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Why Won’t He Make It Official? 13 Reasons You Need to Know

Gentlemen, why wont you make the relationship official? Its a question many women ponder when theyre dating a guy they really like, but for some reason, he seems hesitant to take the relationship to the next level.

Youve been dating for a while now, but theres no official label on what you two have. You spend a lot of time together, youve met each others friends, and your chemistry is off the charts.

But when you ask, What are we? all you get is an awkward silence or an elusive answer.

This limbo state of a relationship can drive you mad, and rightfully so. But instead of just being perplexed, its important to understand why your guy isn’t ready to take things to the next level.

1.1 It never occurred to him

Sometimes, guys can be totally oblivious to whats going on around them. You may be under the impression that you two are already exclusive, but he may not have noticed.

Without bringing it up, he may not realize the significance of taking the relationship official. Communication is key in any relationship.

Its important to express your feelings and go forth with transparency. 1.2 He isn’t over his ex yet

If he recently got out of a relationship that ended badly, he might be more cautious in diving into anything serious with anyone new.

He may still have lingering feelings for his ex or may still be processing the hurt he experienced from the breakup. If he is hesitant, it may be best to give him some more time if the relationship you have is worth it.

1.3 He is not serious about you

Its never easy to hear, but he might not be as into you as you think. If a guy isnt interested in taking your relationship to the next level, it could be that hes content with it staying where it is.

This can be humiliating and downright heartbreaking, but its important to acknowledge the signs when you see them on your journey. 1.4 He thinks you are not serious about him

On the flip side, its possible that hes under the impression that youre not taking the relationship seriously.

This means that he doesnt want to put in any effort to make things official if he feels like your attention is divided or if he believes youre just in it for a casual fling. 1.5 He doesn’t prefer to publicize his relationship stories

There are some people who are just very private.

They may feel like posting about their relationship or telling others about their intimate conversations may be too much. If you feel like this is whats happening with your guy, its important to have an open conversation about what he wants and what you want in a relationship.

1.6 Your friends don’t know about him

If you talk about your friends all the time and mention their reactions to things, but your guy has never met them, he may feel like hes a stranger to your circle. He may be hesitant or feel like hes not welcome, so its important to either introduce him to the gang or explain why your friends dont know about him yet.

1.7 His friends dont like you

Its somewhat of a nightmare scenario, but it cant be ruled out. His friends might not like you, which can make him feel like he needs to choose between the group hes known forever and his new love interest.

The best way to combat this issue is to find a way to build confidence with his friends or encourage him to stand up for the relationship if its truly serious. 1.8 Your best friend is his ex

Secrets and old flames can be the ultimate relationship-killers.

If your best friend is his ex, its more than understandable that he may not want to make the relationship official. This situation is tricky, but communication and understanding can make it work.

No matter what, its important to set boundaries with everyone involved. 1.9 You only talk at night

A relationship thrives on intimacy and communication.

If all you do is talk at night, there might be some issues. Its important to try and find ways to connect throughout the day even if just through a quick text or a funny meme.

1.10 You haven’t exchanged photographs yet

Being vulnerable and sharing intimate images of themselves with another person can be terrifying for individuals. Its essential not to push it if your guy isn’t comfortable sharing photographs yet.

Building trust should be done consistently over time, so its never a good idea to force it. 1.11 You don’t surprise one another

The beauty of any relationship is in the effort both people put in.

If you both dont ever try to surprise one another with a date, flowers, or anything at all, then theres a mutual lack of effort. This makes one feel as though theyre not appreciated for the effort they put in, which can eventually lead to the relationship fizzling out.

1.12 You haven’t discussed your past

For some people, opening up and being comfortable about one’s past can be challenging. Its something that is entirely understandable, but its essential to understand that trust is everything in a relationship.

Opening up your heart to your partner can be rewarding and help bring you two closer. 1.13 You show off to be too modern

Its great that people are authentic and liberal.

However, its often something that guys might feel uneasy about. Theres a clear difference between having an open and modern view on relationships and rubbing them in everyones faces.

Its important to recognize that guys and girls will always have differing views; its being understanding that is key. So hes been posting solo selfies and not acknowledging you on social media?

Heres what you can do. 2.1 Tell him your concern

Its important to communicate what youre feeling.

Its not easy to pluck up the courage and say how you feel, but the outcome could be rewarding. Being open and honest can lead to valuable conversations.

2.2 Invite him over

Confrontations shouldnt always be serious conversations. Why not invite him over to enjoy some quality time together and then casually bring up your concerns?

That way, you both can be in a more relaxed environment to discuss whats been nagging you. 2.3 Plan a get-together

Put together a small social event and take pictures together.

Make sure you take some pictures together while at it. This will show him that you want to spend time with him and that you are committed to building a relationship.

2.4 Change your relationship status

If all else fails, and conversations havent resolved the issue, try to make it obvious by changing your relationship status on social media. It may just be the push he needs.

2.5 Send him your pictures

Pictures are intimate whether they are images from memories or selfies that youve taken. Intimate selfies are usually sent between couples, and giving that to someone reaffirms your commitment to a relationship.

2.6 Talk more often

Sometimes, it’s easy for a conversation to come up short when you haven’t talked about anything new. Make it a point to discuss new things and get to know each other in different ways.

2.7 Plan a staycation

A quick getaway can work wonders for a relationship. Staying in a hotel that you’re both excited about and exploring new areas is an excellent way to reconnect.

2.8 Go shopping together

Going shopping can help both of you enjoy the common things you like and appreciate. Shopping together is also a good way to learn about each other’s preferences.

2.9 Cook for each other

Perhaps a shared meal or cooking one together will help alleviate the tension and the barriers placed in the relationship. Cooking together can be a fun experience; why not spice up the relationship over the dinner table?

Remember, relationships are two-way streets. Before coming to the conclusion that hes not worth it, talk to him and understand his viewpoint.

Being communicative and transparent is the first step to any successful relationship. In conclusion, the decision whether to make a relationship official is complex and multifaceted.

While it’s easy to jump to conclusions and make assumptions, it’s critical to remember that relationships require communication, patience, and understanding. It’s essential to identify the issues that are keeping your relationship from progressing, find ways to address them, and work together to build a stronger and more committed connection.

It’s not always easy, but by keeping an open mind and communicating openly, you increase the chances of achieving the relationship you desire. Remember, it’s important to respect each other’s feelings and opinions and be patient enough to work through any challenges that may arise.

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