The Temptation and Risks of Dating Married Men: Why Women Can’t Resist


Why Women Date Married Men

1. Mate Choice Copying

One reason why some women are attracted to married men is mate choice copying. This is when a woman is more likely to be attracted to a man if other women are interested in him.

It’s a sort of herd mentality, where the woman assumes that if other women find him attractive, he must be a good catch.

2. Safer, More Attractive, and Experienced

Married men are also seen as safer options.

They’ve already committed to one woman, so they’re less likely to be players. Plus, they’re likely to be more experienced and mature in relationships, making them more attractive to some women.

3. Successful

Married men are often successful in their careers, which can be another draw for women. They may have more financial stability and be able to provide a certain lifestyle that single men can’t.

4. Mate Poaching

Another reason why some women go after married men is for the challenge of mate poaching. It’s the thrill of luring a man away from his wife and into a relationship with the woman.

Some women see it as a competition, proving that they’re more desirable than the man’s wife.

5. Long-Term Commitment

Women who are looking for a long-term commitment may pursue married men because they’re already proven to be committed. They’re not afraid of commitment and may be looking for a partner who shares their desire for a long-term relationship.

Benefits of a Relationship with a Married Man

1. Commitment

One benefit of a relationship with a married man is that he’s already committed to someone else. He’s less likely to be playing the field and may be looking for a serious relationship.

2. Stability

Married men are often more stable than single men. They’re more likely to have a stable job, a stable home, and a stable life.

This can be appealing to women who are looking for someone who can provide a stable environment.

3. Less Demanding

Married men may also be less demanding than single men. They’re already committed to their wife and family, so they may not be looking for a high-maintenance relationship.

This can be a relief for women who don’t want to be with someone who is constantly demanding their attention.

4. Financial Stability

As mentioned earlier, married men are often successful in their careers and may have more financial stability than single men.

This can be attractive to women who are looking for someone who can provide financial security.

5. Maturity and Experience

Married men may also be more mature and experienced than single men. They’ve been in a long-term relationship and have learned valuable lessons about what works and what doesn’t.

This can be a plus for women who are looking for someone who is emotionally intelligent and has a good grasp on relationships.

6. High-Risk, High-Returns

Some women may be drawn to married men because it’s a high-risk, high-return scenario.

There’s the excitement of the chase, the thrill of the forbidden, and the potential for a great love story. However, it’s important to remember that there’s also a high risk of getting caught, being labeled a home wrecker, and facing legal complications.

7. Preference Not to Remarry

Lastly, some women may choose to date married men because they have no desire to remarry themselves. They may be happy living a single life, but still crave the affection of a man.

A relationship with a married man may provide them with the companionship they desire without the commitment of marriage.

Consequences of Dating a Married Man

1. Playing with Fire

Dating a married man is playing with fire. There’s a risk of getting caught, hurting the man’s wife and family, and facing public humiliation.

2. Emotional Investment

When you’re in a relationship with someone, you naturally become emotionally invested. However, in the case of a relationship with a married man, there’s no guarantee that he’ll leave his wife and family for you.

You may end up getting hurt and heartbroken.

3. Being a Homebreaker

You also run the risk of being labeled a home wrecker. You may be the one who caused the man’s marriage to fall apart, and that’s not a label you want to have.

4. Legal Complications

There may be legal complications involved in dating a married man. For example, if he’s cheating on his wife, he may face legal charges such as adultery or alienation of affection.

5. Infidelity and Extramarital Affair

Lastly, you need to consider the morality of the situation. You’re essentially participating in infidelity and an extramarital affair.

Is that something you’re comfortable with?


Dating a married man is a risky proposition. However, there may be reasons why you’re attracted to men who are already spoken for.

It’s important to weigh the risks and the benefits before pursuing a relationship with a married man. Remember, it’s playing with fire, and you need to be prepared for the fallout if things don’t go as planned.

Dating a married man is a precarious situation, and there are many implications and risks that come with it. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding dating married men and the potential fallout that can follow.

Q: What does it mean to date a married man?

A: Dating a married man means having a romantic or sexual relationship with someone who is already committed to another person.

It often involves secrecy and deception, with the man leading a double life. It is considered infidelity and an extramarital affair, which can cause harm and hurt to both the man’s family and the single woman involved.

Q: What are the implications of dating a married man?

A: Dating a married man can be damaging to a woman’s self-esteem and reputation.

She can be seen as a home wrecker or a slut, which can result in harsh judgments from family and friends. It can also be an emotional roller coaster, with the constant fear of getting caught and the uncertainty of whether the man will leave his wife and family for her.

The implications are far-reaching and can cause psychological distress, legal complications, and social ostracization.

Q: What are the dangers and risks of having an affair with a married man?

A: One of the primary dangers of having an affair with a married man is the risk of getting dumped. The man may not want to leave his wife and family or may be unable to do so for various reasons, leaving the single woman with a broken heart.

There is also no future in this type of relationship, as it cannot lead to marriage or commitment. Legal complications can also arise, with the possibility of the man’s wife finding out and pursuing legal action such as filing for divorce or pressing charges, depending on the laws in the jurisdiction.

There is also a risk of becoming a single mother if the married man decides to leave without providing support, leaving the single woman with a child to raise alone.

Q: How long do affairs with married men usually last?

A: Affairs with married men do not usually last. They are often short-lived but intense, driven by the thrill of the forbidden and the excitement of the chase.

The man may not be able to give his all to the relationship due to his commitments to his wife and family. Exceptions may exist, with some men leaving their wives and starting new relationships with the single woman, but these cases are rare and may come with their own challenges.

In conclusion, dating a married man comes with many risks and dangers. While there may be attraction and excitement, it is important to weigh the implications before pursuing such a relationship.

The fallout can be damaging and long-lasting, affecting not only the man’s family but also the single woman involved. It is always advisable to opt for a relationship based on mutual respect, honesty, and transparency.

In conclusion, it is a well-known fact that dating a married man is not without its risks. However, despite these clear dangers, many women are still drawn to the thrill of the forbidden and the excitement of the chase.

Some women may consider marrying a married man because they see them as safer, more experienced, or more successful than single men. Regardless of the reasons why women choose to date married men, it is essential to understand the implications and consequences that come with such a relationship.

As individuals, we must exercise caution and regulate our emotions in matters of the heart. In doing so, we avoid hurting ourselves and others.

Ultimately, the decision to date a married man is a choice that should be entered into with a clear mind and a full understanding of the potential risks and outcomes.

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