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5 Ways to Navigate Your Partner’s Unattractive Sex Face

Dealing with an Unattractive Sex Face

Sex can be amazing, but sometimes it comes with challenges. One of these challenges is dealing with an unattractive sex face.

It can be difficult to know how to handle your partner’s sex face, especially if it’s a major turn-off for you. In this article, we’ll discuss ways to avoid looking at an unattractive sex face, communicating with your partner about their sex face, finding something positive, and making the decision to deal with it or move on.

Ways to Avoid Looking at the Face

One solution to dealing with an unattractive sex face is to simply avoid looking at it. This can be accomplished by closing your eyes during sex or getting into positions that allow you to look away from your partner’s face.

Closing your eyes during sex has the added advantage of helping you focus on the sensations you’re experiencing. It can be a powerful way to enhance your sexual experience, as it allows you to tune in to your other senses and really feel the connection with your partner.

If you prefer to keep your eyes open during sex, try getting into positions that allow you to look away from your partner’s face. For example, doggy style or reverse cowgirl are both positions where you can look away from your partner.

Communicating with your Partner about their Sex Face

Communicating with your partner about their sex face can be a tricky conversation to have. You don’t want to hurt their feelings or make them self-conscious, but at the same time, you don’t want to have to endure something that’s a major turn-off for you.

One way to approach this conversation is to get your partner talking during sex. If they’re making an unattractive face, try asking them a question or making a comment that will get them talking.

This can help take their mind off of their facial expressions and focus their energy on the conversation instead. Another approach is to talk to your partner about their sex face outside of the bedroom.

This can be a difficult conversation to have, but if you frame it in a positive way and focus on finding a solution that works for both of you, it can be productive.

Finding Something Positive

If you’re struggling to deal with your partner’s unattractive sex face, try focusing on finding something positive. This could be anything from their moans to the way their body moves.

By shifting your focus to something positive, you can change the way you experience the sexual encounter. Another option is to turn the lights off.

This can help you focus on the physical sensations you’re experiencing rather than your partner’s facial expressions. It also gives you the added advantage of creating a more intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Making the Decision to Deal with it or Move On

At the end of the day, you need to make the decision that’s right for you. If your partner’s unattractive sex face is a major turn-off and you can’t find a way to deal with it, you may need to consider moving on.

On the other hand, if you really care about your partner and the sex is otherwise amazing, it may be worth finding a way to deal with their sex face. This could involve trying some of the strategies we’ve discussed, or simply accepting that it’s a small price to pay for an otherwise incredible sexual experience.

Importance of Attraction During Sex

Attractiveness during sex is important. A desirable sex face can be a major turn-on, while an unattractive sex face can be a serious mood killer.

It’s natural to want your partner to look like they’re enjoying sex, and an unattractive sex face can give the impression that they’re not enjoying it.

Desirable Sex Face

A desirable sex face can be incredibly hot. It can be a major turn-on to see your partner moaning, gasping, and making sexy noises.

A good sex face can also help you feel more connected to your partner and enhance the intimacy of the experience.

Undesirable Sex Face

On the flip side, an unattractive sex face can be a huge turn-off. It can make you feel like your partner isn’t enjoying the experience, or worse yet, like they’re in pain.

This can kill the mood and make it difficult to continue with the sexual encounter. In conclusion, dealing with an unattractive sex face can be challenging, but there are strategies you can use to cope with it.

Whether you choose to avoid looking at your partner’s face, communicate with them about their sex face, find something positive, or make the decision to move on, it’s important to prioritize your own happiness and satisfaction in the sexual encounter. And remember, attraction during sex is important, so don’t be afraid to communicate your desires and preferences with your partner.

Ways to Navigate an Unattractive Sex Face

Sex is a great way to connect and experience pleasure with your partner. However, an unattractive sex face can be a turn-off, particularly if it is difficult to manage.

Here are some ways to navigate an unattractive sex face and still enjoy the sexual encounter.

Close Eyes

Sometimes, closing your eyes can be the simplest solution to not having to see your partner’s unattractive sex face. This method not only helps you avoid looking at the face that you find unattractive, but it can also help you concentrate more on the experience.

It can also help you increase arousal and reach climax since closing your eyes makes sex feel better.

Kissing Instead of Looking

Kissing during sex is a great way to avoid looking at your partner’s unattractive sex face. Instead, it allows you to focus on something more intimate.

Kissing can be a special and sexy moment between partners, and it can also help create a stronger connection in the relationship.

Sexily Encouraging Different Faces

Encouraging your partner to make different faces during sex can be a fun and naughty way to spice up things. This can help you figure out what faces you like and what looks sexy to you, as well as help your partner learn to express themselves differently during the encounter.

It also adds some humor and playfulness to the experience, and this could be a great way to let your partner know that you’re in the moment and playing along.

Figuring Out the Face Beforehand

One effective way to prevent running into an unattractive sex face is to figure out what your partner looks like during physical activity. Observing your partner in other activities such as during a workout can give you an idea of what their face looks like during various moments.

This can help you prepare mentally during sex or even allow you to appreciate their physicality in other ways.


Unattractive sex faces can be difficult to deal with, but there are numerous ways to navigate these situations. You can close your eyes, kiss your partner instead of looking, or even encourage them to express themselves differently.

By focusing on other things or finding something positive to concentrate on, you can still enjoy the sexual encounter. And if none of these strategies work, it may be worth considering whether it is time to end the relationship.

All in all, the most important thing is to prioritize your own satisfaction and enjoyment during sex. In conclusion, dealing with an unattractive sex face can be a challenge, but there are several ways to navigate these situations and prioritize your own satisfaction during sex.

From closing your eyes and finding something positive to focus on, to communicating with your partner and even ending the relationship if necessary, it’s important to do what works best for you. Furthermore, understanding the significance of attraction during sex and how it can impact one’s experience with their partner is equally crucial.

By implementing some of the strategies outlined in this article, you can have a more fulfilling and enjoyable sexual experience. Liking our partners’ sex faces is not necessary, but finding a way to deal with them positively is.

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