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Unlock His Desire: 10 Tips for Getting Him in the Mood

How to Get Him in the Mood: Understanding the Male Anatomy

Hey there! Are you struggling to ignite his fire? Let’s address the elephant in the room: getting a guy in the mood is not as complicated as we make it seem.

Forget everything you think you know because there are a few things that might stand in the way of his arousal. It’s time to uncover those mysteries and learn how to get him in the mood.

Reasons for a Guy Not Getting a Boner


Its important to remember that being unhealthy can have a negative impact on our sex organs. It’s not meant to be a shame game- it’s a biological fact.

The extra weight can cause fatigue and alter estrogen levels, which can hinder his arousal. If he wants to amp up his sex drive, its crucial that he consumes a healthy diet and maintains a healthy weight.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is a depressant, which means it can decrease blood flow to his genitalia and impair his ability to have an erection. If he wants to be in the mood, it’s important to monitor how much alcohol he ingests or limit the intake if necessary.


Smoking is terrible for the heart and lungs. Aside from the obvious health hazards, nicotine can also thicken blood and damage arteries, which can keep the blood flow restricted to the area it needs to be in.

To avoid the risk, it’s best to steer clear of smoking or encourage him to quit if he is a smoker.


Stress can cause a hormonal imbalance in the body, which can restrict the flow of blood to the penis. When the brain is swamped with messages of threatening situations, the body prioritizes survival over reproduction.

We can’t completely eliminate stress- it’s a part of life- but try to create a more relaxed environment by engaging in activities such as meditation or breathing exercises.

Emotional Issues

The intercourse of love and sex is complicated and can be influenced emotionally. Issues such as lack of trust, fear of pregnancy, or emotional attachment can swoosh the sex juice out of the mood.

The best way to tackle this issue is to communicate clearly and with confidence, thus working towards a mutual understanding of the desires and expectations of the sexual experience.

Drugs and Medication

Recreational drugs can obviously make an impact on his libido, but prescription medication can also have an effect on his erection. Medication such as antidepressants or antihistamines may cause erectile dysfunction, so it’s best for him to talk with his doctor about alternatives.

Lack of Attraction

It’s important to note that sexual attraction has a lot to do with sexual excitement. If he is not attracted to you or the situation around him, it’s normal that his manhood won’t rise to the occasion.

Effort to amp up the attraction factor with surprises or date nights. Always remember, consent is key.

Low Testosterone

Testosterone affects the body in a multitude of ways, including its role in male arousal. Men with high levels of testosterone typically have higher libidos, and aging can go hand in hand with the decreased levels of testosterone that result in a lowered sex drive.


The very fact of sex and intimacy can make anyone nervous or shy, first-time engagement may be a bit uncomfortable, but pushing through and taking your time to approach intimacy assuredly is key.

Low Self-Esteem

The negative self-talk truly has an influence on the ability to be aroused and interested in sex. It’s important to promote comfort and confidence in oneself, work on the mental side of things and remind him that he is a king at the court.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction could be situational, occasional, or progressive. It’s important to realize that there is no shame in seeking assistance, whether it’s to try Viagra, therapy, or other medications and techniques that can help alleviate the condition.

Tips for Giving a Guy a Boner

Strip Tease

A well-organized strip tease can do wonders when it comes to getting a guy in the mood. Seducing your partner with a suggestive soundtrack slowly unveiling your underwear or even getting down to your birthday suit can set a steamy tone.

It’s important to ensure you’re both in a comfortable and safe space to engage in such activities.

Dirty Texts

Flirty, filthy, and slightly uncomfortable texts that tease and titillate him with anticipation can be mind-blowing. Text messages that express what you want from him or the things you want to do to him will make him eager to get the show on the road.

Whisper in his Ear

The neck and ears are the sensitive spots on a mans body. Nibble, lick, and whisper dirty nothings then appreciate the sounds that follow.

Don’t be shy, be assertive. Let him know what you want, and hell give you what you want.

Dress Up

Dressing up in lingerie or costumes can flick his switch instantly. Find a costume that tickles his fancy and indulge in a roleplay scenario to fulfill his fantasies.

Touch It

Men love it when you touch them. Wrapping your hand around his manhood and moving it up and down can not only make him feel amazing but also gives you feedback to know what works for him.

Suck It

Lick, suck, and wrap your lips around his teeth. Use your mouth to satisfy him, and he’ll be putty in your hands.

In Conclusion

Sex should be enjoyable for both parties involved. As overwhelming as it may seem, getting a guy in the mood requires more than a willingness to please.

By being confident and understanding the biological and emotional aspects of the situation, you can make the most of the experience. Good luck and happy fun times.

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that when it comes to getting a guy in the mood, a little effort can go a long way. Be aware of the factors that can hinder his arousal, from physical issues to emotional obstacles, then take steps to address them.

Meanwhile, by using various techniques such as a strip tease, dirty texts, whispered words, dressing up, or touching him, you can amplify the passion and pleasure that comes from making love. By understanding the male anatomy and putting in the effort, you can create an amazing experience that satisfies both you and your partner.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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