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The Painful Truth: Signs of a Man Hurting and the Stages of His Breakup

Breaking Up: Signs of a Man Hurting and the Stages He Goes Through

Breakups are tough, especially for men. Society tells us that we have to be strong, tough, and unemotional.

But the reality is, we’re human too. We hurt, we cry, we feel.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some signs that a man is hurting after a breakup, as well as the stages he goes through during the process. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in.

Signs of a Man Hurting After a Breakup

Distant Behavior

One of the most common signs of a man hurting after a breakup is distant behavior. This could mean he’s avoiding contact with you or maybe he’s processing his emotions.

This is natural – sometimes guys just need to withdraw to heal. But it could also be a sign that he’s trying to move on.

Unstable Emotions

Another sign that a man is hurting after a breakup is unstable emotions. He may be tearful one minute, angry the next, and laughing shortly after.

It’s okay to express emotions, but if he keeps switching back and forth, he may be struggling to come to terms with the breakup.

Change in Look or Persona

Sometimes, after a breakup, you may notice that the guy you knew has changed. He may be dressing differently or acting differently.

This is a superficial coping mechanism – he may be trying to distract himself from the pain and the memories.

Withdrawal from Friends and Family

If a guy is hurting after a breakup, he may withdraw from his friends and family. This is often done out of protection and fear.

He may be worried that he’ll end up talking about the breakup more and more and feel worse.

Peeking on Social Media

If a guy is still checking your social media, it may be a sign that he still has feelings for you. He may be keeping tabs on what you’re doing, who you’re seeing, and if you’re moving on.

Angry Communication

Sometimes, men tend to mask their pain by being protective and angry. If a guy is lashing out at you, it’s essential to remember that he’s not necessarily angry with you, but with the situation.

Giving Silent Treatment

If a guy is suddenly giving you the silent treatment, it may be that he needs more time alone to process the breakup. Silence is not always a bad thing – sometimes, it’s the best way to deal with emotions.

Acting Like the Relationship Has a Future

Sometimes, after a breakup, a guy might cling to hope and the possibility of reconciliation. So, if he acts as if your relationship has a future, he may be struggling to move on.

Overindulging or Partying

If a guy is partying too much or overindulging in anything, it can be a sign that he’s not coping well with the breakup. This can be unsustainable and potentially dangerous.

Immediately Starts Dating

Sometimes, after a breakup, guys move on quickly. This may not necessarily be a sign that he’s over you, but it may be a coping mechanism to avoid feeling the pain.

Talking Behind Your Back

Immature coping mechanisms can manifest in the form of talking behind your back. The guy may try to make himself feel better by making you look bad.

Begging to Stay Together

If a guy is begging to stay together, it can be a sign that he’s not respecting your boundaries. It’s important to remember that breaking up is a two-way street, and both parties need to respect each other’s decisions.

Blocking Number and Socials

If a guy has blocked your number and socials, it could be his way of avoiding temptation. He may be trying to move on and forget about the past.

Asks Friends About You

If a guy is asking your friends about you, it could be a sign that he’s still attached to your life. He’s trying to find out what you’re up to, how you’re feeling, and if there’s any chance you’re still thinking about him.

Refuses to Give Your Stuff Back

If a guy is refusing to give your stuff back, he may not be ready to part ways. Sometimes, guys hold onto things for sentimental reasons, and letting go can be difficult.

Blaming You for Everything

Sometimes, when men bottle up their emotions, they tend to blame others for their problems. If a guy is blaming you for everything, it’s his way of coping with the breakup.

Won’t Forgive Himself for Losing You

Low self-esteem and self-punishment are common after a breakup. If a guy won’t forgive himself for losing you, it’s his way of dealing with the guilt and the pain.

Breakup Stages for Men


The first stage of a breakup for men is denial. We try to protect ourselves from the painful reality of the breakup by denying it.

We may tell ourselves that it’s only temporary, or that we’ll get back together soon.


