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Spice Up Your Sex Life: The Dos and Don’ts of Dirty Talk

Dirty Talk: The Dos and Don’ts

We all know how exciting it can be to engage in a little bit of dirty talk during intimate moments. However, it’s essential to know the dos and don’ts to avoid making your partner feel uncomfortable or ruining the mood entirely.

The Dos:

1. Confidence: When it comes to dirty talk, confidence is key.

Don’t be afraid to express what you’re feeling or thinking. Confidence can heighten the experience and make it even more enjoyable.

2. Comfort: Ensure that your partner is comfortable with the type of dirty talk you’re engaging in.

If they’re not into it, it could ruin the mood, so make sure you always ask before diving in. 3.

Role-play: Role-playing can be a great way to enhance your dirty talk game. It allows you to explore different fantasies and scenarios that can spice things up.

Just make sure it’s something you’re both comfortable with. 4.

Enjoy: Remember that dirty talk is supposed to be enjoyable! Focus on pleasure and expressing your desires and listen to your partner’s wants as well. 5.

Describe: Be descriptive with your words. Painting a vivid picture can heighten the senses and make the experience more intense.

The Don’ts:

1. Unclear: Avoid using unclear language or phrases that can cause confusion.

It can derail the mood and make things awkward quickly. 2.

Offensive: It’s important to remember not to say anything that’s offensive to your partner. Avoid derogatory or hurtful language that can make them feel uncomfortable or disrespected.

Words to Avoid:

When it comes to dirty talk, some words should always be avoided. These words can be a turn-off for some and make the experience uncomfortable.

1. Moist: This word is generally disliked for its association with bodily functions, and it can be off-putting for many people.

2. Slit: This word can be quite aggressive and is often associated with pornographic language.

3. Cooter: This word is infantilizing and can be uncomfortable for some to hear.

4. Beaver: Another term that can be quite aggressive and off-putting.

5. C*nt: This word is highly offensive and should always be avoided in all situations.

6. Hole/Twat: While these terms can be used in some situations, they can also be aggressive and off-putting.

7. Squirt: This term is often associated with pornographic content and can be a turn-off for many people.

8. Panties: While this term is not necessarily offensive, it can be infantilizing and uncomfortable for some people.

In conclusion, dirty talk can be an enjoyable and exciting aspect of intimacy if done correctly. Remember to always communicate with your partner about what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not.

Express your desires with confidence but avoid using language that can be hurtful or offensive. Above all, keep things enjoyable and fun, and always aim to please your partner.

Sexy Words to Use in Dirty Talk

Dirty talk can be a great way to add spice to your sex life and get your partner aroused. But sometimes, it can be challenging to come up with the right words or phrases to say.

Here are some sexy words to use in your dirty talk that will help set the mood and drive your partner wild. Partner’s Name:

Addressing your partner by their name can be a powerful way to establish intimacy and intensify your connection.

Saying their name during dirty talk can be an excellent way to remind them that they are the focus of your attention, and it can also be an effective way to trigger a flood of emotions and sensations that can lead to satisfying sex. Tight:

Using the word “tight” in your dirty talk can be very desirable.

It can be used to describe the sensation of your partner’s body in a primal and intimate way, making them feel more desirable and sexy. Saying things like, “You feel so tight,” can be incredibly powerful in making your partner feel wanted, hot, and horny.


The word “love” is one of the most potent and passionate words in the English language. Using it during dirty talk can express the ultimate level of passion and intimacy that you share with your partner.

It can also be used to convey that this isn’t just about sex, but it’s about the love and connection that are shared between you, making the experience more meaningful and memorable. Wet:

The word “wet” is a secret and sexy turn-on for many people.

Mentioning that your partner is wet can instantly turn the mood up a notch and make them feel incredibly aroused. It can also be suggestive of their desire for you, which can be a thrill all on its own.


Using the word “deep” can be hot, powerful, and full of primal energy. It can evoke a sense of being filled and satisfied, which is incredibly sexy.

Saying things like, “I want to go deep inside you,” or “I’m going to make you feel so deep,” can be incredibly arousing. Cock:

The word “cock” is taboo, highly sexual, and can be an absolute crowd pleaser in dirty talk.

Using this word can be a powerful way to establish dominance and appreciation for your partner’s sexuality. Say things like, “I love your cock,” or “Let me see your hard cock,” can set the tone for a highly erotic experience.


The word “need” can be an incredible turn-on for both partners. Using it during dirty talk can convey the feeling of being wanted and desired, which can lead to powerful feelings of lust and passion.

Saying things like, “I need you so bad,” or “I can’t get enough of you,” can be a powerful way to build intimacy and desire. Cum/Come:

Mentioning “cum” or “come” during dirty talk can be incredibly arousing.

It can evoke feelings of orgasm and pleasure, which can be very exciting for both partners. Using this word can escalate the intensity of the act, which can make the experience incredibly arousing and mysterious.


The word “pussy” can be very sexy and alluring for both men and women. It’s suggestive, sexy, and can make you feel like a kitty-cat in the bedroom.

Saying things like, “Your pussy feels so good,” or “I love your sweet pussy,” can be a powerful way to express your desires and thoughts. Bad:

Using the word “bad” can get the adrenaline pumping and make things feel exciting and a little bit naughty.

Saying things like, “I want to do something bad,” or “I’m such a bad girl/boy,” can be an incredible turn-on during dirty talk. Hard:

Using the word “hard” in your dirty talk can be incredibly arousing.

It’s suggestive and can make the experience feel sexier and more sexual. Saying things like, “I love your hard cock,” or “I love it when you’re so hard,” can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

In conclusion, dirty talk can be a great way to spice up your sex life and get your partner aroused. But it’s essential to use the right words and phrases to avoid making them feel uncomfortable or ruining the mood.

By using the sexy words we’ve mentioned above, you can set the mood, establish intimacy, and drive your partner wild, making the experience hotter and more pleasurable for both of you. In conclusion, the importance of understanding the dos and don’ts of dirty talk cannot be overstated.

Confidence, communication, and respect for your partner’s boundaries are vital to a successful dirty talk experience. Additionally, avoiding offensive language and using the right sexy words can enhance intimacy and arouse your partner’s desires.

With careful consideration of these factors, incorporating dirty talk into your sex life can be a great way to spice things up and bring you and your partner closer together.

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