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Why is Relationship Advice Always Geared Towards Women? Exploring the Game and Changes We Can Make

Why Relationship Advice is Geared Towards Women

Hey there, ladies! Have you ever wondered why all the relationship advice seems to be directed at us? It can feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders when it comes to keeping our relationships healthy and happy.

But have no fear, because we’re about to explore the reasons why women are often the gatekeepers of relationships and what we can do to make positive changes.

Women as Gatekeepers of Relationships

We’ve all heard the phrase “Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” While it may seem like an outdated concept, there’s some truth to it. Women are often the emotional center of a relationship, and our happiness can set the tone for everyone else.

If we’re unhappy, it’s likely that our partner and any children we have will be unhappy too. This doesn’t mean that women should bear the sole responsibility for the emotional well-being of everyone around them.

Rather, it’s an acknowledgement of the important role we play in nurturing our relationships. By being mindful of our own needs and taking active steps to improve our happiness, we can create a positive ripple effect that benefits everyone we care about.

Women as Proactive Seekers of Answers

Have you ever noticed that women are often the ones seeking out relationship advice? We’re the ones reading articles, joining forums, and asking our friends for their opinions.

This isn’t because men don’t care about their relationships or don’t want to improve them. Rather, it’s because women and men often approach relationships differently.

As women, we’re often drawn to the romantic and emotional aspects of relationships. We may have fantasies about what our partner should be like or what our relationship should look like.

This can lead us to ask different questions and seek out different resources than men might.

Changing Relationship Dynamics with Individual Behaviors

Another reason why relationship advice is often geared towards women is the power dynamics that exist within relationships. Historically, men have held more power in relationships due to societal expectations and gender roles.

This can lead to an imbalance of power that can be difficult to address. However, this dynamic is changing as men and women both take on more equal roles in society and relationships.

By being conscious of our own behaviors and the dynamics of our relationships, we can take steps to rebalance the power and create healthy, equal partnerships. Avoiding “Should-ing” Anyone

When it comes to relationship advice, it can be easy to fall into the trap of “should-ing” ourselves or our partners.

We may think things like, “I should be happier in my relationship” or “He should be more romantic.” But using the word “should” can actually make us feel worse and can create a sense of obligation or pressure. Instead of “should-ing” ourselves or others, we can focus on finding solutions to problems and improving our relationships in a positive way.

This means identifying what we want and need, communicating in a constructive way, and taking action to make positive changes. Inspiring Change through Actions, not Entitlement

Finally, it’s important to view relationship advice as a way to inspire change rather than a means of entitlement.

We can’t control other people’s behavior or force them to do what we want. Instead, we can focus on our own actions and how they can positively impact our relationships.

By being our best selves and practicing self-care, we can create an environment of love, respect, and positivity. This can inspire our partners to do the same and create a virtuous cycle of mutual growth and happiness.

The Game Aspect of Relationships

Now that we’ve explored why relationship advice is often geared towards women, let’s talk about the game aspect of relationships. We’ve all heard the saying that “men play games with hearts, minds, and souls.” While this may not be true for all men, it’s important to acknowledge that there can be a certain amount of game-playing in relationships.

Understanding and Knowing the Rules of the Game

Before we can effectively navigate the game aspect of relationships, we need to understand the rules. This means getting clear about what we want and being honest with ourselves and our partners.

It also means being aware of power dynamics and how they can impact the game. For example, if we find that we’re constantly chasing after our partners and feeling powerless, we may need to take a step back and assess whether or not we’re playing the game on equal footing.

By being aware of the rules of the game and how they apply to us, we can make more informed decisions and create a more level playing field.

Getting What You Want is Not Evil

When it comes to playing the game, some people may feel like it’s wrong to manipulate or strategize in order to get what they want. However, it’s important to remember that getting what we want is not inherently evil.

It’s how we go about getting it that can be problematic. For example, if we’re genuine in our love and devotion to our partners, and we use our skills and knowledge to improve the relationship and create a better future, then there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s only when we resort to deception, manipulation, or coercion that we cross a line.

Being Your Best Self

One of the keys to playing the game effectively is being our best selves. This means being genuine, polished, and consistently happy.

When we’re our best selves, we become like magnets, attracting the people and situations that are good for us. Of course, being our best selves doesn’t mean being perfect.

It’s perfectly okay to show vulnerability, make mistakes, and have bad days. The key is to consistently work on improving ourselves, so that we’re always moving in the direction of our goals.

Avoiding Being Fake

Finally, it’s important to avoid being fake when playing the game. While it’s great to be our best selves and put our best foot forward, we also need to be authentic.

This means not pretending to be someone we’re not or putting on a false facade in order to impress our partners. By being genuine and true to ourselves, we can attract the right people and create the right circumstances in our relationships.

We don’t need to be anything other than who we are in order to find true love and happiness. In conclusion, whether we’re talking about relationship advice for women or the game aspect of relationships, the key is to be mindful, authentic, and focused on positive change.

By being proactive in our approach to relationships and consistently working on improving ourselves, we can create the happy, healthy relationships that we all deserve. In conclusion, understanding why relationship advice is often geared towards women and acknowledging the game aspect of relationships can help us make positive changes in our personal lives.

By being mindful of our own needs and taking active steps to improve our happiness, we can create a positive ripple effect that benefits everyone we care about. Additionally, understanding the rules of the game and being our best, authentic selves can help us navigate relationships with confidence and success.

By consistently working on improving ourselves and our relationships, we can create the happy, healthy lives that we all deserve.

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