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Unleashing the Secrets to Thriving Relationships: Handling Raw Parts Chemistry and Compatibility

Unfinished Business in Relationships: How it Impacts Communication

At the start of a relationship, everything seems perfect. You’re caught up in the euphoria of love and your partner can do no wrong.

But as the relationship progresses, you start to see the other person’s flaws. You might get into arguments or power struggles that leave you both feeling hurt and unheard.

If left unaddressed, this unfinished business can negatively impact your communication and ultimately damage the relationship. Power Struggles: The Root Cause of Unfinished Business

Power struggles happen when both parties feel the need to prove a point or feel heard.

It’s a clash of egos where each person is trying to outdo the other. These struggles often stem from deeper issues like trust metric, fear of intimacy, abandonment or trust issues.

In these situations, vulnerability is vital. It’s important to ask yourself what you’re trying to prove and why you’re fighting so hard to be heard.

Are you working for each other’s benefit, or is it about winning at all costs? It’s also crucial to recognize when you’re being triggered by past experiences and how those experiences are affecting your present behavior in your relationship.

Partnership Marriage: A Model for Healthy Communication

Partnership marriage is a model for healthy communication in relationships. It’s about compatibility, chemistry, and authentic connection where both parties respect and appreciate each other’s differences.

In this model, you’re working as a team to navigate life’s challenges and heals childhood wounds.

In partnership marriage, resolving power struggles is a top priority, and neither partner is interested in blaming the other.

It’s about taking each other’s side and generating solutions within a loving relationship. By working together and avoiding blame, you can avoid hurting each other in the process.

The Purpose of the Power Struggle

The power struggle is a necessary phase of every relationship. It’s about the tension of opposites and using that energy to heal each other’s “raw spots.” In this stage, you commit to growth and acceptance of differences.

The purpose of the power struggle isn’t to win; it’s to come out of it as a team. When you’re both committed to growth and healing, you can draw on the energy of the power struggle to move forward and strengthen your relationship.

By resolving power struggles together and supporting each other’s goals and aspirations, you can build a stronger, healthier relationship from the experience.


Unfinished business can be a challenging hurdle to overcome in relationships. Power struggles can lead to hurt feelings, unresolved issues, and communication breakdowns.

But by adopting a partnership marriage model, you can work as a team to navigate life’s challenges and resolve power struggles without assigning blame or hurting each other. Remember, the purpose of the power struggle is to use the energy to heal each other’s “raw spots” and work towards a stronger relationship that will withstand the test of time.

The Importance of Handling and Healing

Raw Parts in Relationships

In any relationship, including romantic relationships, there are certain aspects that are considered raw parts. These are the parts of us that are vulnerable, authentic, and often difficult to deal with.

Handling and healing these raw parts is an integral part of building great relationships.

Raw Parts in Relationships

Raw parts in relationships are difficult to handle but are essential to building the bond of trust and intimacy. They include aspects such as fear, insecurity, anxiety, vulnerability, and emotional pain.

Ignoring or denying these raw parts can have long-lasting effects on the relationship. Healing raw parts is vital to promoting intimacy and understanding between partners.

It helps to establish a safe emotional space where both partners can communicate their feelings openly without fearing judgment or guilt. Taking time to listen and validate each other’s experiences allows you to work together to find solutions and overcome challenges.

Partnership Marriage

Partnership marriage is a crucial model for handling and healing raw parts in relationships. It keys in on compassionate communication and promotes understanding, which is essential when dealing with raw parts.

In partnership marriage, creating a safe space for communication is fundamental as it helps in handling challenges that arise in the relationship. You can’t expect to work out issues if you don’t feel comfortable and safe enough to share them.

Allowing your partner to open up to you, and not judging their feelings, is critical to the healing process. Partnership marriage is a shared responsibility.

It promotes teamwork, empathetic listening, and understanding, which is essential to healing raw parts in a relationship. You work together to generate solutions that benefit both of you.

You also become each others support and play a significant role in each other’s growth and development.

The Role of

Compatibility and

Chemistry in Romantic Relationships

Compatibility and chemistry are two essential aspects of any romantic relationship.

Compatibility is about finding an authentic connection with your partner, while chemistry is the emotional or psychological interaction that creates passion and attraction.


Chemistry plays a significant role in romantic relationships and is often the first thing we experience when we meet someone for the first time. It’s the feeling of attraction, excitement and interest that is often described as “butterflies in the stomach”.

Chemistry can create a deep bond between partners and provides an exciting driving force that makes the relationship exciting and fulfilling. It’s the emotional or psychological response that drives attraction and passion.


Compatibility is about finding shared meaning, setting goals, and navigating life’s challenges together. It is the foundation of a strong partnership that can weather the tests of time and changing circumstances.

Finding compatibility in a relationship is about having mutual respect, admiration, understanding each others goals, interests, and needs. It is essential to ensure that both parties feel seen, heard and valued in the relationship.

Partnership Marriage

A partnership marriage infuses both compatibility and chemistry in a healthy measure. In this model, healing raw parts fosters greater compatibility and chemistry.

It plays a crucial role in navigating the challenges of relationships, including power struggles, unresolved issues, trust, and fears of intimacy. Partnership marriage promotes a shared vision and purpose.

Both partners work towards a common goal, grow together, share a sense of community, and have each others back. They also allow each other room for growth and development.


Handling and healing raw parts, compatibility and chemistry are vital aspects that need to be considered in romantic relationships. A partnership marriage model promotes compassionate communication and understanding, which helps in handling and healing raw parts.

Being compatible and having chemistry creates a strong foundation upon which to build a lasting relationship. The partnership marriage model cultivates personal and shared growth and development.

In conclusion, the importance of handling and healing raw parts, compatibility, and chemistry cannot be overstated in romantic relationships. When partners strive towards a partnership marriage model, they build strong relationships grounded on empathetic and compassionate communication, mutual respect, admiration, and understanding.

They promote each other’s personal growth and work as a team to overcome obstacles. Through this approach, the relationship becomes more meaningful, fulfilling and resilient.

By prioritizing communication, healing and growth, couples can create beautiful, long-lasting relationships that thrive over time.

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