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60+ Hilarious Cheese Puns That Will Make You Say Cheese!

Introduction to Cheese Puns

Cheese puns are the epitome of cheesy humor that can make you laugh, groan, and even roll your eyes all at the same time. These puns are wordplays that revolve around cheese and its various types, uses, and characteristics.

For instance, some popular cheese puns include “What do you call cheese that is not yours? Nacho cheese!” or “Why did the cheese fail the test?

It curdled under pressure!”. Cheese puns are popular not only because they are funny, but also because they are versatile.

They can be used in various contexts, such as to break the ice, to cheer up a friend, to spice up a social media post, or simply to entertain yourself. Cheese puns are also popular among foodies, cheese lovers, and pun enthusiasts, who appreciate their witty and playful nature.

Importance of Cheese Puns for Social Media Captions

If you are active on social media, you probably know the struggles of coming up with a catchy caption for your post. Whether it’s a photo of your food, your pet, or your vacation, you want your caption to stand out and grab people’s attention.

This is where cheese puns come in handy. By incorporating a cheese pun in your caption, you can make it more humorous, engaging, and memorable.

Cheese puns can also help you to connect with your followers and build a community around your content. When you share a cheese pun, you invite your followers to join in the fun, share their own puns, and engage with your post.

This creates a sense of camaraderie and positivity that can enhance your social media presence and attract more followers.

Cheese Puns Collection

Now that we’ve established the importance of cheese puns, let’s dive into some popular examples. Here are some cheesy jokes that will make you chuckle, cringe, or grin:


“Why is cheese the most confident food? Because it never gets grated on!”


“What do you call a cheese that is not yours and not nacho cheese? Stolen cheese!”


“Why did the cheese go to the doctor? Because it was feeling bleu!”


“What do you get when you cross a cheese and a calculator? Cheesy math!”


“Why are pirates so fond of cheese? Because they love to say ‘ahoy’ matey!”


“What do you say when you see a cheese hidden in a tree? Camembert!”


“Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing!”


“What is a cheese’s favorite music genre? R n’ Brie!”


“Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything, including cheese!”


“What do you call cheese that is not yours and speaks Spanish? Queso suyo!”


In conclusion, cheese puns are a source of humor and entertainment that can add some zest to your daily life, your social media posts, and your conversations. They are part of a broader tradition of wordplay and comedy that has been around for centuries, and continue to tickle our funny bones today.

So the next time you need a good laugh or a catchy caption, remember to rely on the power of cheese puns. Until then, keep your humor cheesy!

Specific Cheese Puns Jokes

Here are some cheesy puns that are sure to elicit smiles, groans, and maybe even a chuckle or two. 1.

Taylor Swiss Dance Pun

Why did Taylor Swift take up cheese-making? She wanted to learn some new moves for her Swiss cheese dance routine.

2. Mozzarella Pizza Pun

What do you call a cheesy romance between a pizza and its mozzarella topping?

Love at first bite!

3. Cheese Going to College Pun

Why did the cheese decide to go to college?

It wanted to get a grater education!

4. Cheese Lover Breakup Pun

Why did the cheese lover break up with their partner?

They realized it was time to cheddar off. 5.

Mouse and Cheese Trap Pun

Why did the mouse have good luck when it was in the cheese trap? Because it had a brie-utiful mind!


Greek Woman and Cheese Pun

Why did the Greek woman refuse to share her cheese? It was feta accompli!


Cheese and Dreams Pun

What do you wish someone before they go to bed with their favorite type of cheese? Sweet dreams, Brie and Stilton!


Cheese Being Full of Himself Pun

Why did the cheese think it was better than everyone else? Because it was always feta expressing itself.

9. Cheese Valentine’s Day Pun

What do you say when you give someone a heart-shaped cheese for Valentine’s Day?

Brie mine!

10. Cheese Friend Going Through Hard Time Pun

Why did the cheese feel bad for their friend who was going through a tough time?

They knew how to ricotta wrongs. 11.

Cheese Pun Compliment

What do you say when someone compliments your cheese? Gouda choice!


Gouda Day Pun

What do you say to someone on Gouda day? Have a grate day, and remember that it always gets feta.

13. Cheese and Relationship Pun

Why is cheese the perfect choice for a relationship?

Because it’s always provolone!

14. Feta Pun

What do you say when someone asks if you want some feta cheese?

Yes, please, and thank you very much. 15.

Cheese Injury Pun

What do you call a cheese that is injured? A Gouda pain.

16. Cheese and Music Pun

What is the cheese’s favorite music genre?

R n’ Brie!

17. Brie Pun

What do you call a group of friends who love Brie cheese?

The Brie-avengers!

18. Grilled Cheese and Date Pun

Why did the grilled cheese go on a date with the tomato soup?

It wanted to melt its heart. 19.

Cheese Bathroom Pun

Why did the cheese go into the bathroom? To fondue its business.

20. Cheese Compliment Pun

What do you say to someone who is feeling down?

Don’t be blue, you’re looking pretty Gouda today. 21.

