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Surviving Marriage: The Importance of Willpower and Forgiveness

The Difficulty and Importance of Marriage Survival

Marriage is a whirlwind adventure full of commitment, poignant moments, and glorious milestones, but it’s also a journey filled with trials and tribulations. As we transition into adulthood, we strive to build a lifelong bond with our partner, understanding that a strong relationship requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

In this article, we’ll explore some inspirational stories of marriages that have endured through tough times, as well as the challenges and stages that couples may face throughout their union.

Challenges and Stages of Marriage

Commitment is the foundation of any successful marriage, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, every relationship goes through a series of stages that can either strengthen or weaken the bond.

The first stage is the honeymoon phase, where both partners are blissfully in love and are excited about the future. But as time goes by, reality sets in, and couples must navigate the power struggle phase.

This phase involves asserting dominance, testing boundaries, and working through conflicts. After the power struggle is resolved, couples enter the stability phase, where they learn to recognize and prioritize each other’s needs.

In this phase, they must work together to build a strong foundation that can withstand any challenges that may lie ahead. The final stage, which not all couples reach, is the commitment phase.

This is where both partners have fully accepted each other’s flaws and have made a lifelong commitment to each other. In this phase, couples experience a deep sense of connection and devotion.

Inspirational Marriage Stories

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are a Hollywood power couple who have been married for over 30 years. What many people may not know is that both partners had previous marriages before they met.

Tom was a divorc, and Rita had two children from her first marriage. Despite their blended family, they fell deeply in love and built a strong bond that has lasted throughout the years.

Tom and Rita’s marriage is a testament to the idea that love can conquer all.

Inspirational Stories of Marriages That Survived

Story 1: Coping with Loss and Addiction

John and Sarah were high school sweethearts who struggled with alcohol addiction throughout their marriage. They coped with the loss of a child and the stress of trying to have another.

They were constantly bickering and on the brink of divorce. But with the help of therapy, sobriety, and a healthy baby boy, they were able to rebuild their bond and start anew.

Story 2: Overcoming Infidelity

Matt and Emily had been married for 10 years when Matt had an affair. Emily was devastated and didn’t know if she could ever trust him again.

But with time, patience, and forgiveness, they were able to work through their issues and rebuild their bond. Today, they are closer than ever and have a deep sense of respect and understanding for each other.

Story 3: Dealing with Unemployment

Jack had been a successful executive until the company he worked for crashed, and he found himself unemployed. He struggled with selfishness and depression, which put a strain on his marriage.

But with the help of therapy and his wife’s patience, Jack was able to find a new job, and they were able to rebuild their bond. Story 4: Surviving Cancer Diagnosis

Samantha was diagnosed with cancer, which put a tremendous financial strain on her family.

They struggled to pay for medical bills and other expenses while also caring for Samantha. But with the help of supportive friends and family, they were able to make it through the battle and came out the other side stronger than ever.

Story 5: Enduring Long-Distance Marriage

Lauren had accepted a teaching job in another state, which meant she had to be away from her husband, John, for long periods. They faced long periods of distance and found it difficult to support each other emotionally.

But with constant communication and emotional support, they were able to make it work and saw each other again at the end of the school year. Story 6: Adjusting to Stepchildren

Dave and Sarah met later in life and both had teenage children from their first marriage.

The children didn’t get along and Sarah’s ex-husband didn’t make things any easier. But with time, Dave and Sarah were able to build a bond with each other’s children and Dave was able to establish a positive relationship with Sarah’s mother, who had previously despised him.

Story 7: Coping with Trauma

Katie was a rape victim, which left her with depression and a hard time trusting others. But with the compassion and love from her partner, she was able to work through her issues and find a new sense of confidence and self-esteem.


Marriage is not easy, it requires hard work, dedication, and patience. However, if both partners are willing to work together, they can overcome any challenge that comes their way.

These inspirational stories are a reminder that love can conquer all and if we remain committed and understanding, we can successfully survive any hurdle that comes our way.

