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Save Your Marriage: 5 Ways to Avoid Arguments with Your Spouse

How to Avoid Arguments with Your Spouse

Arguing with your spouse is a normal part of any marriage. However, when disagreements turn into heated arguments, it can damage your relationship and cause tension between the two of you.

Here are five ways to avoid arguments and keep your relationship strong.

Pick Your Battles

Not every disagreement with your spouse is worth an argument. Think about what’s really important to you and prioritize your concerns.

If it’s something small that won’t really matter in the long run, let it go. Tolerating minor annoyances can lead to greater harmony in your marriage.

Apply the 30 Minute Rule

When a disagreement arises, it’s tempting to lash out in the heat of the moment. However, it’s important to avoid arguing when emotions are running high.

Instead, take a break and cool down. Apply the 30 Minute rule: step away from the situation for half an hour.

During this time, reflect on the situation and how you can best address the issue with a clear mind.

Work Out a Plan

Avoid fighting by working out a plan in advance. Communication is key here.

Discuss your goals and priorities with your spouse. Make sure to acknowledge their concerns and work together towards a solution that satisfies both of you.

Use the Three Sentence Rule

Nobody likes to be lectured or nagged. Avoid confrontation by keeping your words brief and to the point.

Before speaking, take a moment to think about what you want to say and how to phrase it in a non-confrontational manner. The three sentence rule ensures that your message is delivered in a polite manner without causing offense.

Begin with “I” Instead of “You”

When youre upset, it’s easy to blame your spouse for everything that goes wrong. However, it’s important to express your feelings without putting your spouse on the defensive.

Use I statements instead of You statements. This way, your spouse is less likely to feel attacked and more likely to pay attention to your concerns.

Preventing Arguments from Getting Out of Hand

Even with these helpful tips, arguments may still arise. Here are three ways to prevent them from escalating into full-blown fights.

Go to Bed Angry

It’s a common belief that couples should never go to bed angry. But sometimes, you need a break to cool off.

Agree to take a break from the argument and revisit the issue in the morning with a clear head.

Propose Potential Solutions

When you’re unhappy with your partner or something they’ve done, it’s easy to fall into criticism and complaint. Instead of focusing on the problem, propose a potential solution and suggest a compromise.

Both of you will feel heard and youll be less likely to end up in an argument.

Bust Out Your Comedy Skills

Humor is a great way to relieve tension and defuse an argument. Laughter helps to take the edge off and lighten the mood.

Use a funny comment or an amusing anecdote to ease the tension and bring you both back to a positive place.



Disagreements are normal in any marriage. However, it’s important to avoid arguments that can damage your relationship.

By applying these tips, you can make your communication with your spouse more productive and avoid unnecessary tension between the two of you. Remember to prioritize what’s really important, communicate effectively, and always look for common ground.

Additional Resources for Improving Your Marriage

When it comes to marriage, conflict is bound to happen. Arguments are a natural part of relationships, but the way we handle them can make all the difference.

In addition to the tips mentioned earlier, there are additional resources available to help prevent and resolve conflict in marriage.

Personal Coaching Program

If you and your spouse are struggling with conflict in your marriage, you may want to consider seeking one-on-one coaching through a professional. A personal coaching program can provide you with an objective perspective and help identify areas of weakness in your relationship.

A coach can offer you individualized attention and support that can help resolve issues and cultivate a healthier relationship. Effective coaching can be done over video calls, phone calls, or in-person.

The coach will assess the current dynamics and give personalized recommendations for areas of growth. With great rapport, the coach will lead a couple toward newer insights on communication style, conflict resolution, and other relationship skills.

Mend the Marriage Program

Mend the Marriage is an online program created by Brad Browning, an acclaimed author in the field of relationship counseling. Brownings program is tailored to help couples repair, rebuild, and improve their relationships.

The program is comprehensive and covers various aspects of relationships, from communication and trust to intimacy and emotional connection. The Mend the Marriage program has a unique approach that allows couples to identify the root causes of conflict in their relationship.

This in-depth program includes guides, exercises, and video tutorials that are designed to help couples restore trust, regain intimacy, and create a stronger emotional bond. The program can be accessed online at any time and at any pace, allowing couples to balance the demands of their daily lives with the need for personal growth and development.

The program is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is an essential part of any relationship. Oftentimes, the conflicts that arise in marriages stem from personal issues or past traumas.

Working on personal growth is beneficial not just for individuals but also for their relationships. Working on personal growth can involve reading self-improvement books, attending therapy, or trying new experiences.

It can help couples to better understand themselves, identify areas for self-improvement, and develop the skills necessary to be a better partner. In addition to working on personal growth individually, couples can also engage in growth activities together.

This may involve taking a class together, trying a new hobby, or attending couples therapy. Engaging in growth activities together can help couples to connect on a deeper level, strengthen their emotional bonds, and develop a greater sense of trust and understanding.


Improving your marriage requires a commitment to personal and relationship growth. Through personal coaching programs, online resources, and working on personal growth, couples can learn how to effectively navigate the conflicts that arise in their relationships and create a stronger, more fulfilling partnership.

By investing in your relationship and prioritizing growth, you can create a happier, more meaningful marriage. In conclusion, there are several ways to avoid arguments and prevent conflicts in marriage.

By prioritizing what’s important, communicating effectively, and working on personal growth, couples can cultivate a stronger, more fulfilling relationship. Additionally, resources such as personal coaching programs and online programs like Mend the Marriage can help couples navigate conflicts and develop the skills necessary to have a successful marriage.

Investing in your relationship is important for both personal and relational growth, and can lead to a happier, more satisfying life with your spouse.

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