10 Surprising Tips for Making a Girl Jealous – Use Them Wisely!


Why Girls Need to Feel Special

Girls love attention, and they need to feel special in a relationship. They want to know that their partners value them and appreciate them.

When a woman feels like she is not getting enough attention from her partner, she may become jealous. She may feel like her partner is giving more attention to someone else, making her feel insecure and unsure about her place in the relationship.

Women are emotional creatures, and they attach a lot of meaning to small gestures. When a man compliments his girlfriend, whether it be on her looks or something she has done, it makes her feel special.

It makes her feel like she is the only person in the room. She feels like she is the most important person to her partner, and that is all she needs to keep her satisfied.

Compliments are powerful, and they can go a long way in making a girl feel special.

Jealousy Can Be Useful but Must Be Used Carefully

Jealousy can be a useful tool in relationships, but it must be used carefully. Using jealousy as a tactic to get attention from your partner can be a risky move.

It may backfire, causing your partner to become distant or even break up with you. You must be careful when using jealousy as a tactic and be mindful of your partner’s feelings.

Jealousy can be useful when used in moderation. It can help keep the relationship exciting and fresh.

If your partner gets too comfortable, they may stop putting in effort, leading to a stagnating relationship. Jealousy can be a good way to remind your partner that you are still desirable and wanted.

It can help keep your partner on their toes and make them appreciate you more.

Tips for Making a Girl Jealous

Effective Tactics

  1. Blow Hot and Cold – One effective way to make a girl jealous is to blow hot and cold. Compliment her one minute, but then ignore her the next.

    This approach creates a sense of unpredictability, which can make the girl feel like she has to fight for your attention.

  2. Compliment the Girls Around Her – Another way to make a girl jealous is to compliment the girls around her. It may seem counterintuitive, but when you compliment other girls in front of her, it can make her feel excluded and jealous.

  3. Laugh at Something Another Girl Says – Laughing at something another girl says is a great way to make a girl jealous.

    Laughter is infectious, and when you are having fun with someone else, it can make her feel left out and jealous.

  4. Get Innocently Physical with Another Girl While She’s Watching – Getting innocently physical with another girl while she’s watching can make her feel left out. Physical contact can create a special feeling, and when you are doing it with someone else, it can make her feel jealous.

  5. Talk About How Great Another Girl Is – Talking about how great another girl is can make her feel like she has to compete with this other girl.

    Admiration can be a powerful tool, and when you are admiring another girl, it can make her feel like she is not good enough.

  6. Ignore Her Texts and Calls but Engage with Another Girl on Social Media – Ignoring her texts and calls but engaging with another girl on social media is an effective way to make her feel jealous. Online communication is essential in today’s world, and if you are not responding to her, it can make her feel excluded and jealous.

  7. Post Pictures with Other Girls on Social Media – Posting pictures with other girls on social media is a public display of exclusion.

    When you are posting pictures with other girls, it can make her feel like she is not important to you and make her jealous.

  8. Talk About How Much Fun You Had When You Did Something Without Her – Talking about how much fun you had when you did something without her can make her feel like she is missing out. Excitement and fun are crucial parts of any relationship, and when you are experiencing them without her, it can make her feel jealous.

  9. When You’re with Her, Laugh at the Texts You Receive – Laughter is essential in any relationship, and when you are laughing at the texts you receive, it can make her feel left out.

    It creates a sense of exclusivity, which can make her jealous.

  10. Ignore Her While Talking to Others in a Group – Ignoring her while talking to others in a group can make her feel like she is not important.

    It can make her feel like she is being excluded and left out, which can make her jealous.

What Not to Do

  1. Don’t Kiss Another Girl in Front of Her or at All

    Kissing another girl in front of your girlfriend is the ultimate show of disrespect, and it is never justified. This action will leave your partner feeling hurt and rejected, and it could be the end of the relationship.

    Kissing someone else indicates disinterest in your current partner, and it is a surefire way to end the relationship. If you are considering kissing another girl, then you might not be interested in your girlfriend anymore.

  2. Don’t Disengage from Her Completely

    While you want to make her jealous, you don’t want to disengage from her completely. Cutting off communication or ignoring her entirely can seem like game playing, and it is disrespectful to her feelings.

    If you want to make her jealous, you need to put effort into the relationship. This means that you need to spend time with her, communicate with her, and show her that you care.

    Ignoring her will only lead to resentment and push her away.

  3. Don’t Put Her Down

    Putting your girlfriend down is never okay, and it is not an acceptable way to make her jealous.

    Insulting her or making her feel less than will only hurt her feelings. If you want to stimulate some jealousy, there are better ways to do it than insulting her.

    Putting your girlfriend down can also lead to a loss of trust in the relationship, which can be hard to regain.

  4. Don’t Try All of the Above Tips at Once

    Trying every tip above at once can be problematic and lead to negative results.

    An overdone approach can come off as game playing, confusing, and hurtful to your partner. Instead, try one or two of the tips to see what works best for you and your partner.

    Communication is key, so talk to your partner about what she likes and dislikes. Be mindful of your partner’s feelings and be open to feedback.


Making a girl jealous can be a fine line to walk, but it can also be healthy for a relationship if done in moderation. Insulting her, disengaging from her, or kissing another girl in front of her is not the way to go.

You want to keep the communication lines open, make her feel valued and appreciated while keeping the spark alive. If you follow the tips we’ve shared above and avoid the ones we’ve cautioned against, you’ll be well on your way to building healthy jealousy in your relationship.

Remember, communication with your partner is key, and being mindful of their feelings is essential for a healthy relationship. In conclusion, understanding jealousy in women is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Girls need to feel special and appreciated, and jealousy can be an effective way to keep the relationship exciting and fresh. However, when making a girl jealous, you must be careful not to overdo it.

Insulting her, cutting off communication, or kissing another girl in front of her will only lead to hurt feelings and resentment. By following the tips we’ve shared and avoiding the pitfalls, you can use jealousy to keep the relationship strong and healthy.

Remember to communicate with your partner, listen to her feelings, and be respectful of her boundaries. With care and communication, jealousy can be a tool that strengthens your connection to your partner.

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