Mastering the Art of Texting: Do’s Don’ts and Suggestive Texts to Make Him Think About You


Texting Do’s and Don’ts

In today’s digital world, texting has become a common and convenient form of communication. It’s easy, fast, and can be done anywhere, at any time.

But when it comes to texting a guy you’re interested in, it’s important to follow some basic rules to avoid any miscommunication or awkwardness.

Do Have the Right Number

Before you start texting a guy, make sure you have the right number. You don’t want to send flirty messages to a random stranger or worse, to his friend or family member.

Double-checking the number will save you from any embarrassing situations.

Do Timing Your Messages

Timing is everything when it comes to texting a guy. Avoid sending messages during work hours or late at night.

You don’t want to annoy him or disrupt his personal time. A good time to text is during the afternoon or early evening when he’s more likely to be free.

Do Be Creative

Texting can be much more fun when you’re creative with your messages. Use emojis, GIFs, or memes to add some personality to your texts.

You can also send him funny or interesting articles or videos that you think he might enjoy. Being creative will keep the conversation lively and entertaining.

Do Use Basic Greetings

When in doubt, stick to basic greetings such as “Good morning” or “Hello.” These simple openers are polite and show that you’re thinking about him. You can also add a compliment or follow-up with a question about his day.

Don’t Delay Responses

While it’s essential to avoid being too clingy, it’s also important not to take too long to respond to his messages. Delaying responses can make you appear disinterested or unapproachable.

Respond promptly, unless there’s a valid reason why you can’t.

Don’t Appear Desperate

One of the biggest turn-offs is appearing desperate in your messages.

Avoid sending too many texts in a row or constantly sending messages even if he hasn’t replied. Remember to give him space and wait for a chance to continue the conversation.

Understanding Texting Etiquette

Now that we’ve gone over some basic rules, let’s talk about texting etiquette. Texting etiquette refers to the unwritten rules of how to interact over text.

Understanding these rules will help you avoid awkward situations and make better connections through text.

Delayed Responses

Sometimes people are busy or unable to respond to messages immediately, and that’s okay. However, if you’re always waiting hours or even days for a response, it might be time to reevaluate your communication patterns.

Delayed responses can create frustration and confusion in a relationship, especially if one person is more communicative than the other.

Avoiding Desperation

Texting should be a fun and enjoyable way to connect with others. However, if you’re constantly sending messages or inundating someone with texts, it can become overwhelming and counterproductive.

Instead, focus on quality over quantity, and allow the conversation to flow naturally.

The Art of Texting

In modern dating, texting has become an essential part of communication. It creates an opportunity to express thoughts, feelings, and desires, that may have been challenging otherwise.

However, texting can also have its downsides if not used effectively. Here are some tips to help you improve your texting game.

Texting vs. Phone Calls

Although texting is a quick and convenient form of communication, it shouldn’t replace phone calls in a healthy relationship. Texting doesn’t have the same level of intimacy and is prone to misinterpretation.

So, mix texting with face-to-face conversations and phone calls to create a strong and meaningful connection.


Flirting over text can be an excellent way to initiate deeper feelings. However, it’s crucial to flirt with respect and tact.

Avoid making crude or inappropriate jokes, as they can create awkwardness and turn-offs. Use flirty language and emojis to communicate your playful, fun-loving side.

Tips for Improving Your Texting Game

Being Witty

When it comes to texting, creativity can play a significant role. Use puns, wordplay, or humour to add excitement to your texts.

Being witty can help create a unique connection that makes the other person laugh and keep them wanting more.

Suggesting Without Being Dirty

While texting allows you to create a deeper bond, being suggestive can also ruin the relationship’s potential. Instead of being overtly sexual, suggest an activity, place, or idea you can do together.

This method creates a sense of anticipation and excitement that leaves to the imagination.


Effective texting is an acquired skill that requires a good understanding of basic rules and etiquette. Knowing when to text, what to text, and how to use texting can create a strong and meaningful connection.

Remember to keep it light, playful, and spontaneous, and you’ll soon master the art of texting.

Texts to Make Him Think About You

Sending texts to the guy you’re interested in can help keep the spark alive and create a deeper connection. However, not all texts are created equal when it comes to making him think about you.

Here are some examples of suggestive and cute texts that will surely make him want more.

Surprise Him

Sending a surprise text lets him know that you’re thinking about him even when he’s not expecting it. Send a message with a picture of a place you walked by that reminded you of a funny moment you shared, or your favourite food.

The surprise element will surprise him and make him feel valued, while the content will remind him of how much fun you have together.

Missing Him

A text expressing how much you’re missing him after some time apart can create a sense of longing and anticipation. Mention how you can’t wait to see him again or how you’re looking forward to the next time you kiss.

This type of text creates an emotional bond that keeps your relationship exciting.


Sending a text about your dreams can expose a more intimate and vulnerable side of you. Ask him about his dreams, or share your own.

You can say how you dreamed of him last night or how you’d like him to be in one of your dreams. Sharing your dreams will allow him to learn more about you and create a mutual understanding.

Fun Plans

Sending a text about a fun plan you have can create excitement and anticipation. Whether it’s a surprise date or a new restaurant you heard about, let him know about it.

Invite him to join you, or just mention it casually. This type of text keeps the relationship fun and free-spirited.

Mixing It Up and Not Overdoing It

While flattering and suggestive messages can be fun, it’s important to not overdo it. Texting several times a day or sending messages that are too explicit can have a counterproductive effect.

It’s better to find the right balance and stick to being yourself. That means sending messages that reflect your personality and just the right amount of flirtation.

Responding to His Texts

As much as sending texts is important, so is responding to his messages. Here are some important considerations when responding to his texts.


Communication should always be a two-way street; otherwise, it can create an imbalance. Remember to respond to his messages with thoughtful, engaging replies.

Ask follow-up questions, offer your opinion, and keep the conversation going.

Evaluating the Level of Effort and Interest from the Guy

When responding, evaluate the level of effort and interest the guy is putting in. Is he responding regularly and with exciting messages?

Is he taking the initiative to start conversations? If not, it might be time to evaluate the relationship and decide whether it’s worth your effort.

You deserve someone who is just as invested in making it work as you are.


Sending messages to the guy you’re interested in can create deeper connections and make him think about you. By sending surprise messages, expressing an emotional bond, or suggesting fun plans, you can keep the relationship exciting.

However, it’s important to find the right balance and not overdo it. When responding to his messages, always remember that communication is a two-way street, and evaluate whether the guy is putting in the same amount of effort and interest as you.

In conclusion, understanding the do’s and don’ts of texting a guy, as well as texting etiquette, is essential for building strong and meaningful connections through text. Examples of suggestive and cute texts can create excitement and anticipation while adding an intimate touch to the relationship.

Responding thoughtfully creates a two-way conversation that promotes reciprocity. Finding the right balance is essential to avoid overdoing it, and evaluating the level of effort and interest from the guy is vital to determining whether the relationship is worth pursuing.

By following these tips, you can master the art of texting and create healthy, loving relationships through a simple yet powerful form of communication.

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