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Surviving Forced Marriage Marital Rape and Lack of Support

Forced Marriage and Marital Rape: Two Terrible Experiences

Can you remember the last wedding you attended? The excitement, the music, the people, and the paradise-like atmosphere.

The adulation and love between the couple? It is a joyful and memorable occasion that brings family and friends together to celebrate the union of two individuals in love.

However, not all marriages are happy and blessed. Some unfortunate experiences could make the journey of marriage seem like a burden that people bear.

Forced Marriage – A Tragic Experience

Imagine wearing the most beautiful wedding finery that you have dreamed of your whole life. You’re excited about your dream wedding and hopeful about what life would be with the man you love.

Then everything suddenly becomes a nightmare. Forced marriage can be quite traumatic.

Especially when it happens against your will. Sadly, some people have to go through this horrible experience.

It can make you feel like your life is no longer yours. The fear, anxiety, and desperation to escape all add up and make the experience even more grueling.

The wedding ceremony turns into a prison, and you feel trapped. What began as a dream becomes a nightmare.

Marital Rape – A Heinous Crime

Now let us move on to the more despicable experience – being raped by a spouse. Marriage should be a safe haven for two loving partners, where they experience intimacy and joy.

Unfortunately, things might go wrong, and some people might find themselves in an uncomfortable and violent situation in their marriage. Marital rape is an intimate betrayal by someone you should trust, and it can leave major scars.

It is a cruel and violent act that is hurtful, painful, and traumatizing. Sometimes, people use pornographic content as a reference to rape their spouse, which makes the experience even more horrific and disgusting.

The victim of marital rape is usually very scared and uncomfortable, and some might even experience miscarriages and life-long traumas from such experiences. The feeling of helplessness and the physical and emotional anguish can push the victim to escape the situation, which may lead to divorce.

Lack of Support and Struggle to Survive

Sometimes, life puts us in a place where we lack support, and our struggle to survive can seem unbearable. In our journey through life, we might encounter people who should support us but do not.

It could come from family, friends, or those whose duty it is to protect us.

Lack of Support – A Lonely Experience

Often, when you lack support from those closest to you, it could make you feel like you are not normal. You may question why others have it easier.

Especially as a poor man, you might feel like the world has it in for you. No one seems to be on your side, and you are left alone to fend for yourself.

The journey through life can be brutal when you lack support, and it is tough to go through alone. The road seems longer and more painful, and the weight of living can be too much to bear.

Struggle to Survive – A Challenging Experience

Life has a funny way of forcing people to their limits. Some people have to beg to survive, while others are domestic help to make ends meet.

These experiences can shatter the dignity of a person. The background one comes from can also make the survival journey even more challenging.

The mental illness, unmarried status, and lack of skills and knowledge make the struggle more difficult.


The experiences shared in this article may seem scary, but they are real. It is crucial to understand that everyone has their own unique journey, and sometimes we need to lend a helping hand to those who need it.

Forcing someone into marriage or raping them is heinous and unacceptable acts. It is vital to have conversations around these topics to help raise awareness of the effects they have on people’s lives.

Furthermore, lack of support and the struggle to survive is a challenge many face, and it is up to us to be there for those who need us. We can do this by helping each other, lending a listening ear, and providing support where needed.

Together, we can help to make the journey through life easier for everyone. Criminalizing Marital Rape – Why it Matters?

Marriage is a sacred bond between two people who love each other. Part of this bond includes intimacy between the partners to strengthen and deepen their connection.

However, intimacy should not be forced upon a partner. Sadly, this happens in cases of marital rape, where one partner sexually assaults the other without their consent.

Criminalizing marital rape is a controversial topic, and there are opposing views on it. Some people view marital rape as a private matter that should be resolved between partners, while others believe that it is a serious crime that should be punished.

Let’s take a closer look at the different views.

Support for Criminalizing Marital Rape

The argument for criminalizing marital rape is that it is a form of assault that violates a person’s body and dignity. Sexual assault is a traumatic experience that can have long-term emotional and physical consequences.

No one should have to endure this, especially not in a relationship where there is an expectation of love and trust. Forcing sexual intercourse on a partner is a criminal act, even if the partners are married.

Just because people are married does not mean that they have the right to do whatever they want to their partners. It is essential to protect vulnerable people from abuse, especially those who are not in a position to defend themselves, such as children or spouses who are not physically strong enough to resist.

Moreover, making marital rape a criminal offense sends a clear message that this behavior is unacceptable. It helps to raise awareness of the issue and reduces the stigma associated with reporting such incidents.

It also provides an opportunity for police and law enforcement officials to intervene and protect the victim from further harm.

Opposition to Criminalizing Marital Rape

The argument against criminalizing marital rape is that it might create more problems than it solves. Some people believe that it will interfere with private relationships and cause a breakdown in family values.

They argue that the state should not intervene in personal affairs, and that law enforcement officials would be unable to police such incidents effectively. Furthermore, some people may not report incidents of rape, due to fear of the legal consequences for their partner.

Some people may also fear that criminal charges against their spouse would result in harm to the family’s reputation or cause financial difficulties. Opponents of criminalizing marital rape argue that the law should not be used to penalize behavior that would not be considered criminal in other relationships.

Making Marital Rape a Criminal Offense

In most countries, marital rape is illegal, and those found guilty can be prosecuted. Making marital rape a criminal offense is important for several reasons.

Firstly, it sends a clear message that sexual assault is never acceptable, regardless of the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim. Everyone has the right to be safe from harm, and the law should protect this right.

Secondly, it clarifies the legal obligations and consequences regarding marital rape. It helps to reduce the stigma associated with reporting incidents and encourages victims to come forward.

Moreover, it shows that the criminal justice system is committed to protecting victims and holding perpetrators accountable. Finally, it ensures that there is a legal framework in place for investigating and prosecuting allegations of marital rape.

It provides guidance to law enforcement officials and sets out the legal procedures for investigating and prosecuting perpetrators.


Making marital rape a criminal offense is an important step towards protecting vulnerable individuals and upholding their rights. It sends a clear message that sexual assault is never acceptable, regardless of the relationship between the parties involved.

It provides a legal framework to investigate and prosecute allegations of marital rape, and it sends a strong message to victims that their rights will be protected by the law. While some may oppose the criminalization of marital rape, it is ultimately a necessary and important step towards ending sexual assault in all relationships.

In conclusion, the aforementioned topics are essential to discuss because they shed light on issues that require our attention. Forced marriage, marital rape, lack of support, and the struggle to survive are not pleasant experiences that anyone should have to go through, yet they are still prevalent in our society.

However, it is comforting to note that many people are aware of the effects these experiences can have on individuals, and they are fighting to make a positive change. Criminalizing marital rape is an important step towards protecting the vulnerable from abuse and ensuring the upholding of their rights.

It ultimately reinforces the idea that everyone’s rights must be protected, regardless of their relationship status. We must come together to support and protect the affected persons, and to create an inclusive and safe society.

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