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Spice Up Your Solo Play: 15 Positions and Techniques for Next-Level Pleasure

Solo Sex Positions: How to Get Intimate with Yourself

Let’s be honest, self-pleasure is one of life’s great pleasures. It’s a natural and healthy way to release stress, explore your desires, and get to know your body.

But sometimes, sticking to the same old ways of masturbating can feel stale and boring. That’s why we’re here to spice things up with some solo sex positions that will take your solo play to the next level.

Down Under

This stress-releasing position is perfect when you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to release some sexual tension. Lay on your back with your legs up and wide, bringing your knees toward your chest.

Use your hands or a toy to explore your clitoris or penetrate yourself as you rock your hips back and forth.

The Shower Head

The shower is a great place to get intimate with yourself, especially when you have little time to spare. Simply stand with your legs spread apart and aim the showerhead at your clitoris for some intense sensations.

You may also try using a detachable showerhead for more flexibility.

Opposites Attract

If you’re feeling adventurous, try switching hands when you masturbate. This will help you develop a more ambidextrous skill set, and could lead to even more pleasure in the bedroom when you’re with a partner.

The Invisible Man

Use a pillow to masturbate in this position. Thrust your hips into the pillow while grinding your clitoris against it, or straddle the pillow and ride it like it’s your partner.

The pillow’s softness mimics the sensation of skin, making it a great alternative to your hand.

Around the Bend

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try a new position, then this one is for you. Lie face down with your hips propped up by a pillow, so that your legs are slightly spread apart.

Use your hands or a toy to penetrate yourself from behind. This position allows for deeper penetration and more G-spot stimulation

Dildo Date: How to Have Fun with Your Sex Toy

Are you tired of your usual solo play routine?

Looking to spice things up in the solo department? Look no further than our Dildo Date.

Its time to get intimate with your sex toy and enjoy it like never before.

The Dildo Date

Everybody loves a good date night, and a dildo date night is no exception. Make yourself comfortable, and slowly insert your dildo into your vagina or anus.

Enjoy the realistic feel of the toy, and experiment with different angles and speeds to find what feels best for you. Mix up your date, adding in clitoral stimulation or playing around with other sex toys.


Masturbation is an integral part of sexual health, and it doesn’t have to be boring. By experimenting with new positions and sex toys, you can take your solo play to new heights.

So go ahead, try some of these positions and techniques, and explore your body like never before. Remember, solo play isn’t just about getting off, it’s about learning what feels good to you and enhancing your overall sexual experiences.

Teasing and Tension: Creating Sexual Excitement

In high school, “over the panties” was a tantalizing, forbidden gesture, designed to create a sense of tension and tease. As adults, we might have more sexual freedom, but we can still tap into that same sense of excitement and anticipation.

Indulging in some teasing and tension can transform even the most mundane sexual interactions into something special.

Over the Panties

Start by kissing your partner, gently breathing into their ear, and making them believe you’re going to initiate penetrative sex. However, quickly change your tune and slide your hand up their skirt or pants and tease them over their panties, circling your fingers around their clitoris or penis without actually touching it.

Keep the tease going until they’re almost begging for your touch.

The Horny Mermaid

For this sensual experience, grab some bubbles and run a nice hot bath. Lay out some candles, put on some calming music, and use a waterproof vibrator to sensually explore your body.

Get creative with your movements to create waves that heighten your pleasure. Imagine yourself like a beautiful horny mermaid exploring the depths of the ocean.

Creative Pleasure: Exploring New Ways to Stimulate Yourself

Sometimes, you may need to get creative to reach maximum levels of satisfaction with yourself. With a bit of imagination, you can open up new possibilities for pleasure.

The One-Person Three Way

Using your imagination and a dose of nipple play, try imagining yourself as one part of a threesome. Give attention to your nipples, while using a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris, imagining that the other two imaginary partners are giving you the attention you crave.

This creates a multisensory experience that can increase your chances of achieving orgasm.

The Quickie

If you’re looking for a fast, thrilling release, the public quickie is a great option. Try having sex in a secluded alley or bathroom stall.

Just make sure you’re not breaking any laws, and always keep awareness of your surroundings. Public sex can be a huge turn-on, but always remember to prioritize safety.

The Black Swan

Fantasies can be an incredibly powerful tool for self-pleasure. Pop in the infamous Black Swan movie and visualize you’re the ballerina herself, feeling up her crush.

Use your fingers or a toy to simulate the same kind of intimate touch. You’ll be surprised by how fulfilling a mere movie scene could be.



As you can see, experimenting with different techniques and scenarios can bring new excitement to your alone time. Whether you’re in the mood for teasing and tension, sensual experiences, or even living out a fantasy, creativity and imagination can lead to exciting new heights of sexual pleasure.

So, don’t be afraid to mix things up, try something new and awaken a whole new realm of self-exploration and sensations. In conclusion, the main points of this article have emphasized the importance of exploring and experimenting with different techniques, positions, and fantasies during solo play.

By breaking out of routine habits, trying new things, and tapping into our imaginations, we can rediscover the joy of self-pleasure and eventually being more open-minded and fulfilled in sexual experiences with partners. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to experience pleasure.

By exploring what feels good to us, we can learn how to communicate our desires more confidently and satisfy ourselves and our partner’s needs with ease. So, let’s embrace the art of self-exploration and enjoy the journey towards sexual happiness!

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