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The Ultimate Checklist: 18 Signs You’ve Found a Great Guy (And Why Being with a Married Man is Never Worth It)

Looking for a person worth your time can be tough. There are so many people out there, and it can be hard to separate the good guys from the bad ones.

So how do you know if a man is worth your time? In this article, well go through some of the signs that can help you identify a good catch.

He is Single

The most basic requirement is that he is single and not married to someone else. If he tells you that he is married, run the other way.

Future-wise, theres no happily ever after with a married man. And if hes dishonest about this, what other things can he be dishonest about?

Always look out for this red flag.

He is Kind and Respectful

Pay attention to his behavior towards others, including how he treats animals. Do strangers like him?

Is he kind and considerate in public, or a total jerk? If he treats others poorly, you can guarantee he will treat you the same way.

If he’s a genuinely nice guy, you can expect him to treat you with the same respect and sensitivity.

He Takes Personal Responsibility

Mistakes happen, but how does he handle them? Does he blame others and refuse to take responsibility for his actions, or does he admit his mistakes and try to make things right?

Someone who constantly plays the victim and refuses to take responsibility is tough to deal with.

He Handles His Finances Responsibly

Does he manage his debt and taxes responsibly? Does he have a savings plan?

It can be tough to talk about money, but it’s an important conversation to have. A responsible man will handle his finances well, showing that he’s capable of taking care of himself and his future.

He Has Good Manners

A gentleman who is thoughtful and considerate will always be a good catch. Does he hold doors open for you, or make polite conversation with your family?

It’s the little things that show he cares and is paying attention.

He is Faithful

Cheating is a deal-breaker for most people, and with good reason. If he’s incapable of being faithful, he’s not worth your time and effort.

Monogamy is a core value in any relationship and if he is faithful, that’s a good sign that he values and respects the relationship as well.

He is Truthful

Honesty is crucial in any relationship. If hes lying to you to avoid conflict or cover his tracks, hes not worth your time.

The good news is that lies often reveal themselves in time, so pay attention to his actions, not just his words. A psychopath will lie and cover up, but a good man will be truthful with you.

He is Easygoing

Flexibility and problem-solving abilities are assets in any situation. Does he know how to manage conflict?

Does he get easily angry or is he able to keep his cool? Anger management is crucial in maintaining any relationship.

It’s important to act like adults and talk things out in a responsible manner.

He is Actively Working Towards Meeting Concrete Goals

Motivation and drive are essential in any partner. Does he have short-term and long-term goals, and is he actively working towards them?

It’s important to be with someone who is moving forward in life and not just stuck in a rut.

He is Not a Bigot

Open-mindedness and tolerance are, and should be, important values in any relationship. Does he tolerate those who are different from him, or is he bigoted in some ways?

Being with a bigot can be problematic in the long run.

He Handles Stress Resourcefully

Everyone gets stressed out, but how does he handle it? Does he have healthy coping techniques and take the time to practice self-care?

These are important things to look out for, as it shows that he is mindful of his health and well-being.

He is Generous and Giving

Kindness and thoughtfulness go together. Does he share with others, or is he selfish and stingy with his time and resources?

A generous man will be giving in all respects, whether that be with you, his family, or others.

He Values Civic Responsibility

Does he volunteer or donate to charitable organizations? Does he respect others in the community?

Civic responsibility is important in any partner, as it shows that he values and respects others.

He is Family-Oriented

Family values are important to many people. Does he have a close relationship with his own family?

Is he gracious and polite to yours? Being family-oriented is a good sign that he values good relationships and that he’s willing to make efforts for others in his life.

He Wants the Same Big Things as You Do

Future goals should be compatible, as most relationships are headed in the direction of long-term commitment. Does he want children, or prefer pets?

Is he religious, or not? Having the same goals and desires is important for any relationship to succeed.

You Have Similar Interests

Shared hobbies or experiences can be a great way to bond and grow closer. It’s important to have common ground and things that you both enjoy.

What are some of the things that he enjoys doing? Can you picture yourself doing those things together?

You Can Trust Him

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Do you feel safe and secure with him?

Is there a need to cyberstalk or regular stalk him? Listen to your intuition and find someone you feel comfortable being around.

If you can trust him, that’s a good sign that he’s worth investing in.

He has a Compatible Sense of Humor to You

Laughter is the best medicine. Does he make you laugh, and is his sense of humor compatible with yours?

If you have different senses of humor, it can be tough to connect in that area.

He Handles His Exes Gently

If he has children or ex-partners, observe how he treats them as well. Does he respect boundaries, or is he clingy and demanding?

A partner who handles his exes gracefully is a good sign of maturity and emotional stability.

He is Invested in Your Happiness

What is his attitude towards your well-being? Is he caring and supportive?

An invested partner in your happiness is someone worth investing your time and effort into. In conclusion, it’s important to observe behavior over words.

This is relevant in any relationship, whether it be romantic or otherwise. Is he the kind of person you want to be around?

