14 Tips to Make Him Text You Back: How to Grab a Guy’s Attention through Texts


How to Grab a Guy’s Attention through Texts: 14 Tips

Texting has become one of the primary ways of communication in today’s digital age. Whether you’re looking to catch the attention of a new crush or keep your relationship with your partner exciting, texting can be a powerful tool.

But how do you make sure your texts stand out from the masses of everyday messages flooding his inbox? Here are 14 tips to help you grab a guy’s attention through texts:

1. Memes: Casual, Humorous, and Relatable

Who doesn’t love a good meme that makes them laugh or smile? Sharing a funny meme that you think he’ll find amusing or relatable is a great way to break the ice and start a conversation.

2. Something Relevant: Finding Common Ground and Building a Segue

Have you ever found yourself in a group discussion where you didn’t know anyone?

It can be awkward. The same goes for texting.

Finding a common ground can be as simple as asking about his interest in a particular TV show or type of music he enjoys.

3. Hey Sexy!: Flirting and Romantic Interest

If you’re into a guy, why not tell him? A flirty message like “Hey sexy!” can certainly turn up the heat and let him know you’re interested.

4. I’m Going to Get Food, Want to Join Me?: Immediate Response and In-Person Interaction

If you’re feeling spontaneous and want to hang out, send him a quick text inviting him to grab some food together.

It’s tangible and provides an opportunity to meet in person.

5. Sharing Common Interests: Entertainment, Discussion, and Passions

Is he a fan of soccer? Are you?

Share an interesting video or news article related to soccer with him. It can create an entertaining and interesting discussion that showcases your shared passions.

6. Recalling a Pleasant Memory: Mutual Connection and Positive Vibes

Think back to a fun time that you shared together and send him a message reminiscing about it.

It’s a great way to reignite a connection that perhaps has faded a little.

7. Giving a Compliment: Ego Boost and Praise

Give him a compliment that goes beyond his looks. Telling him you admire his creativity, work ethic, or sense of humor can help to build a genuine connection.

8. Sending a Flirty Selfie: Confidence and Attractiveness

Sometimes you just need to show him the goods.

Send a flirty selfie—but make sure it’s tasteful. It shows confidence and an interest in him.

9. Seeking Advice: Engagement and Opinion

Everyone has an opinion.

Ask him for his advice on a decision you need to make; it shows you value his insights and engage in conversations on a deeper and more meaningful level.

10. Bold Moves: Assertiveness and Confidence

Are you someone who takes chances or do you wait for things to happen? Take a chance and send him a bold message, like asking him out: “Hey, want to grab dinner tonight?”

11. Random Interesting Fact: Curiosity and Intrigue

Random facts can pique interests and create curious conversations.

Send him a message about an interesting fact that you stumbled upon to keep the conversation intellectually stimulating.

12. Proposing a Hangout Plan: Flexibility and Initiative

Propose a plan for a hangout and be open to flexible options if needed based on his schedules. Being open with plans showcases your initiative and eagerness to spend time with him.

13. Expressing Interest: Boldness and Intensity

Sometimes expressing your feelings can be scary, but it is much better than holding it in.

Tell him how you feel in a direct and confident way—just don’t go overboard.

14. Suggesting Netflix and Chill: Romance and Intimacy

If it feels like you’re both ready to take things to the next level, suggest a movie night at home. It’s low-pressure and can create an intimate and romantic setting.

Things to Avoid When Texting a Guy

As much as there are things that can help grab a guy’s attention through texts, there are also things to avoid. Here are some you should steer clear of when texting a guy:

1. Sending Nude Photos

It’s never a good idea to send a nude photo, especially if it’s unsolicited. It’s inappropriate, unattractive, and can be risky.

2. Lying

Lying isn’t a good idea in any situation.

Being dishonest may work in the short term, but it can damage relationships and credibility in the long run.

3. Boring Greetings

Sending boring messages like “what’s up” can be uninteresting, and it doesn’t showcase any personality. Be creative and interesting.

4. Overusing Emojis

Emojis can add life to messages, but overdoing them can give off a juvenile and immature image.

5. Double Texting

Texting him repeatedly when he hasn’t replied isn’t going to make him respond faster.

It’s annoying and shows desperation.

6. Drunk Texts

When you are drunk, resist the urge to text him. You’re more likely to regret what you say, and it can be difficult to take back any inappropriate messages.

7. Fake Texts

Sending fake text messages to make him feel jealous or try to extract certain responses is not a good idea.

It’s a sign of deception, and things will not end well.

8. Gossiping

Gossiping about others in your messages can be annoying and creates a negative reputation. It’s better to keep the conversation straightforward and positive.

9. Asking for Explanations

Asking for an explanation about why he hasn’t replied within seconds can come off as annoying or frustrated.

Give him some space, and he will most likely get back to you.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, texting is a crucial part of modern-day dating, and it can help to connect with a guy or keep your relationship exciting with your partner. If you’re keen on learning how to grab a guy’s attention through texts, remember to keep it simple, playful, and creative, and avoid things like lying, sending nude photos, or gossiping.

With these tips, you’re on the way to mastering the art of texting. In conclusion, the main points of this article highlight the importance of texting in modern-day dating and reveal ways to grab a guy’s attention through texts.

By utilizing tips like humor, shared interests, and compliments—while avoiding pitfalls like lying, gossiping, and double texting—you can create meaningful connections and lasting relationships through the power of texting. So, go ahead and put these tips into action and watch as you successfully capture your guy’s attention with your captivating messages.

Remember that simple, playful, and creative messaging can go a long way in building a solid connection.

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