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Can a Worldwide Pandemic Strengthen or Break Your Relationship?

Can Dealing with a Worldwide Pandemic Bring You Closer to Your Partner? Hey there! With the current pandemic situation, social distancing and quarantining are the new norms.

This has forced many couples to spend a lot more time together than they normally would. For some, this has brought them closer together, while for others, it has caused a lot of strain in their relationships.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the two-sided nature of dealing with a worldwide pandemic as a couple. Isolating with Partner vs.

Separated from Partner

For couples who are isolating together, this pandemic has given them a lot more time to spend together. Many couples have found new hobbies to share with each other, and video calls with family and friends have become a lot more regular.

In some cases, couples have reported feeling even closer to each other as they navigate these strange times together. Being able to share the ups and downs of everyday life while supporting each other has brought these couples a lot closer together.

On the other hand, couples who are separated from each other due to work or travel restrictions have been finding it a lot harder to cope. Physical separation can be a real challenge for any relationship, but especially for those couples who are used to spending most of their time together.

Video calls and messaging can only go so far in filling the void left by physical separation. This can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety, which can put a lot of emotional strain on a relationship.

Making or Breaking a Relationship

The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on relationships. For some, this pressure has resulted in their relationships breaking down, while for others, it has made their relationships stronger.

One of the main factors that tend to determine whether a relationship will survive the pandemic is the level of support that each partner offers to the other. Couples who are able to support and reassure each other during this stressful time tend to have stronger relationships.

Stress and anxiety can also lead couples to reassess the nature of their relationship. For some, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of having a strong emotional support system.

On the other hand, for some couples, the pandemic has made them realize that their relationship had been on shaky ground long before the pandemic hit.

The Two-sided Nature of Dealing with a Worldwide Pandemic as a Couple

Increased Bonding

On the positive side, many couples who are spending more time together during the pandemic have reported a stronger relationship. This is because they now have more time to appreciate each other’s company and avoid taking each other for granted.

Being able to spend quality time together, without the usual hustle and bustle of work and other commitments, has allowed these couples to strengthen their emotional bond. Many couples have also reported that the pandemic has forced them to work together to handle anything that comes their way.

Whether it’s dealing with financial stress or navigating the ups and downs of social distancing, these couples have found a way to make it through the crisis together. This sense of teamwork has only served to make their relationships stronger.

Relationship Strain

On the other hand, some couples have reported feeling a lot more irritable with each other during the pandemic. Spending so much time together can lead to a lot of arguments and frustration, especially if couples are stuck indoors without a lot of distractions.

Emotional distance and a lack of communication have also been cited as a reason for relationship strain during the pandemic. It’s also important to note that some couples may be more vulnerable than others during a pandemic.

For example, those who are struggling financially or dealing with health issues may find it harder to cope with the additional stress of a pandemic. This can lead to additional relationship strain.


Dealing with a worldwide pandemic as a couple can be challenging, but it can also be an opportunity for growth and bonding. Couples who are able to support and reassure each other, as well as work together as a team, tend to have stronger relationships.

Emotional distance, irritability, and arguments can put a lot of strain on a relationship. Ultimately, the pandemic should serve as a reminder of the importance of a strong emotional bond and a solid support system in any relationship.

Strategies for Building Relationship Resilience during a Worldwide Pandemic

The global pandemic caused by the spread of COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. Stressful news is flooding the media, social events are canceled, and for some people, their work may be affected.

Together with uncertainties about how things are going to unfold, these changes are putting an increasing strain on many relationships. If you’re finding yourself facing relationship obstacles amid the pandemic, don’t worry! Here are some strategies for building relationship resilience during this challenging time.

Need for Space and Time Alone

When couples are forced to spend time together due to work from home orders or physical distancing, it can become difficult to have any personal alone time. It’s essential to understand and communicate each other’s personality traits, hobbies, and need for space.

Giving space to oneself can be as simple as going for a walk, engaging in some light exercise, or practicing meditation. Scheduling personal time each day or week can help both partners to feel more fulfilled and reduce tensions.

Balancing Negative News with Positive Interactions

It’s easy to get swept away with negative news, but it’s vital to strike a balance between consuming negative news and enjoying positive interactions. Make a conscious effort to have uplifting conversations with your partner.

Instead of endlessly scrolling on social media, consider scheduling a regular date night for just the two of you. A simple home-cooked meal, a board game, or watching a movie together can all lift your spirits and help you feel more connected.

Take a break from the news and plug into some positive interactions instead.

Open Communication

Maintaining open communication with your partner is crucial during this time. It helps to have a sounding board, someone to express your feelings to and who can reassure you.

Talk openly about your anxieties and uncertainties, and allow your partner to share theirs too. It’s important to identify and acknowledge the emotions you’re feeling, and the different ways each of you reacts to stress.

This communication will also allow you to recognize patterns more easily and adapt your behavior to ensure a more peaceful coexistence.

Making Future Plans

Anticipation provides a sense of excitement and a sense of purpose. Thus, making plans for the future can be an excellent way to build relationship resilience during this time.

Discuss future travel destinations, consider new hobbies that you could start together when the time is right, or plan a dinner party with your friends. These exciting plans will give you both the motivation to look forward to the future with optimism.

Understanding and Accommodating Each Other’s Moods

It’s natural to have some sudden outbursts of irritability, frustration, and anxiety during these strange times. Thus, it’s essential to have empathy towards each other’s moods and recognize when your partner may need some space or a listening ear.

When your partner is feeling frustrated or anxious, try to keep them calm or offer a kind gesture such as a warm cup of tea or a soothing back rub. It’s these little acts of kindness that make all the difference during stressful times.


The pandemic has taught us all that relationships need care and attention like any other living system or being. These strategies are just the start in building up relationship resilience during these challenging times.

By balancing negative news with positive interactions, making time for yourself and each other, recognizing and accepting different moods and behaviors, and making those future plans and dreaming big, you can ride out this pandemic with your relationships and sanity intact. Pandemics, like all obstacles, eventually recede, but the resilience and growth that we cultivate within ourselves and our relationships will remain.

In conclusion, this article has highlighted the two-sided nature of dealing with a worldwide pandemic as a couple. While spending more time together can strengthen relationships and increase bonding, it can also cause relationship strain and emotional distance.

The pandemic has put a lot of stress and anxiety on couples, making them reassess their relationships and the level of support they offer each other. Employing strategies such as giving each other space and time alone, maintaining open communication, making future plans, and understanding and accommodating each other’s moods can build relationship resilience during these challenging times.

These strategies can help couples ride out the pandemic with their relationships and sanity intact, and they can maintain the resilience and growth in their relationships even after the pandemic subsides.

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