Does he have good character and values? If he meets most of the criteria above, chances are he is a good catch.

Keep your standards high, and good luck to all!

Why Being with a Married Man is Wrong

One of the biggest red flags to watch out for in a potential partner is whether or not they have a ring on their finger. Unfortunately, some women find themselves attracted to married men, despite this being the very definition of a forbidden love.

Being with a married man is not only morally wrong, it’s also a relationship built on a foundation of dishonesty and deceit, which can ultimately lead to heartbreak and pain for all parties involved.

A Relationship Built on Dishonesty Will Crumble

When you’re in a relationship with a married man, you’ll always be the other woman. The relationship cannot progress in a genuine way since it’s built on a faade of secrecy and deception.

Due to these factors, it’s more than likely your love interest will not consider you his top priority, and your needs and emotional wellbeing will not be his main concern. Furthermore, the dishonesty and the inherent lack of trust make it difficult for a relationship with a married man to withstand the test of time.

Vow to Value Yourself Enough Not to Fish in the Married Pool

Self-worth and respect are of the utmost importance in any relationship. Being in a situation where you’re competing with another woman or with someone’s established family is simply not worth it.

You’re likely to compromise your own values, and there’s a risk of the fallout affecting your own self-esteem, self-respect, and dignity. Instead, vow to value yourself enough to pursue relationships with single and available men only.

If It’s True Love, He Will Become Single for a Chance with You

A married man might try to convince you that he is meant to be with you, and that his wife no longer understands and truly hears him. However, true love isn’t built upon such untruths.

If a man is truly interested in you, he will either end his current relationship or make an effort to leave his wife for you. If he doesn’t, he’s not the right man for you.

A man who is unprepared to make such a small sacrifice to be with his supposed true love is ultimately not worth your time or energy.

Characteristics of a Great Guy

Whether you’re single and looking for a relationship or already in one, it’s important to have standards. Knowing what you want and what you need out of a relationship is essential in finding the perfect partner.

Here are some characteristics to look for when searching for a great guy:

Importance of Standards

Standards are essential in any relationship, whether it’s romantic or platonic. These requirements act as a filter, allowing you to evaluate potential partners objectively, without compromising your personal values and beliefs.

Standards act as a clear set of expectations that narrow down your search, saving time and emotions.

Traits to Screen For

While everyone’s ideal partner might differ slightly, values, personality, and habits are important things to screen for. These characteristics will help you gauge whether a person is compatible with your lifestyle and expectations.

Pay attention to how they treat others, including strangers, family members, friends, and animals. Also, look for qualities such as honesty, trustworthiness, and kindness.

Similar Standards for Both Women and Men

Equality and fairness are essential in any context. Men also need to have a clear set of standards and expectations when looking for a partner.

While everyone’s preferred set of traits will differ, values such as integrity, compassion, and empathy should be universal. Strive for the same standards, so that each partner can bring their best selves into the relationship.

In conclusion, being with a married man should never be an option, and if you find yourself attracted to one, it’s time to reassess your self-worth and respect. The best relationships are built on honesty and trust, not secrets and lies.

It’s essential to have standards when looking for a partner, and these should be universal for both men and women. Look for values, personality, and habits that align with your own beliefs to ensure compatibility.

Don’t compromise your values, and rest assured that the right partner is out there. In conclusion, valuing your needs is of utmost importance in any healthy relationship.

It’s vital to understand that you deserve someone who loves and respects you for who you are, someone who supports your dreams and goals and whose values align with your own. Compromising on these fundamental requirements means compromising on your self-respect and self-esteem.

Having high standards ensures that you will attract the right people. By setting clear expectations, you can weed out those who are not compatible and find those who are.

When you know what you want, you can stay true to yourself and your needs. This clarity attracts those who are aligned with you and your goals, resulting in a healthier and happier relationship.

Remember that standards don’t mean perfection. We are all human and have flaws.

Rather, standards are a way to ensure that you find a partner who will treat you with the respect and love that you deserve. It’s important to note that these standards should be universal for both men and women, so that together, we can aim for equality and fairness in our relationships.

Remember, finding the right partner takes time and patience. Don’t compromise on what you need to be happy.

Always prioritize your values and never settle for someone who doesn’t meet your standards. The right person is out there waiting for you, it just takes time and effort to find them.

Trust yourself, and be mindful of the clues and signs along the way. When you find someone who aligns with your values, treats you with kindness and respect, and makes you feel loved and appreciated for who you are, seize the opportunity.

In short, valuing your needs, having high standards, and being patient and mindful will help you attract the right person for you. In conclusion, having standards and valuing yourself are essential in finding healthy, happy relationships.

When looking for a partner, it’s important to consider factors such as integrity, kindness, and compatibility. Set clear expectations and weed out those who are not aligned with your values.

Remember that compromising on fundamental requirements means compromising on your self-respect and self-esteem. Having high standards attracts the right people and leads to happier, healthier relationships.

So, take the time to prioritize your needs, stay true to your values, and trust that the right person will come along.

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