Taboo Love: Pursuing Romance with a Cousin

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The Decision to Pursue Love Despite Family Ties

Picture this: you’re at a family gathering, surrounded by your cousins. You’ve been close to one of them for years now, meeting daily for study sessions and becoming the closest of friends.

But as time went on, you began to develop mutual feelings. You’re aware of the anxiety that comes with pursuing a relationship with someone in your immediate family, but what do you do when your heart tells you otherwise?

Background on Family Ties

1. Familial Bonds

For most of us, family gatherings are something to look forward to. The idea of reuniting with our cousins, aunts, and uncles fills us with excitement.

2. Forbidden Love

But what happens when you’re faced with a difficult situation like a forbidden love? It can be challenging to deal with such a complicated scenario, especially if it involves someone you have grown with and came to see as a friend.

Developing Relationship with Cousin

1. Close Bond

Meeting someone in your family at the same college and having daily study sessions with them can result in a close bond, which can sometimes evolve into romantic feelings. You don’t want to risk ruining things between the two of you by expressing your interest.

2. Social Stigma

You’re also hesitant because you’re aware of the social stigma associated with relationships between blood relatives.

Challenging Societal Stigma and Seeking Blessings

1. Taboo

Society has deemed the idea of a relationship between two individuals sharing the same gene pool as taboo. In fact, some even view it as an act of inbreeding or as destructive as adopting a child with a serious health condition.

2. Seeking Blessings

However, seeking blessings from family members before making a decision or moving in together can smooth over any doubts or concerns you may be feeling. A grand ceremony with extended family can share the joy with everyone.

Current Married Life

If you do decide to pursue your love for your cousin, you may find that married life is routine-loving and even comforting. You share genes and have a significant resemblance. Though unaware onlookers might not see it, you two are happy together.

Perspectives on Cultural Customs and Taboos

1. Cultural Differences

When it comes to cultural customs and taboos, there are different perspectives to consider. What some societies deem acceptable, others may view as utterly irrational.

2. Preservation of Community

The objective of following social traditions and customs is to preserve the welfare of the community and instill social discipline.

Different Perspectives on Customs and Taboos

Different cultures have different views on what is acceptable when it comes to engaged relationships and marriage. While some cultures support the idea of romance between first cousins and see it as a form of legitimate bonding, others frown upon it and judge it as a taboo.

Ethical and Moral Dilemmas

1. Moral Concerns

There are undoubtedly ethical and moral dilemmas that arise when discussing romantic relationships between cousins. Common blood is an undeniable fact that some may find difficult to accept.

2. Genetic Disorders

There are concerns about the offspring of such a union having genetic disorders.

Personal Decision Making

1. Heart vs. Society

As much as we may be influenced by our societal norms and cultural values, we must follow our hearts. Personal decision making is crucial when it comes to choosing who we love and who we prefer to spend our lives with.

2. Human Urges

Our human urges and instincts often trump our intellectual reasoning, and this is where the challenge comes in. It’s up to us to decide whether to follow our heart or societal influence.


In conclusion, sociocultural traditions and moral expectations may dictate what we do in our personal lives. However, it’s essential to look beyond the norms and follow your heart when it comes to choosing a partner.

It’s essential to weigh the ethical and moral dilemmas of your decisions and make a personal choice based on your principles. Remember, finding someone with whom you share a deep and meaningful connection is rare and special. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the effort, even if it goes against the grain. At the end of the day, it’s your life, and you deserve to be happy with the person you choose to spend it with – even if that person happens to be a cousin.

Ultimately, it’s about individual choices and respecting others’ decisions. Love knows no bounds, and finding someone with whom you share a profound and meaningful connection is a rare and special thing.

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