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16 Secrets to Make Him Want to Kiss You: How to Build Attraction and Intimacy

Why do Men Kiss Women? Kissing is a beautiful and intimate act that creates a connection between two people.

But what makes a man want to kiss a woman? There are countless responses to this question, but ultimately, it boils down to attraction.

Attraction is an individualized thing, so each man might be attracted to different things about a woman. Nonetheless, there are some common behaviors that can allure men and make them want to kiss a woman.

Hold a little back and be mysterious

Mystery is one of the most effective things that can make a man want to kiss you. When you hold a little back or remain mysterious, it creates an allure that often draws men in.

You don’t have to reveal every single detail about yourself right away. This way, he will feel more interested in knowing more about you, ultimately making him want to kiss you.

Highlight your lips in some way

Lips play a crucial role when it comes to kissing. Men are often drawn to a woman’s lips, especially when they are well-highlighted.

Some ways to accentuate your lips could be wearing bright colored lipstick, applying gloss to make them look fuller, or keeping them hydrated.

Good eye contact and a bite of the lip

Eye contact can say a lot more than words can. It shows that you are present and genuinely interested.

Additionally, by biting your lip while maintaining eye contact, you send a flirtatious signal – alluring him to want to kiss you. Being approachable, but only to him

Approachability is essential, but it is even greater when it extends to only one person.

When you are coming across as open and friendly to most people but only truly approachable to the guy you are interested in, it makes him feel special. Consequently, he will want to kiss you.

Gazing at his lips

Similar to men, women also find attractiveness in lips. By gazing at his lips, it shows that you are looking at him as a man, a man who you desire to kiss.

This immediate physical signal can make him feel instantly aroused.

Tactile touches

Playful touches that are often initiated by the woman can be great stimulants for building an attraction and make the man want to kiss her. These light touches can be in the form of a gentle tap, a brush of the hand or arm, or a gentle playful push.


Confidence is seductive. When you are self-assured, you radiate an essence that can be hard to ignore.

A confident stance and an aura of self-efficacy tell him that you are worth being confident in too.

Laughing and smiling

Joy and humor are attractive. When you share a laugh with someone, it shows that you are comfortable with the other person.

It also indicates that you are easy to get along with and fun-loving, two traits that men adore.


Flirting is essentially showing romantic interest in someone and doing it in a playful and non-threatening manner.

Flirting can include winking, teasing, making jokes, or even subtle touches. It creates a fun and subtle way of showing your desire and capturing his interest.

Smelling good

Body scent – whether naturally occurring or from perfume – plays a crucial role in attraction. It is directly linked to sexual attraction because it communicates that you are fertile and ready to mate.

Looking good

It’s no secret that appearance is vital for attraction. Many things can count towards enhancing appearance, including a smile, a warm laugh, the right clothes, or the right hairstyle.

Sharing photos

In the digital age, sharing photos is incredibly common. And just like selfies have become a way for people to express themselves, they can also serve as seduction tactics.

By sharing photos – that can be playful, cute, or sexy – you can get him into the habit of thinking of you as an attractive woman he wants to kiss.

Great conversation

Interesting conversation stimulates the mind and builds a connection between two people. When you build these connections, he’ll want to keep coming back to you for more.

Being a good listener

Alongside great conversation, a good listener is an excellent match for building connections. When you show interest in what the other person is saying, it shows that you’re interested and makes the other person feel respected and valued.


Kindness is an attractive quality in itself, and it can be a stimulant for an assortment of things that make a man want to kiss a woman. It highlights your big-heartedness, a softness which is irresistible, and a quality he’ll want to experience for himself.


Genuineness is always attractive. When you show your genuine self, it communicates authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability.

These are all qualities that a man will appreciate and that will make him want to open up to you too.

Using makeup

Using makeup can refer to wearing makeup like lipstick, eyeliner or mascara. It can also refer to accentuating your best qualities with your choice in clothes, accessories, or hair.

Without a doubt, it will draw attention to the parts of you that he finds most attractive and will make him want to kiss you.

Taking control and telling him

If you feel like taking the direct route, there’s no harm in telling him what you want. It takes the pressure off him to make the first move, and it shows your confidence and assertiveness.

Final thoughts

Kissing is a potent and intimate act that creates a connection between two people. But before you can get there, you need to know what makes a man want to kiss a woman.

Encompassing all the above points is a surefire way to attract a man to kiss you – or do even more. Remember, being yourself, confident, and genuine in your approach is the key to making him want to connect and engage with you on a more intimate level – whether through kissing or beyond.

Ways to Attract a Man to Kiss a Woman in Detail

Kissing is an art form – an expression of intimacy and desire shared between two people. Women often wonder what makes a man want to kiss them.

Attraction to someone can occur for many reasons. What turns one man on may not work on another.

However, there are specific methods that women can use to attract men, making them want to kiss them. Understanding the different approaches to attraction can help women navigate the dating scene with increased confidence.

Hold a Little Back and Be Mysterious

Mystery is a potent tool when it comes to attracting men. People are often intrigued by what they do not know, and there is something alluring about a little bit of mystery in a woman.

When someone holds back some details about themselves, it sets up an air of intrigue that can make people want to know more. The same thing goes for when trying to get a man to kiss you.

When you hold back a little, it keeps him interested in you. Allow him to discover you over time, and he will want to kiss you.

You do not need to reveal everything to him straight away.

Highlight Your Lips in Some Way

Lips are an essential part of kissing. They provide a conduit for the exchange of breath and tongues.

There is a reason why many advertisements for lip balm or lipstick use phrases like “kissable lips” in their messaging. Men are often drawn to the shape and fullness of a woman’s lips.

