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Winning Your Ex-Back: The Power of No Contact and Triple R Texting

How to Win Your Ex-Back Through Texting

Breaking up is tough, but sometimes it’s just what needs to happen. However, if you’ve decided that you want to get back together with your ex, there are ways to do it.

In this guide, we’ll explore the art of winning an ex-back through texting. From the importance of a no-contact period to crafting the perfect reminder text messages, we’ve got you covered.

No Contact Period: Why It’s Important

Before you start texting your ex, it’s essential to give yourselves a break. A no-contact period of 30 days is an excellent way to cut off communication and allow both parties to cool down.

During this time, do things that distract you and make you happy- it’s the perfect time to focus on yourself. The benefits of a no-contact period are many.

By cutting off communication, you give yourself and your ex a chance to miss each other. Seeing each other every day can make it hard to move beyond the breakup, but during the no-contact period, you’ll both have the space to do so.

Triple R Text Messages: Reminder, Remember, Reminisce

Once you’ve concluded the no-contact phase, reaching out to your ex with a text message might seem like a daunting task. However, triple R text messages which stand for Reminder, Remember, and Reminisce might just be the key to winning your ex back.

Reminder Text Messages: Short and Thoughtful

Reminder text messages are all about making your ex think about you in a positive light. These messages should be short, sweet, and thoughtful, like “I just passed by that coffee shop we used to go to together.

It reminded me of you. Hope you’re doing well!” A message like this makes your ex think of you fondly while not putting any pressure on them to respond.

Mentioning Ex’s Interests: Relevant Reminders

Another way to craft an effective reminder text message for your ex is to mention activities or interests that they enjoy. For instance, if your ex loves hiking, you could send them a text like “Just saw a beautiful picture of [insert local hiking trail here].

It reminded me of how much you love the outdoors!” This kind of text implies that you still think about your ex’s interests and shows that you’re still interested in them. Positive Reminder Texts: Making Him Think Positively About You

Positive reminders are similar to reminder messages but with a more personal touch.

You’re reminding your ex about a moment or experience that you shared together. For example, you could say, “I just stumbled upon that photo of us from that weekend trip.

What an amazing time we had together.” This type of message reignites happy memories and reinforces the good times that you shared together.


Winning an ex-back through texting isn’t a guaranteed strategy, but it can help to pave the way for a potential reconciliation. However, before you even start thinking about crafting the perfect text messages, give both yourself and your ex some space; it’s vital to heal and work on becoming the best version of yourself.

Then, once you’re ready, employ the power of triple R text messages to make your ex think positively about you and reignite those happy memories. By staying sincere, thoughtful, and true to yourself, you might just win your ex-back through texting.

Remember and Reminisce Text Messages: the Key to Win Your Ex-Back Through Texting

Reconciliation with an ex-lover is never easy, but when you have genuine intention and hard work, it’s possible. A simple but powerful strategy in getting your ex-back is texting the right message at the right time.

We’ve already covered triple R text messages in the previous section; now, we’re going to dive into Remember and Reminisce text messages- our next set of powerful messages that can help you win your ex-back. Remember Text Messages: Reminding Good Experiences

“Remember when we watched that comedy film in that cinema?

I laughed so hard that I couldn’t breathe.” This kind of message is a good example of a Remember text message; it reminds your ex of a happy memory that you shared together. It’s important to focus on memories that are positive and make your ex feel good.

It could be a shared accomplishment or a unique moment that you both shared, as long as it evokes a pleasant memory. Subtle Approach: Asking Questions

Another approach for Remember text messages is using questions not only repeated memories but asking questions about things that you both have discussed before, such as future plans from your previous conversations.

Its imperative to approach it subtly; otherwise, It may come across as desperate. Thoughtfully crafted messages like “Hey, do you still want to visit Japan sometime?

I remembered how much you were fascinated by its culture.”

Evoking Emotion: Emotional Connection

Remember text messages may not seem significant, but it’s the subtleties that make it powerful – it could lead your ex into an emotional reaction. If your message connects to a shared moment that bonds the two of you, it provides an emotional reconnection that can inspire positive feelings about you.

Emotional connection is a crucial aspect of any successful relationship. A simple message, such as “I remember how you comforted me during my dad’s funeral, that meant a lot to me,” can evoke a positive emotional response.

Reminisce Text Messages: Recalling Shared Experiences

Reminisce text messages are similar to Remember text messages, but it focuses more on nostalgia. Remembling past shared experiences and the happiness you both felt at that time.

