Why Won’t Divorced Men Get Married Again? Understanding the Reasons


Divorce has become a common occurrence in modern society, with many couples ending their marriages for various reasons. While some individuals choose to remarry, others steer clear of the idea of tying the knot once again.

In this article, we will explore why divorced men may be hesitant to get married again, as well as look at some statistics and trends regarding marriage after divorce. Reasons Why Divorced Men Don’t Want to Get Married Again

Lack of Perceived Benefits of Marriage

It’s no secret that marriage can be incredibly rewarding. From the shared experiences to the deep emotional connection, there are many benefits to being someone’s spouse.

However, for some divorced men, these advantages may not outweigh the cons. They may feel that they are better off alone and that their independence is more important than the benefits of marriage.

Do you feel that the pros of marriage don’t outweigh the cons? Are you content living life as a single person?

Fear of Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a traumatic experience. The emotional turmoil and financial strain can leave a lasting impact on a person’s life.

It’s natural for divorced men to fear going through the same thing again. The thought of family law battles, alimony, and child support payments can be overwhelming.

Do you fear another divorce? Do you believe that family law is too complicated and that it’s not worth the emotional turmoil?

Financial Concerns

Another reason why divorced men may avoid getting remarried is due to financial concerns. Alimony and child support payments can be a significant expense, and some men may not want to commit to another marriage if it means risking their financial stability.

The fear of another financial burden may be too much to handle for some individuals. Are you worried about the financial implications of getting married again?

Are you hesitant to take on another financial burden?

Emotional Recovery from Past Relationship

Going through a divorce can be a painful experience that leaves emotional scars. It’s natural for individuals to want to recover emotionally before jumping into another long-term relationship.

Some men may choose to have temporary relationships instead of committing fully to another marriage. Do you need time to recover emotionally from your past divorce?

Are you content with having temporary relationships instead of remarrying?

Fear of Losing Freedom

For some individuals, being single offers a sense of independence and freedom that they may not want to give up. The idea of being tied down to one person for the rest of their life may be too restrictive for them.

They may feel that their pragmatism and independence are more important than the commitment of marriage. Do you value your independence more than the commitment of marriage?

Do you feel that marriage is too restrictive?

Belief That Marriage Ruins Love

For some divorced men, the idea that marriage ruins love may sway them from getting married again. They may believe that the commitment and hard work required to maintain a marriage often outweigh the benefits.

They may hold onto a romanticized view that true love should be effortless and that marriage is unnecessary. Do you believe that marriage ruins love?

Are you hesitant to get married again because you don’t want to put in the work?

Shallow Feelings for a New Partner

It’s natural to have preferences when it comes to finding a partner. Some divorced men may find that they have shallow feelings for potential partners, and they don’t want to commit to another long-term relationship.

They may fear not being able to find someone who is emotionally compatible with them or share the same values. Do you fear that you won’t be able to find a partner who is emotionally compatible with you?

Do you struggle to form deep connections with new partners?

Statistics and Trends Regarding Marriage After Divorce

Decrease in Married Couples Over Time

According to a recent Pew Research study, the number of married couples in the United States has been steadily declining. In 1960, around 72% of adults were married, while in 2016, only 50% of adults were married.

This trend may suggest that more individuals are choosing to remain single instead of entering into a long-term commitment.

Remarriage Statistics

The U.S. Census Bureau report shows that men who have divorced are more likely to marry again than women. Specifically, almost 75% of men will remarry after their first divorce, while only 65% of women will do the same.

Additionally, men who have divorced twice are more likely to marry again than women who have divorced twice.


There are many reasons why divorced men may choose not to get married again. Whether it’s due to financial concerns or emotional recovery, it’s essential to understand these concerns and respect their decisions.

By examining the statistics and trends surrounding marriage after divorce, we can gain a better understanding of modern society’s views on marriage and commitment. Ultimately, the decision to remarry is an individual choice that should be made with careful consideration and personal preference.

Divorce can leave many men hesitant to remarry, but there are also those who decide to take the plunge and give love another chance. In this article, we will explore some potential reasons why divorced men may choose to remarry.

From a desire for companionship to a longing for emotional support, the following subtopics delve deeper into some of the reasons why divorced men may decide to get married again.

Desire for Stress-Free Home Environment

After a divorce, some men may crave a stress-free environment in which they can relax and feel comfortable. Remarrying can provide emotional support and stability to establish a comfortable home life for both partners.

Men who prioritize having a stress-free lifestyle may appreciate finding a partner who shares similar habits and values. Do you desire emotional support and a stress-free environment in your home life?

Do you believe remarrying can provide this kind of emotional support?

Fear of Loneliness

Divorce may leave men feeling alone and longing for human connection. Remarrying can provide companionship and help ease the fear of loneliness.

In many cases, a partner can provide emotional support and help fill the emptiness left by a previous relationship. Men who fear being alone may find the commitment of marriage more comforting than being single.

Are you afraid of being alone? Do you believe remarrying can provide companionship and ease the fear of loneliness?

Desire to Please Their Current Partner

Remarrying can also be a result of wanting to please a current partner. Men may feel a desire to make their partners happy and meet their needs.

In many cases, marrying someone to make them happy is a sign of love and commitment. Men who desire to please their partners may feel that the emotional rewards of a happy relationship are worth the effort.

Do you desire to make your current partner happy? Do you believe remarrying can foster stronger emotional bonds and a more profound sense of commitment?

Revenge on Ex-Wife

While it may seem like an uncommon motivation, some men may choose to remarry as a form of revenge against their ex-wives. The drive to show their ex-wives that they’ve moved on and that they can find happiness after a divorce can motivate some men to marry again.

However, it’s important to remember that getting married for spite is not a healthy reason to enter into a long-term commitment. Do you believe that marrying again for revenge against your ex-wife can be a valid reason?

Do you think that it is important to move on from past relationships before entering into a new one?

Fear of Losing Their Partner to Someone Else

The fear of losing one’s partner to another person is a common reason why some men may decide to remarry. They may be possessive and jealous of their partners, which may lead to a desire to establish a more profound sense of commitment.

In many cases, men may believe that getting married will prove their love and loyalty. Do you fear losing your partner to someone else?

Do you believe that remarrying can strengthen the emotional connection between partners and provide a deeper sense of commitment?

Longing for Emotional Support

Many divorced men who remarry may feel a deep longing for emotional support and intimacy. They may desire a partner who can provide love, encouragement, and emotional stability.

In some cases, men may have been unable to find these qualities in their previous relationships, leading them to search for emotional connection elsewhere. Remarrying can provide a second chance at finding such an emotional connection.

Do you long for emotional support and intimacy in your life? Do you believe remarrying can provide a second chance at finding this kind of emotional connection?


The decision to remarry after a divorce is a deeply personal one that depends on individual factors and considerations. Some men may choose to remarry for companionship and emotional support, while others may do so to make their partners happy.

However, it’s important to remember that remarrying should be rooted in emotional and practical considerations and not based on revenge, fear, or jealousy. Ultimately, the decision to remarry should always be about finding a partner who shares similar values and offers emotional support and stability.

In conclusion, this article explored the various reasons why divorced men may or may not choose to remarry. While some may be apprehensive, others may find that the benefits of remarriage outweigh the potential risks.

From a desire for emotional support to the fear of loneliness, these reasons are deeply personal and unique to each individual. Understanding these reasons and respecting the decision to either remarry or remain single is crucial for building healthy relationships and a satisfying lifestyle.

Ultimately, whether or not to remarry is a deeply personal decision that requires introspection, honesty, and a willingness to embrace change.

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