The second stage of a breakup is anger. This is when we start to express our hurt and pain.

We may feel resentful, and angry at our ex-partner. This stage is essential to express our emotions and anger.


The third stage is bargaining. We may try to seek reconciliation, make grand gestures, or say things that we don’t mean.

We believe that if we do certain things, we can get back together with our ex.


The fourth stage is depression. This is the stage where we get trapped in the past, replaying memories, and feeling sad.

It’s important to remember that it’s okay to feel sad and that it won’t last forever.


The fifth stage is acceptance. This is the stage where we acknowledge that the relationship is over, and we start to move on with our lives.

We focus on self-care, healing, and recovery.


The last stage is resolution. This is the stage where we find closure and have no resentment or apprehension towards our past relationship.

We accept that it’s done and move forward with our lives. In conclusion, breakups are tough, but men deal with them differently.

It’s essential to look for signs that show a guy is hurting after a breakup and to understand the stages they go through. Remember to be kind, patient, and understanding of their needs.

If you’re a guy going through a breakup, know that it’s okay to feel, it’s okay to cry, and that time heals all wounds. How to Help If He’s Hurting After a Breakup

Breakups can be challenging and often leave both parties feeling hurt and struggling to move on.

While it’s essential to take time to heal and process the emotions that come with a breakup, sometimes, men find it difficult to do so. If you have a guy friend who is going through a breakup, there are ways you can help him.

Here are some ways to lend a listening ear and support him through this tough time:

Allow Him to Have His Feelings

One of the most crucial things you can do to help a guy hurting after a breakup is to allow him to have his feelings. Don’t brush them away or try to invalidate them.

It’s important to validate his emotions and let him know that it’s okay to feel what he is feeling.

Ask Him If He Has Questions

Sometimes, after a breakup, guys may have a lot of unanswered questions. They may feel confused or want clarification on the reasons why things ended.

You can be a sounding board for him and listen with an open mind and heart. If you don’t have the answers, help him find guidance or resources that can help him process his emotions.

Set Firm Boundaries

While it’s essential to be supportive, it’s equally important to set clear boundaries. Make sure he understands your expectations and what is off-limits.

For example, don’t let him vent about the same thing over and over again, or don’t let him make you the mediator between him and his ex. Having clear boundaries helps maintain a healthy relationship while also offering support.

Try to Avoid


While anger is a natural emotion, it’s not always the best way to deal with a breakup. If your guy friend is struggling with anger, try to stay calm and collected.

Avoid getting into a heated debate or argument with him, as this will only escalate the situation. Instead, try to be patient and offer support.

If necessary, take a step back from the situation and allow him time to work through his emotions. Remember It Won’t Last Forever

One of the most important things to remember when helping a guy hurting after a breakup is that it won’t last forever.

Everyone’s journey of healing is unique, and it’s important to encourage self-care and taking the time to process emotions. Encourage him to take care of himself, whether it’s through exercise, therapy, or focusing on hobbies and interests.

In addition to the tips above, it’s crucial to be there for him and offer support in ways that work best for him. This may mean listening and providing advice, or it may mean offering a simple distraction, such as going for a walk or watching a movie together.

Remember, everyone heals at their own pace, and it’s important to be patient and understanding. By being a supportive friend and lending a listening ear, you can help your guy friend process his emotions and move forward.

Over time, he’ll learn to accept that while the breakup was tough, it doesn’t define his life or his future relationships. In conclusion, breakups can be challenging, especially for men who may struggle to process and understand their emotions.

It’s essential to look for signs that a man is hurting after a breakup and understand the stages he goes through during the healing process. Offering support, setting firm boundaries, and allowing him to have his feelings are all critical ways to help during this difficult time.

Most importantly, it’s essential to remember that everyone’s journey of healing is unique and that time, patience, and self-care are the key to moving forward. Remember, if you have a guy friend going through a breakup, be there for him, listen, and offer a supportive shoulder to lean on.

together, you can help him navigate through this challenging time and come out stronger on the other side.

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