You could say something like “Remember that night we danced on the beach with the waves crashing behind us? That’s still one of my happiest memories.” This message is a powerful memory that can evoke a broad range of emotions.

Sharing Positive Emotions: Joyful Moments

Reminisce text messages are key to cementing the joyful moments you shared while together, and by doing so, you remind your ex of the positive experiences that you had together. By reminiscing such memory, you’re sharing the intense feelings of joy that binds you both.

Reasonably, nobody wants to leave joyful moments behind, and Reminiscent messages reminds your ex how happy they could be with you. A thoughtful message like “I just heard our song on the radio, it brought back memories of how happy we were together” can evoke a happy and longing feeling from your ex-lover.

Stimulating Interest: Sparking His Curiosity

Lastly, Reminisce text messages aren’t just about revisiting past good memories; it could also be a way to pique your ex’s interest in your life. The message doesn’t necessarily have to be about your past together; it could also be a current event that may spark your ex’s curiosity.

It could be something like “I just took a course in swimming, it reminded me of how we swam together in the lake. How about we take a dip together again?” This type of message could get your ex to respond and potentially rekindle your relationship.


In conclusion, Remember and Reminisce text messages are powerful tools to help you win your ex-back. The subtleties and emotional connections that these messages bring makes them a crucial aspect of your strategy in getting your ex back.

By remembering shared positive experiences and reminiscing the joyful moments you had as a couple, you’ll evoke feelings of nostalgia and rekindle the emotional connection between you and your ex; thus, making the thought of getting back together all the more appealing. The Art of Winning Your Ex-Back through Texting: The Key Elements

Breaking up is never an easy process, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Rekindling the romance with an ex-partner is always a challenge, but a carefully thought-out strategy can work wonders. In this article, we have discussed the power of No Contact period and effective Triple R text messages.

Now, we’ll expand on each topic further to provide you with a more in-depth understanding of these key elements in getting your ex-back. Importance of No Contact Period: Self-focus and Making Him Miss You

The No Contact Period is essential to any reconciliation strategy.

It allows both parties to focus on themselves and gives them the space they need to truly evaluate their emotions and decisions. During the No Contact period, it’s crucial to focus on your own personal growth and healing, as well as to build attraction by making him miss you.

By cutting off communication completely, it creates the opportunity to create longing and build attachment. It lets your ex know what they’re missing out on, and this realization will make them wonder why they ever left.

During this period, whatever you do, don’t contact them, even through text messages – it’s important to stick to your plan and give the No Contact period the time it needs. Effective Triple R Text Messages: Reminder, Remember, Reminisce

The power of Triple R text messages cannot be overstated; it’s a simple but highly effective method to win your ex-back through texting.

As we’ve discussed earlier, Reminder Texts focus on making your ex think positively about you, Remember Texts aim to remind them of positive experiences, and Reminisce Texts focus on recalling shared memories. Reminder text messages are excellent to demonstrate why you are still relevant in their life while Remember and Reminisce text messages evoke nostalgia.

The end result of effective use of these messages is a powerful emotional connection that rekindles the attachment bond between you and your ex-lover. Effective Triple R text messages must be used strategically and sparingly; with too many of them, it may come across as overwhelming and could result in your ex’s irritation.

Plan your messages well, and use them sparingly but at appropriate times.


In conclusion, winning your ex-back through texting is a strategy that has worked for many. However, it requires patience, persistence, and an understanding of the key elements that go into it.

The No Contact period provides the space you need for self-focus and making him miss you. Triple R text messages are excellent in evoking nostalgia and creating an emotional connection to rebuild the attachment with your ex-partner.

Remember, the road to winning your ex-back is not easy, but with a combination of hard work and a carefully crafted texting strategy, it’s possible. Most importantly, be true to yourself, and don’t compromise on your values to win your ex-lover back.

If it’s meant to be, it will be; trust your instincts and have faith in the process. In conclusion, the main points of this article have emphasized the critical elements that go into winning an ex-lover back through texting.

The importance of a No Contact Period cannot be overstated, as it allows for personal growth and healing while building attraction and making them miss you. Triple R text messages – Reminder, Remember, and Reminisce – are a powerful way to evoke nostalgia, create an emotional connection, and rebuild the bond with your ex.

Remember, the process of winning your ex-back requires patience, persistence, and a willingness to stay true to yourself. By putting these key elements to use with a well-crafted strategy, you’re giving yourself the best chance possible of winning your ex-back and potentially igniting a more meaningful and long-lasting relationship.

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