Lessons Learned from Marriages That Survived

Marriage is a long-term commitment that requires a great deal of willpower, strength, and dedication. Staying together through the years as a couple endures various challenges and seasons is a true testament to a successful marriage.

Couples who survive and thrive through tough times learn valuable lessons that can transform their relationship and deepen their connection.

Importance of Willpower

One valuable lesson that can be learned from marriages that have survived is the importance of willpower. Willpower is the mental strength or resolve to overcome obstacles and push through challenges, even when it feels difficult.

In a marriage, willpower plays an essential role in keeping the commitment to your partner and staying together during marital rough patches. Many couples go through periods of hardship, such as financial struggles, communication breakdowns, or infidelity.

It takes tremendous willpower to push through these challenges and come out on top. Couples who have been through a difficult season in their marriage and come out the other side can attest to the value of willpower.

They have learned that a strong commitment to one another is not only possible but also essential if they want to stay together for the long haul.

Strength Comes From Endurance

Strength is another valuable lesson that can be learned from marriages that have survived. Enduring difficult times often leads to a deeper sense of strength and resilience.

As they go through tough times, couples must dig deep and find the strength within themselves to push through. This strength comes from endurance, from persisting through the difficult times and coming out on the other side.

Couples who have navigated challenging times in their marriage know the importance of staying power. Enduring through tough seasons helps build the resilience and strength necessary to weather more storms in the future.

Overcoming Adversities Together

Overcoming adversities as a couple is a powerful way to deepen your connection and strengthen your bond. When couples go through hard times together, they build a sense of trust and a deeper level of intimacy.

This type of intimacy is not only emotional but also physical and spiritual. One couple who put this lesson into practice is Matt and Emily.

Emily was devastated when she found out that Matt had an affair. She didn’t know if she could ever trust him again.

Still, with time, patience, and forgiveness, they learned to work through their issues and rebuild their bond. Today, they are closer than ever and have a deep sense of respect and understanding for each other.

Matt and Emily’s marriage highlights the importance of working through adversities together. Sometimes hard choices need to be made, and compromise needs to happen, but those moments can help build a stronger, more resilient relationship in the long run.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a skill that every couple should aim to develop. Emotional intelligence involves the ability to recognize, manage, and understand emotions in oneself and others.

It’s a critical skill for effectively communicating and developing a deep sense of intimacy within a relationship. Couples who have successfully navigated tough seasons in their marriage have honed their emotional intelligence skills.

They can recognize when their partner is struggling and empathize with them, even during heated discussions. By developing this skill, they can communicate more effectively, which leads to more profound connections.

Forgiveness – The Ultimate Act of Love

Forgiveness is the ultimate act of love in a marriage. When we forgive our partner, we are showing them that we love them unconditionally and want to move forward with them.

Forgiveness is not just a one-time deal, but a process of healing and letting go of past hurts. Forgiveness is crucial for surviving difficult seasons in a marriage.

When couples let go of past hurts, they can move forward with a deeper sense of intimacy, trust, and respect for one another. It’s not always easy to forgive, but it’s necessary if couples are committed to staying together for the long haul.


In conclusion, marriage is a long-term commitment that requires a great deal of willpower, strength, and dedication. Couples who have weathered tough seasons in their marriage know the value of these qualities.

They have developed emotional intelligence skills, learned the importance of endurance and willpower, and understand the power of forgiveness. By putting these lessons into practice, they have built a stronger, more resilient relationship that can withstand any challenge that comes their way.

In conclusion, the importance and difficulty of achieving a successful and enduring marriage cannot be overstated. While it is a journey filled with challenges, it is also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences life has to offer.

Through the trials and tribulations encountered, there are valuable lessons to be learned, particularly the importance of willpower, strength, and forgiveness. By developing these qualities and skillsets alongside their partner, couples can cultivate a deep connection that can survive the test of time.

Couples who have been through tough stages and emerge stronger prove that if both partners are committed, any obstacle can be overcome and that the ultimate reward of a successful and enduring marriage is always worth the effort.

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