Unlocking the Secrets: Why Women Talk So Much and What They Want You to Know


Why Women Talk So Much and Why You Should Listen

You might have heard the popular saying that women talk too much. But is it true?

Are women really chattier than men? Let’s delve into the science and psychology of it all.

Expressive, Emotional, and Talkative

Women are generally more expressive than men. They are more in touch with their feelings and emotions, which makes them more communicative.

Women tend to process their emotions through words, while men tend to process their emotions internally.

Does that mean that women talk more?

Not necessarily. It depends on the situation.

Women may talk more in social situations because they want to make connections with others and build relationships. They seek validation through communication and want to share their experiences with others.

External Information Processing

Women also tend to process information externally, which means they talk through problems or ideas to reach a conclusion. Men, on the other hand, tend to process information internally and come to a solution on their own.

This difference in processing information can lead to misunderstandings between men and women. Men may perceive women as talking too much or being indecisive, while women may feel that men are not listening or not interested in their ideas.

Hints and Clues

But listening to women is crucial. Women communicate their feelings through words, and they often leave hints and clues through their language.

Paying attention to these hints can help build stronger relationships and foster better communication.

So, how can you be a better listener to the women in your life?

Listen More, Understand Better

First, listen more. When a woman is talking to you, give her your full attention.

Put down your phone, stop checking your email, and give her the space to speak. Try to engage in active listening, where you repeat back what she has said to show that you have understood.

Second, try to understand her perspective. Women may communicate their emotions and thoughts differently from men, but that doesn’t mean their ideas are less valid.

Take the time to hear her out and try to see the situation from her point of view.

Finally, ask questions.

If you’re not sure what a woman is trying to say, ask for clarification. Don’t assume that you understand her without checking.

This will show that you respect her communication style and value her input.


In conclusion, women may talk more than men, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Women tend to process information externally, seek validation through communication, and want to share their experiences.

By listening to women more, we can improve our relationships, gain new perspectives, and strengthen our communication skills. So, the next time a woman is speaking to you, give her your undivided attention and listen to what she has to say.

You might just learn something new.

What Women Like to Talk About and What They Don’t

We’ve already established that women like to talk, but what exactly do they like to talk about?

Let’s explore some of the topics that women are most likely to engage in when they’re having a conversation.


It’s no secret that relationships are a big topic for women. Whether it’s discussing the ups and downs of a romantic relationship or sharing stories about friendships, women love delving into the intricacies of human connection.

Sometimes women just need to vent about their significant other or talk through a disagreement with a friend. This open dialogue can help women process their emotions and gain perspective on their relationships.


Speaking of friends, women love to talk about their friendships. They might share funny stories or reminisce about old times.

They may discuss their closest friends or talk about people they’ve recently met. Either way, friendships play a significant role in women’s lives, and they enjoy sharing them with others.


Now, this might be a sensitive topic, but the truth is, women do like to gossip. It’s not always negative or mean-spirited, but sometimes it’s just juicy news or something that’s been going around.

Gossiping can be a bonding experience, especially between friends. Women often connect over shared interests or experiences, and gossiping can be a way to strengthen those bonds.


Whether it’s movies, TV shows, or music, women love to talk about entertainment. They may have recently binged a new show or found a new artist they love.

They may discuss their favorite genres or recommend something they think you’d like.

Entertainment is a universal topic that can bring people together and start exciting conversations.

Personal Struggles

Women are emotional creatures, and sometimes they just need to talk through their struggles. Whether it’s a work-related problem or a personal issue, women feel better when they get things off their chest.

Having someone who can listen and understand can be a huge weight off their shoulders.

Future Plans

Finally, women love to talk about their future plans. They may discuss their career goals or where they see themselves in ten years.

They may talk about their aspirations for travel or personal growth. Conversations about the future can be inspiring and motivating, and women often come up with new ideas or perspectives during these discussions.

Topics Women Don’t Like to Talk About

Just as there are topics that women love to discuss, there are also things they don’t particularly enjoy talking about. Here are a few topics women may shy away from in conversation.


While there are certainly women who are passionate about sports, it’s not a universal interest. Women may not feel confident discussing sports or may not have much of an interest in them.

Nevertheless, if it’s something that’s important to the person they’re talking to, women may try to engage in the conversation.


Hunting is another topic that many women may not relate to. While there are certainly women who enjoy hunting, it’s not a common hobby for everyone.

Some women may find the topic off-putting or uncomfortable.


Like sports, women may not feel comfortable talking about cars. They may not know much about them or may not have a particular interest in the topic.

Again, if someone is passionate about cars, women may try to engage in the conversation, but it’s not something that typically comes up in female-oriented conversations.

Video Games

Video games are another interest that is more commonly associated with men than women. While there are certainly women who enjoy video games, they may not feel confident discussing them or may not know much about the topic.


In conclusion, women love to talk about a wide variety of topics, from relationships and personal struggles to entertainment and future plans. By engaging in these conversations, women can strengthen their relationships with others, process their emotions, and gain new perspectives.

While there are certain topics that women may not feel comfortable discussing, they are typically willing to engage in any conversation if it helps them connect with others.

In conclusion, we’ve explored various topics related to women and communication.

We learned that women are more expressive, process information externally, and seek validation through communication. By listening to women, we can gain new perspectives, understand them better, and build stronger relationships.

Furthermore, women love to talk about relationships, friends, gossip, entertainment, personal struggles, and future plans. While there are certain subjects that women may shy away from, they are always willing to engage in conversation that helps them connect with others.

By recognizing and respecting women’s communication styles, we can create stronger, more fulfilling relationships and better understand and appreciate the women in our lives.

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