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Struggling to Keep Up with Your Alpha Widow Partner? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you dating an Alpha Widow? Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with their high standard?

Youre not alone. Many people have encountered Alpha Widows in their dating life, and it can be a challenging experience.

In this article, well discuss the signs of an Alpha Widow, how to deal with them, and some common misconceptions about them. What is an Alpha Widow?

An Alpha Widow is a person who has been involved with a highly dominant and successful partner in the past. They often face difficulties in forming new emotional connections with others, as they compare all potential partners to their previous Alpha.

This can cause them to become controlling, emotionally distant, and elusive. They may exhibit obsessive behaviors, keep mementos from past relationships, and excessively talk about their exes.

Signs of an Alpha Widow:

1. Keeping physical reminders of ex: If your partner still has pictures, clothing, or sentimental items of their ex around, that might be a sign they are still hung up on their past.

2. Constantly talking about ex: When your partner consistently talks about their past relationships, it shows they haven’t moved on yet.

This is often a red flag in a relationship. 3.

Maintaining contact with ex: If your partner still communicates with their ex, there might be a hidden attachment that hasn’t moved on yet. 4.

Comparing current partner to ex: If your partner consistently compares you to their ex or another past relationship, it might indicate unresolved issues. 5.

Being difficult to please: Often Alpha Widows have high standards and tend to be critical of their partner. It can be hard to gain their approval.

6. Emotionally disengaged: Their past may have caused them to be emotionally distant from potential partners, and this can be difficult to overcome.

7. Keeping options open: Due to their attachment to their past partner, they often tend to keep their options open, unwilling to commit in fear of getting hurt again.

Misconceptions about Alpha Widows:

Many people believe that Alpha Widows only date elite men who are successful entrepreneurs or successful individuals. However, this is not true.

Anyone can be an Alpha Widow, regardless of their background. Additionally, not all Alpha Widows are manipulative, abusive, or narcissistic.

Some are still struggling to find connections that match what they had with their previous partner. Therefore, they may take some more time to move on.

Dealing with an Alpha Widow:

The first step in dealing with an Alpha Widow is to ask yourself if you want to be in this kind of relationship. If the answer is yes, here are some tips to make things work:


Determining desired relationship with Alpha Widow: Have an open discussion about what you both want from the relationship, and where you see it going. 2.

Not taking things personally: If your partner seems withdrawn or critical, try not to take it personally. Remember, it may be due to their past.

3. Being ready to grow: Accept that the relationship may require additional effort to move forward, and be willing to work through any issues that arise.

4. Being authentic: Always be honest and genuine with your partner.

Hiding your true self will only prolong the healing process.


Overcoming trauma and learned patterns: It’s important to recognize any destructive patterns in the relationship, including any negative habits, and seek personal support or professional help to overcome them. 6.

Importance of a healed state of mind: Keep in mind that healing takes time, and it’s essential for you or your partner to work through any personal traumas before taking any next steps in the relationship. 7.

Draining and energy-consuming experience: Recognize that dealing with an Alpha Widow can be an emotionally draining and time-consuming experience.


Reconsidering pursuing the relationship: If you’re struggling to deal with your own personal issues or lack of self-confidence, reconsider pursuing the relationship. In conclusion, an Alpha Widow is a unique type of partner to deal with, and it can be a challenging experience.

Dealing with them may require additional effort and patience, but it’s also an opportunity for growth and connection. By understanding the signs, being patient, and staying true to who you are, with time, both the Alpha Widow and their partner can learn to heal and form a healthy emotional connection.

In conclusion, recognizing the signs of an Alpha Widow is crucial to understanding their behavior and needs in a relationship. Dealing with an Alpha Widow may require effort, patience, and a willingness to grow.

It’s essential to communicate openly, be authentic, and overcome any negative habits or traumas from the past. Remember, healing takes time, but a deeper emotional connection can be formed with the right mindset and effort.

By understanding the Alpha Widow’s unique challenges and finding effective ways to support them, both partners have an opportunity to build a healthy and happy long-term relationship.

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