Amplify your lips by highlighting them in some way. You can do this by wearing bright-colored lipstick, using gloss to make them appear fuller, or keeping them hydrated and healthy.

Even a little bit of lip balm can go a long way in making your lips kissable!

Good Eye Contact and A Bite of the Lip

Eyes are the windows to the soul. They can convey unspoken emotions and desires.

Eye contact can be an incredibly powerful tool when trying to make someone want to kiss you. When you lock eyes with someone, it shows that you are present in the moment and interested in them.

Biting your lip while making eye contact is a subtle, flirtatious signal that can make a man want to kiss you. Being Approachable, But Only to Him

Many people are naturally drawn to someone who is approachable.

You want to communicate that you are open and friendly, but you also want to make sure that you reserve something special only for him. When you know you have an interested man around, make sure that you save the most animated and engaging parts of yourself for him exclusively.

If he knows that you are approachable to others, but only fully open to him, he will be more attentive and intrigued by you.

Gazing at His Lips

Gazing at his lips is another way to make him want to kiss you. It shows that you are interested in him as a man, not just as someone to chat with.

When you are holding his gaze, let your eyes follow down to his lips, just for a moment. This will send a subtle signal that you are indeed paying attention and that his lips fascinate you.

Tactile Touches

Touch is a compelling sense that can stir the emotions. Small, playful touches can be a great way to create attraction and make a man want to kiss you.

Brush his arm gently, or a lay a hand on his shoulder when making a point. These delicate touches can provide opportunities for him to reciprocate and create an aura of flirtation.


Confidence is an attractive quality. When you are comfortable in your own skin, you communicate that you are worthy of attention, love, and admiration.

Confidence also means being unapologetically yourself and knowing that you have something valuable to give to the world. If you carry yourself with this kind of energy, people – men included – will be drawn to it.

Laughing and Smiling

Laughter is infectious. It shows a person is enjoying themselves, and a smile makes them likable.

Being around someone who laughs and smiles a lot is a joyous experience. When you bring joy to someone’s life, it creates a sense of attraction between the two people.

When you laugh and smile around him, he will want to be around you more which could make him want to kiss you.


Flirting allows people to express romantic interest in a playful and non-threatening manner. It can involve winking, teasing, making jokes or even a gentle touch.

Flirting creates an alluring sense of attraction and interest between two people. It is about having fun and building intimacy without anything serious.

By flirting with a man, you can make him want to kiss you even more!

Smelling Good

Humans are animals with complex pheromones. Good body scent can be a significant turn-on for men because it communicates pheromones that signal fertility, sexual desire, and attraction.

Choosing a good scent can go a long way in helping a man respond positively towards you.

Smelling good enhances your appeal, making him even more interested in getting physical with you.

Looking Good

Looking good includes various aspects of physical appearance such as what you wear, your hairstyle, makeup, or your level of grooming. In other words, it is about accentuating your beauty.

When you feel confident in how you look, it shows in the energy you exude, which can be incredibly attractive to men. Being well-presented or sexy can captivate his interest, and before you know it, he could be leaning in for a kiss.

Sharing Photos

Today’s digital era makes it easier to share photos, and if done right, they can be excellent seduction tactics. To make him want to kiss you, share playful, cute, or even sexy photos that could attract him to you.

Let these images create intrigue and wonder in his mind, ultimately enticing him to lean in for that coveted kiss.

Great Conversation

Conversation is essential for building connections. Interesting and engaging conversation can leave people craving more of each other’s time.

When you have great conversations with someone, it increases the level of emotional intimacy – something that is very appealing for men.

Being a Good Listener

Listening is a skill that everyone can work on.

Being a good listener shows that you value what the other person is saying.

It can also show that you are invested in the interaction and the people involved. When you show interest in what a man is saying, it can make him feel valued and appreciated.

These feelings can spark a desire to kiss you and strengthen the emotional connection between you.


Kindness is one of the most attractive qualities a person can have. When you are kind to others, you show that you understand the importance of treating others well.

A kind disposition can set you apart from others who are more self-centered. When you show that you care, it makes others feel supported and appreciated – two things that can increase a man’s desire to kiss you.


Genuineness is another attractive quality. Being genuine means that you are authentic and transparent, and it communicates that you have nothing to hide.

It also shows that you understand the value of being vulnerable. When you show your genuine self to a man, it can make him feel more connected to you, increasing his desire to kiss you.

Using Makeup

Using makeup is another way to enhance your attractiveness. Makeup can accentuate your best qualities and make you look more appealing.

Whether it’s wearing lipstick to highlight your lips or getting a dramatic eye look that makes your eyes pop, makeup can make a difference in your attractiveness. When a man sees a woman who looks confident and attractive, it can stir his desire to kiss her.

Taking Control and Telling Him

If you feel confident and brave enough, you can take the direct route and tell him what you want. This approach involves verbal communication which takes the pressure off him to make the first move.

It also shows your assertiveness and confidence, which can be highly seductive.


Knowing how to attract a man to kiss you involves understanding the various methods that can create attraction and build the emotional connection between the two of you. It starts with being confident, genuine, kind, and approachable.

Then, use tactics such as good eye contact, playful touches, flirting, and enhancing your physical attributes such as smell and appearance. Finally, communicate your attraction to him by telling him what you want.

By following these guidelines, you can increase your chances that he will want to kiss you passionately. In conclusion, understanding what makes a man want to kiss a woman requires exploring different approaches to attraction.

From flirtation and humor to body language and listening skills, each strategy plays a significant role in building emotional intimacy and desire. Additionally, factors like confidence, looking good, being genuine, and communication can create a strong connection and spark sexual desire.

Knowing how to attract a man to kiss you can provide a framework for navigating the dating scene with greater confidence and success. So go ahead, embrace your seductive side and let your natural magnetism shine through!

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