration, resentment, and disconnection. Seeking professional help can be a game-changer and bring hope for a change in the relationship.

A sex therapist can assist each person to communicate more effectively, explore patterns in the relationship that negatively impact sexual intimacy and create a healthy and happy sex life.

The Role of a Sex Therapist in Re-Igniting Hope for Change

A sex therapist can help in several ways, including assisting individuals and couples in understanding their sexual desires and barriers, and in exploring any emotional blocks that may hinder their sexual intimacy. A sex therapist is a trained professional, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to work through sensitive topics with couples and help them develop solutions to their challenges.

Working Through Emotional Blocks Preventing Regular Sex

Sex therapy works hand in hand with couples in processing any emotional blockages that may be hindering their sexual intimacy. From past traumas, sexual anxieties, differing sexual desires, communication blocks, a sex therapist provides in-depth support for clients.

By identifying emotional blockages, a sex therapist can help couples work through those issues and create a more satisfying sex life.

In conclusion, prioritizing sex entails investing in the emotional and physical health of the relationship.

However, it’s not always an easy feat, and sometimes, seeking professional help from a sex therapist is crucial. Moreover, the support from a sex therapist can lead to identifying any blockages, and working through them to yield an improved, engaging, and fulfilling sex life.

Therefore, do not feel hesitant to seek professional support when needed. It’s all part of a significant investment in yourself and your relationship.

In conclusion, prioritizing sex is an essential component of any relationship. By making sex a priority, you’re investing in the emotional and physical health of your relationship.

Whether it’s through thinking about sex, creating rituals or opportunities, or seeking professional assistance when necessary, incorporating these strategies can lead to increased intimacy, stronger emotional bonds, and overall happiness. By prioritizing sex and creating opportunities for intimacy, couples can experience the full range of benefits that a fulfilling sex life provides, contributing to the growth and enjoyment of their relationship.

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