Cheddar Cheese Prom Pun

What do you call Cheddar cheese that is ready for prom? Sharp and ready to go!


Cheese Getting in Trouble Pun

Why did the cheese get in trouble with the law? It was caught smuggling Gouda across the border.

23. Shakespeare Cheese Pun

What do you call a Shakespearean play about cheese?

It’s often a Brie-lliant one. 24.

Cheese Lover Rummaging Pun

Why did the cheese lover rummage through the fridge at midnight? They were looking for that missing Gouda piece.

25. Cheesus Pun

What would happen if cheese became a celebrity?

It would change its name to Cheesus. 26.

Bread and Melted Cheese Pun

What do you call bread that has melted cheese on it? A Fondue of delight!


Gore-gonzola Horror Cheese Pun

What do you call a horror story about cheese? Gore-gonzola!


Babybel Crying Pun

Why did the Babybel cry? Because it was feeling a little blue!


Cheese and Running for President Pun

Can cheese run for president? Of course, it can! It just needs to be Grater Again.

30. Brieonc Music Pun

What do you call Beyonce’s favorite cheese?

Brie-onc. 31.

Curd Wisdom Pun

What kind of wisdom can cheese offer? The curd kind!


Cat Cheese Pun

Why is cheese a cat’s favorite food? Because it’s purr-mesan!


Cheese and Being Depressed Pun

Why was the cheese feeling depressed? It was feeling a little blue.

34. Scared Cheese Pun

Why was the cheese so scared?

Because it saw the Munster hiding in the corner. 35.

Harry Potter Cheese Pun

What do you call a cheese that is really into Harry Potter? Ha-ricotta!


Brie-onc and Kim Curdashian Pun

What do you call a cheese trio that includes Brie-onc and Kim Curdashian? Cheesey celebrities!


Cheese and the Pope Pun

Why did the Pope give up Swiss cheese? Because it was too hole-y for him.

38. Cheese in Art Class Pun

Why did the cheese go to art class?

It wanted to learn how to draw a cheesy smile. 39.

Mac and Cheese Restraining Order Pun

Why did the mac and cheese get a restraining order? Because it was too clingy.

40. De Brie Factory Pun

Why was the French cheese factory called De Brie?

Because it was the brie-a of French cheese!

41. Em-mental Psychiatric Cheese Pun

Why did the cheese go to the psychiatrist?

Because it was feeling a little Em-mental. 42.

Mozzarella and Edam Breakup Pun

Why did the Mozzarella and Edam break up? They couldn’t be feta apart.

43. Welsh Cheese Pun

What do you call a Welsh cheese that is always on time?


44. Cheese Building Pun

What do you need to build a cheese tower?


45. Cheese Emergency Pun

What do you say when there’s a cheese emergency?

Queso to the rescue!

46. Forever Provolone Pun

Why did the cheese decide to stay on the cheese board forever?

Because it’s a provolone-term commitment!

47. Coaxing a Bear Cheese Pun

How do you coax a bear to eat cheese?

You camembert it with honey!

48. DMX Cheese Pun

Why did DMX fall in love with the rind of the cheese?

Because it’s rough cheese!

49. Blue Cheese Sadness Pun

Why did the cheese feel so blue?

Because it was feeling blue cheese!

50. Cheese Mirror Pun

What does a cheese say to its own reflection in the mirror?


51. Pick-up Line Cheese Pun

What do you say to a cheese to pick it up?

Don’t be cheesy!

52. Gruyere Tonight Pun

What do you say when someone asks what’s on the menu tonight?

Gruyere Tonight!

53. Failed Cheese Pun

Why did the cheesy Olympic medalist fail?

Because they curdled under pressure. 54.

Limburger Cheese Pun

Why do cannibals avoid Limburger cheese? Because it smells too much like people.

55. Hoarse Cheese Pun

Why did the cheese sound so hoarse?

Because it was Mascarpone for too long. 56.

Drink After Long Day Cheese Pun

What do you say when you come home after a long day? It’s time for a drink of Morbier!


Cheese Diet Pun

How do you stay fit while eating cheese? The Cheese diet: It’s all Cheddar!


Lion Cheese Pun

Why did the lion refuse to eat the cheese? Because it was too Roar-quefort!


Whey-ing in Cheese Pun

What was the cheese doing while it was pondering? It was whey-ing its options.

60. Havarti Cheese Pun

Why was the Havarti cheese always so organized?

Because it liked to keep things Havarti in place. 61.

Parmesan and Cheddar Dating Pun

Why did Parmesan and Cheddar decide to go on a date? They wanted to see if they had an Asiago-od time together!


Cutting Yourself on Cheese Pun

What do you call it when you cut yourself on cheese? It’s a sharp Cheddar incident.

63. Blind Man and Cheese Grater Pun

What happens when a blind man picks up a cheese grater?

Violent book syndrome!

64. Flying Cheese Pun

What do you call cheese that flies?

Curds of prey!

From cheesy pick-up lines, Brexit analogies to the presidential campaign, and horror stories, there are countless cheesy puns that can enlighten, entertain, and educate you. So the next time you want to inject some humor into your

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