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Navigating Breakups: Should You Tell Your Ex You Miss Them?

Telling Your Ex You Miss Them

Breakups can be tough, and it’s natural to miss your ex. But should you tell them that you miss them?

The answer is not always straightforward.

When Not to Do It

If your breakup was a messy one, telling your ex that you miss them may not be the best idea. It could come across as needy or desperate, and push your ex further away.

If you are constantly seeking reassurance from your ex, it could also make them feel suffocated, and cause them to distance themselves from you. Furthermore, if your ex dumped you, constantly telling them that you miss them may make them feel guilty or uncomfortable.

This can cause them to avoid you altogether, or worse, lead to a negative reaction from them. When It’s a Good Idea

If yours was a mutual breakup, telling your ex that you miss them could help soothe the pain for both of you.

It shows that you still care about them, and helps to keep the lines of communication open. In this scenario, the mutual feeling helps both of you move forward in healing your separate lives.

If you are the one who initiated the breakup, telling your ex that you miss them could also help to ease any guilt or uncertainty you may feel. It’s normal to second-guess our decisions, so reaching out to them to express your feelings could bring peace to your heart.

What to Do Instead

If you feel the need to reconnect with your ex but don’t want to seem too pushy, try checking in with them occasionally. This shows that you still care about them, but you are respecting their space.

You can also apologize for any mistakes you made during the relationship, or offer a friendly gesture such as giving them a small gift. Addressing Issues When Your Ex Doesn’t Miss You

When your ex doesn’t miss you, it can feel like a massive blow to your confidence, and you may wonder why they don’t feel the same way.

However, you should understand that everyone’s healing processes are different, and it doesn’t reflect negatively on you.

False Sense of Safety

If you broke up with your ex to give them a “wake-up call” or as a means of reversing the breakup, then you likely created a false sense of safety in their mind. This sense of security could lead them to neglect working on the relationship, assuming that there will always be another chance.

If your ex seems to be taking this approach, it’s best to be honest with them. Let them know that the breakup was not a manipulative tactic and that you need more than just a reversal of the breakup.

Having open and honest communication about the situation can help create a solid foundation for your future together or separately.


Being angry or disappointed with your ex can make it challenging to let go of the relationship or move on. You must remember that holding grudges will only keep you trapped in a negative headspace, affecting not just you but, eventually, any future relationship you may have.

It can be helpful to write about how you feel, or talk to a trusted friend or therapist. This step aids you release the negative emotions you are experiencing, and allows you to move on in a more positive way.


In conclusion, whether you tell your ex that you miss them or not, be sincere, honest, and respectful. Avoid saying things to make your ex feel guilty or to manipulate your situation to fit your desired outcome.

Give them the space they need to heal and don’t take it personally if they don’t want to reconnect. Similarly, don’t force yourself on your ex in hopes of getting them to miss you.

Allow them to deal with their healing process and focus on creating happiness in your own life. Remember that it’s okay to miss your ex, and everyone’s healing processes are different.

Stay positive and focus on the present, and remember that time will heal all wounds.

3) Getting Your Ex to Admit They Miss You

One of the hardest parts of a breakup is not knowing how the other person feels. You may be struggling with the loss of your ex, but not sure if they feel the same way.

How can you get your ex to admit that they miss you?

Experiencing Loss

It’s normal to feel a sense of loss after a breakup. We tend to associate our identity with our relationship, so when it ends, we feel like a part of us is missing.

You may be feeling particularly vulnerable and desire confirmation that your ex misses you as well. While it’s tempting to seek out this confirmation, it’s important to remember that the healing process takes time.

If you do reach out to your ex for reassurance, be open to whatever their response may be and do not push them too hard. If they do not miss you, then you need to respect their feelings.



If you’re holding grudges, it might make it harder for your ex to open up to you.

Grudges indicate that there is unfinished business with the relationship.

If your ex senses that you have unresolved feelings, they may not feel comfortable expressing their own. The first step in addressing your grudges is accepting the fact that the relationship is over.

Once you can accept this, you can approach your ex without anger and focus on healing your life. It is best to approach your ex with the intention of clearing up any misunderstandings and making amends.

Tips for Addressing


1. Write down how you feel about the situation.

2. Try to see things from your ex’s point of view.

3. Keep the conversation focused on the present.

Avoid bringing up past resentments. 4.

Apologize for any harm you may have caused. 5.

Be open to listening to your ex’s perspective and show them understanding.

4) Coaching Support

If you are struggling to get your ex to admit they miss you or address grudges, you can always consider coaching support. A coach can help you navigate the complex emotions and give you personalized guidance on how to interact with your ex.

Coaching can also provide an opportunity to tell your story and work through the various feelings you are experiencing. In coaching calls, you can practice keeping cool during conversations with your ex.

You can discuss ways to approach them in a non-confrontational way, and strategies for staying calm even if they express opinions or feelings that you don’t agree with. With the help and guidance of a coach, you can learn how to communicate effectively and create a positive future, whether you end up together or not.

In conclusion, getting your ex to admit they miss you is not always possible or advisable. It’s important to be patient with their healing process and respect their boundaries.

If you’re really struggling with a difficult situation, coaching support can be helpful in providing you with strategies and guidance to approach the situation with a cooler head. In conclusion, whether you’re seeking to tell your ex you miss them, address grudges, or get them to admit they miss you, it’s important to approach the situation with patience, respect, and understanding.

Your healing process and emotional well-being should be paramount, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Remember that everyone’s healing processes are different and respect each other’s time to heal and move on.

Consulting a coach for guidance is an excellent option to consider in your journey to confront your emotions and create a more fulfilling future. With the right approach and mindset, you’ll be able to navigate the complex emotions and come out stronger at the other end.

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